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Liechtenstein country is not included on the exempt country list for Kuwait visa. So the Liechtenstein citizens need a visa in order to enter Kuwait. Nowadays, Kuwait e-visa has become the most common and popular way of getting a Tourist, Business, or Transit visa. This streamlined e-visa system was introduced in 2016 in order to simplify visa communication processes and border control. Through this system, the travelers of Liechtenstein can apply for a Kuwait visa for Liechtenstein nationals entirely online through Tourist Visa Online, with a quick and easy application process avoiding long queues and waiting times at the embassy or consulate.  


  • Particularities of the Visa
  • Necessary Requirements and Requisites 
  • Grounds of Restrictions and Penalties
  • Kuwait E-visa Fees for Liechtenstein Citizens
  • Application Procedure from Liechtenstein
  • Kuwait Visa on Arrival for Liechtenstein Tourists

Particularities of the Visa

The Kuwait Immigration Services Limited provide these e-visas to the foreign citizens. The Kuwait visit Visa for touristic proposes (Kuwait Tourist visa) is an electronic travel authorization which travellers from eligible countries can obtain by completing a quick application form. Any Kuwait online visa is a single-entry visa that allows Liechtensteiners to enter Kuwait and a temporary stay for a maximum of 90 days starting from the entry date. If the visa holder leaves Kuwait before the visa expires, he/she will need to apply for a new e-visa in order to be granted entry again. In case of tourist visa, applicants are communicated through their emails once their e-visa applications are approved or declined.

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Necessary Requirements and Requisites 

  • Travellers must hold a Liechtenstein passport with validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival of the passport
  • The e-visa application form must be completed accurately in all its parts
  • Travellers need to provide a current email account in order to complete the online application
  • Travellers must pay the application fee with a credit or debit card
  • Travellers need to meet other visa provisions during their time in Kuwait in order to maintain their visa status once granted
  • Travellers have to abide by the local government laws of Kuwait (including the regulations on alcohol consumption)

Grounds of Restrictions and Penalties

  • Travellers holding temporary travel documents in all its kinds, would not be permitted to use the online application system
  • Any Liechtenstein applicant must not have any security restriction, which prevents him/her from entering or exiting the country
  • A tourist visa is valid to enter the State of Kuwait within a month from its issuance for a single entry
  • Any Kuwait tourist visa holder is not allowed to engage in paid work or job in Kuwait, else the person responsible would be subjected to the legal accountability
  • Overstaying the permitted period in Kuwait would be subjected to fine and other legal accountabilities for the liable Kuwait visa holder, which may extend to disqualifying him/her from issuing visa in the future.

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Kuwait E-visa Fees for Liechtenstein Citizens

To apply for a Kuwait visa online, Liechtenstein citizens have to pay two main kinds of Visa Fees, which were called Visa Service Fee and Kuwait Government and Admin Fee.

The Service Fee is the amount the Liechtenstein travellers have to pay in advance for visa services, which includes giving advice about the Kuwait e-visa, providing necessary documents, checking application accuracy, and giving the result of the application. The Kuwait Immigration Services Limited collects the e-visas from the Kuwait Government and send it for the corresponding applicants to print out before their arrival at the Kuwait ports.

The Government and Admin Fee is the obligation fee for Liechtenstein applicants who wish to apply for e-visa. This amount is to be paid for the Kuwait Immigration Department to provide the visa. Any changes after paying The Government Fee would be charged as a new application.

There is another small amount fee apart from the visa fees, which is called the Visa Stamping Fee. This amount has to be directly paid to the Immigration Officers by USD or KD cash at the Immigration Counter to get the Kuwait e-visa stamped on the passport on arrival in Kuwait. 

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Application Procedure from Liechtenstein

The application process for the Kuwait e-visa from Liechtenstein is online and very easy as long as the applicant has all the required information and documents in hand. Filling up the online application form as accurately as possible, is of paramount importance. In the application form, the traveller may be required to provide:

  • Personal information that includes your full name, date, of birth, and occupation
  • Contact information must be submitted along with the online form
  • One’s passport information that states the liechtenstein citizenship

Upon submitting the form, the applicant will be required to pay the visa fees along with the service fees which will be as mentioned on the site. Once the application is complete, it usually takes up to 3 business days (except Fridays and Saturdays, as these are considered weekend days in Kuwait) for the immigration authorities to review the case. So, the applicants should plan accordingly.

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Kuwait Visa on Arrival for Liechtenstein Tourists

The Kuwait Visa on Arrival used to be the most popular type of visa among Liechtenstein tourists prior to the introduction of the new electronic visa. This particular visa can be applied for upon arriving at the Kuwaiti border. Travellers from Liechtenstein who wish to obtain a visa on arrival will be needed to queue at the entry point at the relevant immigration desk. All documents, including the passport and the application fee in the correct currency, must be provided on the spot or else obatining the Kuwait visa for Liechtenstein nationals becomes tough. This is a more delayed process and any failure from the part of the applicant, could be resulted in refusal of entry and leaving Kuwait at earliest. 

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