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Kuwait, a country that has strove hard to become as developed as it is in the contemporary times. From 1963 onwards Kuwait celebrates its National day on 25th February and not on their Independence Day even though most of the countries celebrate their National day on which they get Independence but Kuwait does not since it has extreme heat waves around 19th June in Kuwait. This is why Kuwait National Day is celebrated on February 25th. The Kuwait National holidays marks the day when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah ascended to the throne in 1950.

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History of Kuwait National Day Year:

History of Kuwait:

At the beginning of the 17th century, Kuwait was established for the purpose of a small fishing village that had a very low scale population. However, with the passage of time around the end of eighteen century, the position of Kuwait started to flourish as it became a major seaway of trading point as well as a boat building point. In 1756, the Al-Sabah dynasty – a family of rulers took up the power to rule over Kuwait, the might of which has prolonged till today. Around 1961, Kuwait became independent from all the rules which then led to the coronation of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah from the Al-Sabah dynasty becoming emperor of Kuwait. This means that on June 19th 1961, Kuwait became independent with the end of the British protectorate and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah became an Emir. This auspicious day is marked as the National Day in Kuwait. This is for a fact that the first holiday in the Calendar was marked on 19th June as their Happy Kuwait National Day that year. The British protected the country against the Turkish invaders around the same year. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah had played an important major role in Kuwait’s independence which is why his highness is considered the leading person for this public holiday in Kuwait. At the end of February 2018, Kuwait was ranked 78th number on the Corruption Index as compared to its 85th position in 2017 which was duly reported by the Transparency International indicated in its CPI.

Kuwait’s Progress & Development

Kuwait’s Emir, his highness worked very hard to transform this country into a major economic port that became a potential source of democracy around the world. He approved many plans to build development centric projects that promoted Kuwait’s growth by turning it into a global financial and commercial centre for the purpose of grand investment and income resources to obtain a bright future ahead. Besides financial growth, he gave utmost prominence to the nation’s unity and solidarity in the Gulf country. This motto was spreading love and tolerance amongst the citizens as the key to development on which they have succeeded so far. From the day of its independence, Kuwait had made great progress on the roads and gained all the prosperity based on peace and mutual cooperation. It also made sure that the internationals relations are maintained throughout the progressive developments that the country made.

How is Kuwait National Day celebrated?

The nation-wide festivities include impressive fireworks such as the memorable Kuwait National Day 2020 fireworks display with eventful public gathering having exquisite cuisines and drink. Family get-togethers are the most common on National Day around the public areas such as Messilah Beach and Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park that have become the most popular places of gathering so that they can honour their country, you will find many of these people dressing in traditional customs.

This is the day when Kuwait National day wishes the country that is decorated with lights, hoisted with the national flag and other patriot emblems and symbols of nationalism. The Kuwait Times has reported that the National Day celebrations in 2019, had the world record for hoisting the longest flag. Around 4,000 students paraded with a meter-long Kuwaiti flag, the entire event being officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.

In the streets, you will find children frolicking throughout throwing water balloons, spraying with their water guns at each other. The cars are even decorated with flags that are printed or painted beautifully. Most of these people take their celebrations to the sea carrying their ships, boats, and jets that are also covered by flags and balloons leaving them in the center of the sea.

People choose to decorate their homes with colorful lights, flags, and even candles are lit at dinner time. The historical places such as the Kuwait National Museum, Al Bahhar Entertainment Historical Village, Mirror House and Kuwait Towers that are decorated with amazing displays of light and fireworks are all lit up at night. Everyone goes out on the streets to engage in a series of events that provides exciting entertainment for the nationals. You can enjoy live concerts, fireworks, and traditional culinary experiences! This is the only day when the streets are alive till the early hours of the next morning each year.

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This day proves to be quite eventful for all the Kuwait nationalists enjoying their Kuwait National Day!

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