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Want to visit Kyrgyzstan but don't know how to apply Kyrgyzstan visa. Does applying for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online seem difficult to you? Here is the answer! Apply for Kyrgyzstan visa online at Touristvisaonline in Just Three Steps. We are here to guide you with all the necessary instructions you need to know to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online. 

Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country in Central Asia known for tourism, business, and also education. You might want to explore the place and at the same time find the best quality education and environment to study here. But, for staying in Kyrgyzstan and knowing more about the country you will first need to know about the visa policy to Kyrgyzstan. You should also know how to apply for a visa to  Kyrgyzstan.

Necessary points to keep in mind while you apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online - 

  • You should decide carefully which visa type you want to apply for as Kyrgyzstan offers a great variety of visa options for everyone. 
  • You must check the validity period of the visa before you apply. 
  • Always double check your details filled in the online visa application form before you proceed. 
  • Tourist Visa Online has secured payment options so you need not to worry regarding your online payment for the visa fees to Kazakhstan. 


Q. Who Can Apply For A Visa To Kyrgyzstan? 

Before getting into the process of how to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan, you must know who can apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan. A Kyrgyzstan visa is very important for all the people who wish to visit the country and stay there if they do not belong to any exempted country.

Q. What is an exempted country?  

An exempted country is one of those countries whose citizens do not need a visa to visit and stay in Kyrgyzstan. 

  • They are exempted from the visa policy of Kyrgyzstan for a limited period of stay. 
  • They can stay in Kyrgyzstan for their reasons for the valid period of time. 

Q. How to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan? 

Now when you have read the information and got to know whether you need a visa to visit Kyrgyzstan or not, here comes the next step which is how to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan. 

Now let us tell you that there are mainly three ways in which you can get a visa to any country including - 

  • A visa through the embassy
  • An online visa
  • A visa on arrival 

Now, all these three options are different for different countries and different purposes also. 

1. Visa through an embassy to Kyrgyzstan - 

  • This method of applying for a visa through an embassy to visit Kyrgyzstan is a very common and old method.
  • You will have to visit the embassy of Kyrgyzstan in your country and apply for the visa offline through a form and other documents. 

2. Visa on arrival in Kyrgyzstan - 

Now, this method of getting a visa to Kyrgyzstan cannot be used by everyone. There are some exceptions to this process. Only if the country you belong to does not have an embassy, then you can apply for a visa on arrival after you enter Kyrgyzstan. 

3. Visa to Kyrgyzstan online - 

This is the most easy way to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan. Anyone who needs to have a visa in order to stay in Kyrgyzstan can apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online. 

  • You will not be required to stand in long lines or go anywhere to apply for the visa to Kazakhstan. 
  • You can complete the visa application procedure online from any place. 

Q. How to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online? 

Now when you have decided to visit Kyrgyzstan and wish to apply for a visa, here is the most easy procedure for you all.

You can apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online by following some simple steps. 

  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online 
  2. Go to the visa section and choose the visa type you wish to apply for.
  3. Complete the online visa application form provided. 
  4. You will be asked to fill all your necessary details and passport details. 
  5. Cross-check the details after you finish filling your form.
  6. Upload the necessary documents if required. 
  7. Upload your recent passport size photograph in the space provided. 

After completing all these necessary steps you will be directed to the payment page, where you can choose the suitable payment procedure to submit the visa application fees online. And you are good to go! 

Q. Can Indians apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online?  

Yes if you are an Indian you can apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online. There is no need for you to go physically and apply for a visa through an embassy in India. You can sit at your home while you apply for the visa online. 

Q. Do I need some special documents to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online?  

No, there are no such special documents required to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan online. But, you must have an authentic payment option to pay the visa application fees online while applying for a visa online to Kazakhstan. 

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