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Keen to know what is 30 days Laos visa? Don’t worry, Tourist visa online is here for you to provide you with the ultimate guide for 30 days Laos visa. This article will solve all your queries about the Laos visa.

Laos over the period has got extreme attention. The beauty of Laos has captivated travellers heart. To plan travel to Laos, you must know about the in-depth process to go about with you Laos visa. Tourist visa has got all covered for you so you need not worry much. We believe in making things easier for travellers by providing the best services and information related to visa services. 

Continue reading further to understand the process to apply for 30 days Laos visa.


  • 30 days Laos visa
  • The process to apply for 30 days Laos visa
  • Documents needed for 30 days Laos visa
  • Why prefer tourist visa online as your travel visa partner?
  • Must-know information about Laos visa
  • FAQ’s

30 days Laos visa

The Government of Lao issues 30 day Laos visa to tourist that grants them entry permit into the country. 30 days Laos visa permits single entry visa to travellers. With your 30 days Laos visa, you will be permitted to stay in Laos of 30 days from the time of entry. The single entry visa means, that travellers who have a single entry visa will only be permitted to enter Laos once only. This means that if travellers leave the country and wish to enter again, he will not be able to do so on a single entry visa. The traveller will again have to apply for a visa to grant entry permits. 

Travellers can apply for 30 days Laos visa either through Lao Embassy, Lao e-visa or visa on arrival depending on their nationality.

The process to apply for 30 days Laos visa

One can apply for 30 days Laos visa through OTA. But if a traveller wants to have a hassle-free experience then they must apply through Tourist visa online. The online visa application process at Tourist visa online is very quick and easy to understand. Here’s how you must process with 30 day Laos visa online-

  1. First, visit the website of the Tourist visa online.
  2. Second, select your living and residing country and the country applying visa for (here you will mention Laos)
  3. Third, select your Laos visa type 
  4. Fourth, Start to fill all your relevant details in the online application form. 
  5. Fifth, upload all necessary documents for your Laos visa. You will only be allowed to upload seven documents against your application form. 
  6. Once you have completed the process for uploading the documents. You will have to make a payment against your visa application. 
  7. For travellers convenience, tourist visa online offers multiple payment methods to select from.
  8. After your payment is successful, you will receive an application ID that will be useful to track the status of visa from anywhere. 

Applying through Embassy – 

  1. Visit the nearest Laos embassy
  2. Fill the application form. You can download the application form from the official embassy website and get it filled or can take it at the embassy window too.
  3. Submit Xerox copy of all your documents with your application form
  4. Make payment against your application. The payment can only be made in cash. 

Documents needed for 30 days Laos visa

Certain essential documents have to be submitted along with the application form. Following is the list of documents needed for 30 days Laos visa.-

  1. Passport – Scanned copy of applicant’s passport. The passport must have a minimum 2 blank page and be valid for 6 months minimum. 
  2. Photograph – Submit passport size photograph which is recently been clicked. The photograph has to be against a white background and must be formal. An applicant has to attach a scanned copy of photograph hence it must be coloured. 
  3. Flight tickets – Applicants will have to submit round trip flight ticket details for Laos with their application form.
  4. Hotel reservation – Applicant will have to book their stay reservation before their travel to Laos. The details of the same must be submitted along with the application. The booking dates have to match with applicants visa validity.
  5. Application form – The application form has to be duly filled and submitted. There must be no mistake in the application form. 

Why prefer tourist visa online as your travel visa partner?

Some most beneficial reasons to prefer Tourist visa online as your travel visa partner:-

  • Offers 100% authenticity 
  • There are lesser chances of a visa application being rejected
  • Quick and speedy visa process. 
  • The visa services rates are very pocket friendly and offer 100% assistance
  • Ensures applicants data safety.
  • Offers secured payment method and no false information
  • The processing time is very less.
  • Offers visa services for more than 200 countries. 

Must-know information about Laos visa

Before applying for a visa, there are certain things that travellers must be aware of-

  • Laos 30 day visa grants only single entry to travellers.
  • Laos 30 days visa permits stay validity for 30 days in the country.
  • Laos 30 days offers visa validity of 60 days.
  • Every applicant must have their valid passport that is valid for 6 months minimum to enter Laos.
  • It is necessary to have a printed copy of visa while travelling to Laos. 
  • With your Laos tourist visa, you cannot apply for a work visa.
  • Laos 30 days visa cannot be converted into a work visa.


Q. Is it very essential to have a copy of visa while entering Laos?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a printed copy of your Laos visa. In case you have missed taking the print you can show the visa copy on your email too. You must also have a copy of your document too that can be shown at the port during entry. 

Q. Can one apply for Laos visa after entering Laos?

No, this is just not possible. The traveller will be stopped from entering the airport, unless and until you are a citizen of a country that has been permitted for visa-free entry or visa on arrival. hence one must apply for a 30 days Laos visa in order to get an entry.

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