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The country Laos is situated in the heart of the Indochinese Peninsula. The country shares its border with China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. Laos has become a tourist spot because the country is rich in culture and heritage. To enter Laos, Traveller must apply for a Laos visa. While applying for a Laos visa, travelers must be aware of the documents required for Laos visa.

You can plan your travel in advance and prepare the list of documents needed for a Laos visa with the help of Tourist Visa Online. Read this article very carefully to understand the requirements for a Laos visa.


  • About Laos
  • The need for a Laos visa
  • Eligibility for Laos visa
  • Documents required for Laos visa
  • The process to apply for a Laos visa
  • FAQ’s

About Laos

Laos is a multi-ethnic country. Over recent years the country has managed to make a reputation across the world and has captivated hearts of many foreign travellers. Laos was ranked as the fourth-highest GDP in the year 2018. This is sole because of the rise in tourism and developed from the tourism industry.

The need for a Laos visa

According to the law implemented by the country, it is mandatory for foreign travelers to have a Laos visa to enter the country. Travelers must also have a valid original passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months. Travelers traveling to Laos can apply for a tourist visa. Laos visa (Tourist visa) offers to stay the validity of 30 days. The visa can be extended at the immigration office or through their travel agencies twice.

Eligibility for Laos visa

Visa need and eligibility depends on travellers nationality. Travellers can obtain a visa on arrival or can get their visas prepared quite in advance.

Documents required for Laos visa

The list of documents required for Laos visa includes-

  • An original passport with validity of 6 months minimum from the time of arrival in Laos. 
  • Passport size photograph that is recently clicked
  • Copy of your itinerary
  • The Application form that has been filled correctly
  • Additional documents depending upon your nationality.

Note – Eligible travellers must apply for e-visa or approval letter at least 10 days before departure. In case of travellers have time constraints and have not been able to apply for e-visa, they can opt for visa on arrival if they are eligible for this. Travellers eligible for Laos visa on arrival can complete the application form at visa window.

The process to apply for Laos visa

Applying for visa prior and travelling with visa, reduces the hassle of standing in long ques at the airport and saves time. Prior visa makes the travel experience fun and hassles free for travellers.

There are two option to apply for a Laos visa -

  1. Apply through OTA – This is very convenient for travellers. The best OTA option for you is a Tourist visa online. Tourist visa online offers a hassle-free visa service to travellers. You can fill the application form online, attach the documents, pay visa application fees and then submit the form online. If you apply for a visa through a Tourist visa online, your visa processing will just take 5-7 days.
  2. Apply for visa through Laos consulate / Laos embassy – you can proceed with this. You will have to visit the nearest Laos embassy. The application form will be given to you. You will also have to take the documents along with you. This process is very time consuming and tiring, as you might spend an entire day in the office. You will then and there fill the application form and submit Xerox copy of all the documents. 

Electronic Laos visa application takes only a few minutes to complete and submit the form. The process is streamlined and you will end up saving your time of going to the embassy and waiting in ques for hours. The online form is very simple and straightforward and you will have to provide a few basic details. Just ensure that the details must match with the details mentioned in your passport. 


Q. What information can be updated in the Laos visa application form?

The applicant has to provide personal detail like – Full name, contact information, address, gender etc. while applying for Laos visa. Travellers might have to submit additional documents depending upon their nationality. These additional documents can be updated later even after the submission of application. The applicant will be provided with a link on the email, they just have to click on the link and this will take them to page where they can feed the additional documents that are required by Laos government. 

All applicant must make sure that while filling the application form there should not be any mistake and that the data must match with the data mention in the passport. Any wrong information or small mistake s can lead to either denial or rejection of Laos visa. 

Q. How much time does it take to get a Laos visa is applied online?

Laos online visa application process is very convenient for travellers. You can apply through Tourist visa online. Tourist visa online offers a hassle-free and effective visa service to travellers. Follow the steps mentioned on the portal for smooth and quick visa processing. You can fill the application form online, attach the documents, pay visa application fees and then submit the form online. If you apply for a visa through a Tourist visa online, your visa processing will just take 5-7 days.

Q. What visa is best for me if I wish to explore Laos?

The best visa for any applicant would be tourist visa with Tourist visa online, to make the most of your Laos trip and explore the country. 

Q. Which ports provide e-visa for Laos?

At present, only 2 ports provide e-visa-

1) Wattay International Airport

2) Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I

Q. What is the photograph requirement for Laos e-visa?

According to the documents required for Laos visa, the photograph that has to be submitted for Laos e-visa must be:-
a) Sized 4 x 6 cm.
b) Must be coloured photograph.
c) Taken within the last 6 months.
d) With no shadows.
e) With a plain white background.
g) Have a neutral expression.
h) Have both eyes open.

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