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Looking for the most reliable and affordable way to get you a Laos visa?

Travelling to Laos, the country that has gained popularity among travellers across the globe?

It is very obvious that you will have many questions related to Laos visa, Laos visa types, Laos visa fees and processing time. This is something general that comes to every traveller's mind while planning their trip to any particular destination. While researching, travellers start looking for discounts and offer for visas to save a bit of money here so that they may enjoy the most in the destination travelling to.

But why worry? Rather you must just sit back and relax and already start dreaming about your trip to Laos, as here you will get the best deal every possible for a Laos visa through Tourist Visa Online

Q. Will I need a visa for Laos?

You definitely need a visa to travel to Laos, Visa is needed to travel to any foreign land. It is always advisable to check the list once and study the visa policy for Laos. Laos has exempted 14 countries from visa, this means that travels these of visa-free entry permit country will not need a visa to enter Laos.

Laos has also permitted some countries for Laos visa on arrival.  This means that travellers from those countries need no avail pre visa to enter Laos. They can get their visas on arrival at the port in Laos by showing relevant documents.

Laos e-visa is another way and the easiest way to get Laos visa that too without any discomfort. Applicants must fill in the online application form, submit their documents online, make payments against their online application and then get their Laos e-visa. Applying with Tourist visa online is the best way to get Laos visa online as the process is very easy and smooth and the processing time is less.

Q. What does my Laos visa fee is dependent upon?

The visa fees are decided by two countries by mutual agreement with the involvement of embassies. The visa fees for Laos also depends upon factors like –

  • Where are you applying from?
  • Which type of visa you are opting for?
  • The processing time
  • Which is your service provider.

For Indian citizens, the Laos visa fees may vary from 2000 - 5000 INR.

Q. What is the cost of Laos Tourist visa if applying through Tourist visa online?

A tourist visa is the most common visa type to be issued. Please see the details below for Laos tourist visa available at Tourist visa online: -

  • Visa – Laos tourist visa
  • Visa type – 30 days’ visa
  • No. of entry – single entry
  • Visa validity – 60 days
  • Stay validity – 30 days
  • Processing time – 5-7 days
  • Visa fees – 82.0 USD

Note – the cost of the visa will vary depending upon your nationality and travelling country.

Q. What is the cost of the Laos Transit visa?

Transit visa is a permit for travellers to stay in Laos for a shorter duration. The transit visa grants a maximum 5 days stay permit. If a traveller has a layover or is visiting Laos for just 2 days, then they must proceed with Laos Transit Visa. The cost of transit visa varies between the US $ 20 – US $ 40 depending on your travelling country. Transit visa permits single entry only.

Q. What happens if one overstays in Laos without visa extension/renewal?

Overstaying in any country without renewal of visa is a criminal offense and strict action can be taken against that traveller. The traveller will have to pay a fine against their overstay in Laos for each day. There can also be a circumstance where they might be restricted from any future entry in the country.

Q. Is it possible to extend a Laos visa online?

Yes, it is possible to extend a Laos visa online. This can be done while you are Laos or before travelling to Laos. Travellers can get their visas easily extend by contacting their agency. Travellers will again have to submit the application form along with the documents and make the payment against their application and the visa will be extended.

Q. What is the procedure to apply online for a Laos visa?

The online application process is very simple and travellers end up saving their time. Tourist visa online has listed down the step by step process to apply for Laos visa online-

  1.     Visit Tourist visa online. Feed-in the details of the Living country, citizen country and country applying visa for.
  2.     Click on visa plan suitable for you. 
  3.     Fill details in the application form
  4.     Attach documents
  5.     Make visa application payment

Q. Is it necessary to have a printed copy of visa while travelling to Laos?

You will receive you Laos visa on your email id that you had submitted once you have paid the Laos visa fees and the procedure has been completed. You can also download your visa from a Tourist visa online and store it in your device. However, is it advisable to keep a printed copy handy this will give you easy access to show your visa and any given point of time.

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