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Laos has turned out to be a tourist spot because the country has a rich culture and heritage. One can take out some time a visit the Vientiane market that is famous for Laos silk scarves and souvenirs. You can shop for your friend and families here. This market is for you if you are good with bargaining skills. You can buy amazing products at a very reasonable price. This market is a traditional open-air village market and has wide product offerings. 

If you wish to travel to Laos, then you must have a Laos e-visa to get the permit to enter Laos. If you are looking for quick, smooth, and hassle-free services then you must apply for your Laos –visa through Tourist Visa Online. Tourist Visa Online offers speedy and effective service to its customers that too at a pocket-friendly price. 

But before applying for a Laos e-visa, it is important to have some knowledge about Laos visa types to proceed accordingly. To get into the detail continue reading further. 

Laos Visa Types

Laos offers several visas types to the travelers, you can choose the best alternatives according to your preference-

Tourist visa –

This visa is issued to any foreign travelers who wish to travel to Laos for tourism purpose only. Tourist visa offers to stay validity of 30 days can easily be extended twice. Travellers who wish to apply for a Tourist visa can apply through Laos Embassy or can submit online application form for e-visa.

Transit Visa –

Transit visas are for travellers who have their layover at Laos airport or are transiting through Laos to another country. Transit visa grants 5 days stay permit to travellers and this visa cannot be extended under any circumstances. Travelers can apply for a transit visa by submitting valid proof of air tickets travelling to a third country from Laos.

Business Visa –

Business visa also referred to as Investor visa is issued to Foreign citizens who working in Laos, are stakeholders, deputy directors, entrepreneurs, technical officers, staff members of diplomatic missions that hold an ordinary passport. To apply for the Laos business visa, the applicant will first have to enter Laos under other visa types. The applicant will have to get the paperwork sorted to get a work permit and an identity card. After you have this you will get your business visa.  The business visa grants multiple entry permit to travellers for either 3 months, 6 months or for one year. A business visa can be renewed.

Non-immigrant Visa –

This visa is issued to monks, athletes, foreign engineers, researchers or musician who will be performing in festivals at Laos or for someone who will be attending a short course in Laos.

Labor visa –

Labor visa also referred to as work visa is issued to foreigners who have ID cards, work permit in Laos and are legally employed with Laos registered firm or enterprise.  This visa grants multiple entries for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Visit Visa –

This visa is issued to foreigners who intend to visit Laos to pay a family visit or meet friends. If any traveller is attending any conference in Laos and does not have any formal request from Foreign affair ministries can also obtain a visit visa for Laos. This visa grants 30 days’ stay permit and can be extended for 2 months.

Diplomatic Visa / official visa –

This visa is only issued to High-level government delegations, consular officers, diplomats, heads of UN agencies accredited in Laos who hold diplomatic passports. They are exempted to pay the visa fees. This visa offers multiple entries for up to one year period and can be renewed every year until the completion period of an assignment

Expert Visa –

This visa is issued to experts who will be visiting Laos to work with an international organization or for a project in Laos. They will have to submit a proof of assignment that could be the contract of assignments while applying for an expert visa.

Student Visa –

Students who will be studying in school / university of Laos are eligible for student visa. Student visa duration is from 1-5 years. The visa can be renewed every year till the end of the course.

Media Visa –

A media visa is issued to media representatives of foreign countries. This includes members of press, journalists, radio, print and file industries who would be visiting Laos to cover events in the country.

Courtesy Visa –

This visa is issued to foreign experts holding official, diplomatic and ordinary passports for visiting Laos for a contractual project by the Lao government. Courtesy visa permits multiple entry visa for 6 months period and can be renewed after every 6 months until project completion. 


Q. What is Laos E-visa?

Laos e-visa is an authorized travel document that is mandatory to enter Laos. Laos e-visa can be applied online with few clicks and by just spending 10-15 minutes. This is a very quick and easy process than applying offline. Once the visa has been approved, the approved visa will be emailed to the applicant. 

Q. What are the documents that need to be submitted while applying for Laos e-visa?

While applying for Laos e-visa, you will have to submit-

  • Photo – You will have to submit a scanned copy of passport size photograph of good quality.
  • Passport- Submit a scanned copy of a passport that is valid for six months minimum. 
  • Email – Your Laos e-visa will be sent on mail. So if you don’t have one then it is advisable to get an email id generated.
  • Payment – you can make your visa payment using debit/credit card or through your PayPal account. 

Q. What is the step for applying Laos e-visa?

The process to apply for Laos e-visa is very easy –

  1. Fill the details in the application form after selecting one of the visas from the Laos visa types.
  2. Attach the documents to your form
  3. Upload your photograph
  4. Make the payment against your visa application
  5. You will receive an application ID. Use this ID to keep the track of you Laos e-visa status.

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