Steps by Step Process to Apply Lesotho Visa for Kuwait Nationals

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Kuwait is a supreme country located in the Arab region, it been comprising of Saudi Arabia, Basra, Arabian Peninsula, and Khafji. Its population is quite similar to Lesotho's, and the country's name has been derived from Arabic, which means fortress built near water.

Well, the Lesotho country also inherits the same facts; it does not intermediate or comprises any sea or oceans at its border locations; its officially identified language is southern Sotho and English. Both countries tourist travel is quite high. 


Lesotho Women

From the growth ratio survey, it has been found that about 1 million women live in the Lesotho country; well, its maximum population falls under the age criteria of between 15 to 64 years. Lesotho country is mainly those who have been diagnosed with HIV diseases, and it has been acquiring the information that the education proportion is quite high. The Lesotho country women have been highly educated, but still, they have not been given equal gender equality. Still, women have been prohibited from becoming the representation of the family or holding the post of the head of the family. Lesotho women in this era, still facing sexual harassment, acid attacks, abuse in domestic places, social mobility is lacking, etc. The Lesotho country's leading product is garments, as its economy also depends slightly on it.

  • The Lesotho country has been a developing and growing country as the people of Lesotho country are mostly educated (especially women) this rapid growth is possible only with the initiative of UNESCO as the movement girls and women education has been carried out 
  • In the last few years, the income and the economic growth rapidly fell and for that, the non-government sectors were adversely affected, the unemployment ratio is increasing day by day and for that reason, migration is occurring rapidly.
  • Lesotho county has been acquiring agricultural production and is also a good producer of textiles.
  • The Lesotho country encourages startups and business, from the survey reports we can conclude that the women are majorly encouraging with the Entrepreneurship ideas, as this motive is slowly growing with the approach of equal gender equality.
  • The girl child is still being aborted, and the abortion rates are quite averaging around 30 percent, according to the Lesotho embassy it has been an undocumented immigrant practice and this leads to severe punishments and lives long imprisonment and fines.
  • The ratio of women violations is really under control and the Lesotho embassy has passed off severe action against those crimes.

Lesotho Visa Requirements

The Lesotho visa is been a necessity by the Kuwait Nationals, but as per the facts considering, we can prefer this following needful

  • Passport authentication is required to carry off during the traveling period
  • The image conditioning must be fulfilled (the photograph must be of the candidate)
  • If the candidate upholds any unused or denial passport, they must submit that too
  • 2 blank pages are essential at the passport back
  • Must carry 2 color images
  • Only the past 6 months bank statement is needful
  • Immigration letter and letter of invitation have to be acquired
  • The candidate must conduct a health check-up
  • The candidate should not persist in any criminal activities.
  • The id cards of evidence (which provide the citizenship proof) are needed
  • The candidate must provide their full signature
  • All the personal details along with activating mail address is also necessary.


Lesotho E Visa (types)

 There are some types and conditions against them which the applicant must know before applying for the Lesotho visa.

Visa Types 


Minimal Offerings

Maximal Offerings 

Types Available 

Tourist Visa

 It is normally been offerings to the visitors, who are willing for a tour to Lesotho country

30 days

180 days

Only a single visa is applicable

Business Visa

 It normally covers many conditions, as it can only be utilized by the business leaders or workers who are handling their work in the Lesotho country land.

90 days

2 years

Both single and multiple visas are applicable

Transit Visa

It has been normally offered under the facts- if any traveler has to break their journey in any foreign country, then they have to utilize this visa type.

3 days

15 days

Only a single visa is applicable

Labor Visa

 It has been offered to those who are serving their work in any unauthorized sectors like industries, factories, etc. of the Lesotho country

90 days

6 months

Only a single visa is applicable

Employee Visa

It normally covers many conditions, as it can only be utilized by the private firm sector workers and employees who are handling their work in the Lesotho country offices.

90 days

2- 5 years

Both single and multiple visas are applicable

Visitor Visa

It has been also offered for traveling purposes, but it also follows a criteria condition which is- it can be utilized for short-term traveling.  

30 days 

90 days

Only a single visa is applicable

Student Visa

For the students and interns, this visa type is conditioning.

90 days

Depending on the academic period of the curriculum

Both single and multiple visas are applicable. With a single visa of 3 months and multiple visas of 6 months.

Visa on arrival

Mainly offerings by the Lesotho embassy.

1 week

60 days

Only a single visa is applicable

Residence Visa

It has been preferred when the candidate plans for a permanent house address.

180 days

3 years

Both single and multiple visas are applicable

Health Visa

For serious health purposes, it has been offered, mainly on the referenced proposal.

6 months 

1 year

Both single and multiple visas are applicable

Diplomatic Visa

It has been offerings to the Lesotho govern workers. 

30 days

90 days

Both single and multiple visas are applicable

Lesotho Visa Online

On a general suggestive preference tourist visa online site only refers as

  • It entertains only valid documents
  • Includes a good customized service
  • Less chance of visa cancelation
  • Deception or cheating is strictly not followed
  • 100 percentage an authorized site, and has been in the field for many years.
  • 24/7 working is on progression 

How to apply for the visa on the tourist visa online site?


  • Search the website tourist visa online
  • Go and select your destination
  • An information page will open go through it once, and then click on the apply button
  • Choose the visa types; the price charges will be displayed
  • Apply for the application form
  • Fill the form and complete the payment option
  • Then submit the form; a mail confirmation email will be sent.


Lesotho Currency

Lesotho officially identifying currency or the transaction mode it follows up for its monetary exchange is South African rand and Lesotho loti. The Lesotho loti value can be compared with the Indian currency whose value will be approx. 4.69 Indian Rupee.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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