How to Apply Lesotho Visa for Armenia Nationals

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Visa Policy Of Lesotho

It has been confirmed that Armenia Nationals have to progress for a visa application. For the Lesotho visa application always keeps in mind certain factors

  • Always submit the authorized documents
  • The required documents must obtain the criteria optimization (i.e., passport periods, photograph resolution, full signature by the candidate) 
  • Always apply for your desired visa types requirements
  • Payment receipts must be kept for further reference
  • All the visa applications have been progressed online
  • The applicant must read all the desired requirements article and then apply for it
  • As no refunds will be granted if the visa gets canceled.


Visa Types 


Minimal Offerings

Maximal Offerings 

Single visa

Applicable for every traveler.

30 days

6 months

Multiple visas

Applicable only for those who persist a job, or have been a worker, labor, employee in the Lesotho country.

90 days

2 years

Lesotho E Visa (types)

Armenia Nationals are signatory or have been offered various visa types which the travelers must go through it once before their visa booking process.

  1. Tourist Visa– it been displayed and offers to those tourist visitors who wants a tour in a foreign country, as it conditioning the emigrants or foreign can utilize this visa types with the single visa application as multiple visas do not satisfy this type, as a maximal period if offers 6 months. The tourist visa processing is done fast as compared with other visa types.
  2. Business Visa – it has special demands and authentication rules as all the travelers cannot approach this visa type, only the business holders or the employees of some business firm can go with these types.
    • For this business firm details and paperwork are required
    • The employee card or labor id is required
    • The agreement paper may sometimes ask
    • In a normal term, they are eligible to go for both the single and multiple visa types
    • As it offers 2 years period.
  3. Transit Visa – normally it is suggestive and applicable for those who want to break their journey in some foreign country, so without the transit visa the travelers may not be allowed, as the validity of this visa type expires within 3 days, after activation.
  4. Employee Visa – the employee visa has special demands and authenticates rules as all the travelers cannot approach for this visa types, it is applicable for them who is a former member of some non-government firm sectors, as for these types.
    • The non-government firm relevant paper is required
    • Employee ID is required
    • Must show the appointment letter
    • The companies’ agreements terms need to be provided.
  5. Labor Visa – it offers to those who work in some non-organization firm, or been a labor of some factory, for working in any foreign country, visa satisfactory conditions are required for which they must submit.
    • Their firm address location
    • Working card or id reference
    • Must be given the relevant details of the firm
  6. Work Visa – this visa is mainly been offerings by those who want to work in some foreign country, or have to apply for some work. The requirements they have to give for these visa types-
    • The candidate must give their CV
    • Must provide the application for work application
    • The detailed qualifications
    • And the work permits letter. 
  7. Visitor Visa, - it is displayed, and offered to those tourist visitors who want a tour in a foreign country, on short-term conditions it offers otherwise its purpose is similar to a tourist visa.
  8. Diplomatic Visa – it is only applicable to those who have been government employees or officers or deputy ministers or any other higher authorized employees. 
  9. Health Visa – for reference purposes or emergency cases, the patient has been transferred to the foreign countries health sector; the visa processing is quite fast, (it also mentioned if the patience expires the Lesotho health firm will not take the responsibility).
  10. Student Visa – it is offered mainly for students and interns who want to examine their academic career in some foreign country, the requirements for it.
    • The transfer letters
    • The invitation letter of greetings
    • The required period the curriculum will progress those details.
  11. Residence Visa – it has been offered for those who have been permitted an assurance living place as well as a high-profile job, only under that satisfactory factor the resident visa is approved.
  12. Visa on arrival – the Lesotho embassy has allowed the visa on arrival factor to Armenia Nationals.


Lesotho Visa Requirements

For the Lesotho country visa, the requirements it follows- 

  • Passport original copy is acquired
  • A recognized image or photograph of the applicant is acquired
  • The bank statement of 6 months transaction details must be acquired
  • Insurance papers must be acquired (especially health and travel)
  • No criminal records must be acquired by the candidate.
  • Any unused or canceled passport, if the applicant acquires, must be submitted
  • The health check-up must be acquired by the candidate
  • the letter of immigration or invitation must be acquiring
  • the permission or reference letter from the ministry affairs department must be obtained.
  • The citizenship id might be acquired.
  • The applicant must provide their all-personal details along with their location details.

Lesotho Safety

Overall, the Lesotho country's crime rates are medium, but

  • As it mainly contains countries, so the accident and death cases are high due to fog, inclined lands, and rugged terrains.
  • Crime, murders, scams rates are quite risky here
  • Transportation is quite rash and unavailable
  • Natural disasters rates are quite low
  • The cases of mugging, smuggling, trafficking is quite medium as the police are quite strictly handling those actions.
  • Women traveling alone are not saving fuel for Lesotho country travel.


Lesotho Visa Online

The appropriate and suggestive site that the traveler must prefer for their bookings is the tourist visa online site. Visit the site, click for your necessity types, apply for them, and get the visa processed within 30 days (the processing periods completely depend on the visa types the applicant is applying for).

The tourist visa online site is preferential as-

  • As the site has been an experience and has many happy customers in these fields
  • No chance of duplicity has been progressed here.
  • The site assures 100 percentage visa assurance if authenticated documents are uploaded
  • The site contains or obtains feedback which has made this site one of the best-ranked sites for its services
  • All the modes for payments have been provided
  • Easy and friendly for use.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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