Detailed Process of Lesotho Visa For Azerbaijan Nationals

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The Lesotho kingdom population ratio is diversifying, it has also been the poorest economical stated country, but one important fact is that the country most of the population are been educated. The school’s infrastructure is quite been available off in the Lesotho country. on the profane movement, initiative goals, and help from million institutes and Rotaract’s clubs the Lesotho country literacy rates is much more increased off than its preview reviews. It has been found that the literacy rates are around 100 percentage, but a common problem has risen off, the employment rates are not as much efficient as the literacy rates, many people migrate off to other countries and many of them face HIV diseases, due to unemployment status many of them cannot afford for their treatments, has it been the contiguous disease the country still cannot get rid of this disease. 


The Lesotho embassy is taking the initiative to reduce the unemployment ratio status and slowly has started a campaign on how to avoid and be aware of HIV diseases.

  • What are the challenges faced by the children and younger youth of Lesotho for their education purposes?
  •     The challenges are-
  1. The students for their school have to travel or walk 3 hours daily 
  2. Due to food scarcity in the country, many individuals cannot have food or afford food on a day-to-day basis
  3. Many of the students were unable to afford clothes and uniforms
  4. Many of the children came from those families whose one of the family members is been affective by the deadly disease HIV or AIDS
  5. Many of the children cannot study as their parents are severely suffering from diseases and the children have to work in the fields and look for the animals for the minimum income so that they can eat something once a day
  6. For the fees, the very fewer family can afford their children for the higher educations, (only 20 percentage families afford for)

What are the challenges faced by the teachers or school authorities of Lesotho for their education purposes?

  • Very few staff and teachers,
  • The teachers used to live in such horrible situations that difficult for them to travel everyday
  • The funding rising for the government authorities are rarely insufficient
  • Many of the teaching staff do not have proper knowledge and pieces of training skills
  • The condition of the schools is terrific no maintenance and repairments taken measures.
  • No proper hygienic are been inbuilt in the school’s heritage.


Employment Visa

The main purpose of the employment visa is to assure a legal stayed order for some periods so that the foreigner can get the opportunity to work with other foreign companies. It has been offered to those visitors who seriously willing and been eligible off to get the employee shipped to foreign countries are been eligible off to appeal for this visa conditioning.

Employment Visa Requirements

  • Passport requirements are essential (activated passport is required at least for 6 months)
  • The candidate must persist and upload their image or photographs in the application form
  • The applicant complete form is been essential which includes
  • The platform source must be online
  • The applicant signature must be present in that form
  • It shows the payment clears records
  • The candidate must print the form and the print must be obtained on one side; the back page must be blank.
  • The original and color image of the company invitation letter is required
  • The applicant must submit their full signature along with the company’s contract paper evidential detailed details.
  • The bank statement is also required
  • The employment card id is also been asked

Lesotho Visa Application

For the Lesotho visa application, certain procedural steps and conclusions always keep in mind those are- 

  • The visa application forms the travelers are appealing must be a correct one
  • They must read the proper requirements of that visa form
  • Only submit those documents which are been asked in the application 
  • All the information’s which the candidates are uploading must be proper and justifiable records
  • If the visa gets canceled no refunds are been provided

Lesotho Visa Requirements

  • Passport requirements are essential (activated passport is required at least for 6 months)
  • The candidate must persist and upload their own image or photographs in the application form
  • Must carry 4 color photos at their traveling period 
  • Immigration letter is a mandatory requirement 
  • If the candidate obtains any letter of invitation, they must submit that
  • Any non -useable passport must be submitted
  • The id card of the candidate is required
  • The visitor must consult the health department firm and must undergo a complete health check-up before traveling
  • Bank statements are required
  • Bookings details of the candidate
  • Must assure the travel insurance 
  • Crime clearance record is needful.


Transit Visa

The facilities that can be obtained with this visa types are-

  • The transit visa is been offered when the tourist has to break a journey in some other countries
  • The eligible period it offers in their visa is of 3 days
  • For this visa passport and traveling, destination records are been required.

Visa Bookings

The preferable site which is generally been used for the visa booking process is the tourist visa online platform, why this site as 

  • It performance level is good
  • The services which the site provides are appreciable
  • For its ratings and customer usage, it has been declared as the top visa booking sites
  • It is not mush complex of usage
  • It provides complete privacy and security to its customers.

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