How to Apply Lesotho Visa For Bolivia Nationals

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Bolivia Foreign Relations

The Lesotho and Bolivia relationship status is quite diplomatic, both the Lesotho and Bolivia embassy has taken measures to extend and enforce the military strengths, issuing the laws of developing the corporation executions and enforcements arms, as in Lesotho country the life expectancy is quite low, so the arms help are been provided by the Bolivia embassy and country. Despite all the challenging situations, both of the countries hold a strong and respectful relationship and each of them inherits an encourage, the field of education, entrepreneurship, and reveals many job entities, as the ratio of unemployment is disgracing now day, especially in the Lesotho country.  

The voting status and implementation are quite legal and all this has been maintained by its constitutions and its matter stating is the same for both the countries. If found that Bolivia is been the largest leading producing country of cocaine, drugs, and this follows his permission access from the national drugs control policies, and embassy agencies. In these pandemic situations, the propagation of increasing affected ratios is not high enough in Lesotho country, but Bolivia has been highly effective against these diseases.


Lesotho Visa Policies

The Lesotho visa application steps and procedure follows are quite easy and simple, as per the Lesotho embassy visa rules conclusion, the Bolivia nationalist did not enjoy the free visa policies, they have to ensure Lesotho visa, then only they will be allowed for entry process. The visa was also aware of the travelers about its certain following criteria that they must keep in mind before applying for the visa process. 

  • The Lesotho visa derives, that the documents that the candidate is uploading in the application form must be authorized and must inherit these properties.
  • The passport must prevail the 6 months activation, in its duration period
  • The image of the candidate which they are indulging or uploading in the application form – must acquire the resolution of headshot or passport-sized color photo.
  • After applying, no changes or edits can be made, so the candidate must fill in the form correctly.
  • Non-refundable policies are being followed.
  • The applicant must correctly choose its visa type and must complete or submit the documents according to its requirements.

For the visa types and prices, information visits the tourist visa online site regarding the information. The tourist visa online site is been a reputed site; the ratings and feedbacks which are given by its customers are appreciative. 


Lesotho Visa Requirements

As per its requirements necessities ensures the Lesotho visa needful facts, from the given below information’s. 

Types Of Visa Requirements 



1.     A passport is been required for the visa application process

2.     The passport must prevail the 6 months activation, in its duration period

3.     The passport must acquire the 2 blank pages 


·         The traveler's image condition is been needful for the identification process

·       The image of the candidate which they are indulging or uploading in the application form – must acquire the resolution of headshot or passport-sized color photo.

·       Will traveling they must persist 4 color copy of their image as it been needful.

Immigration certifications

The foreign minister must sanction the immigration certification of the traveler, as without that visa application is incomplete.

Bank statement 

The candidate's 6 monthly transaction s charter has to be submitted in their required field.

Health check-ups

During the visa processing, the candidate must attain the complete health examination as 

-        Dose certification 

-        Complete physical test 

-        And PCR tests are mandatory for all travelers.

The health test has to be done separately as the candidate has to pay a separate fee for that.

Crime records 

No crime records should be permitted by the candidates

Invitation letter

The candidate must provide if they inherit any invitation letter or offer letter of traveling to Lesotho country.

Personal information’s

The candidate must have given their-

  • Id referential proof
  • Flight booking tickets and hotel receipts copy of evidence
  • By which time they will return from the foreign location
  • Their residential location
  • Full signatures
  • The application form copies of records 
  • And a valid phone number and mail address

Insurance paper 

The traveler must apply for – 

-        Travel insurance

-        Health insurance

How To Apply For Lesotho Visa Online

As all the visa application processes are being processed on the online platform, so the travelers always face a common problem that which site will serve them best, then, for all the problems here solves this.

visit the tourist visa online site regards the visa booking information, as this site is been the reputed site; the ratings and feedbacks which are given by its customers are appreciative. 

Follow the steps for the booking process-

  • Go for the tourist visa online site
  • View the complete page and then select your location and destination address
  • After that, you will find detailed information about that country.
  • Go for the visa type selection option; select it, and click on the form button
  • An application form will be opened fill the form accordingly.
  • After completion does the payments and also provide the services charges at the same time.
  • Submit the form, submission completion mail will be generated at the applicant mail address.


Lesotho E-Visa (Types)

Lesotho visas are of many variants, but some of its common types are

  • Tourist visa- Tourist visas are available for the tourist for their traveling purpose.
  • Business visa- Business visas are open, but all the work of the business and offices are conducted in the online mood.
  • Transit visa- Transit visa is only needed when the foreigners have to break their journey in some foreign land country.
  • Visa on arrival- the Lesotho embassy has granted these visa types, for the emergency purpose for 1 week.
  • Diplomatic visa – this has been conducted for the embassy officers and higher authorities.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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