How to Apply Lesotho Visa For Georgia Nationals

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Lesotho E Visa (types)

There are variant types of visas which the Lesotho embassy are being offerings to its travelers, some of the specified types are-

  • Tourist visa- this visa type is been recommended for those tourists who are traveling for the Lesotho countries destination. It normally offers 30 days, after that the travelers can extend their period up to 90 days. For this type single, visa type is only available.
  • Visa on arrival- the visa on arrival is been offered by the Lesotho Embassy for the Georgia Nationals, for a term of 30 days, it only allows emergency cases, and while traveling the health certification is mandatory, well for this type also single visa is applicable.
  • Transit visa- it has been offered and recommended for those tourists who have to break their journey in some foreign country, its maximum allotted period is for 3 days, within that period the tourist must leave that territorial land.
  • Diplomatic visa- this visa is not for all applicants, it is only offered to those embassy officers, specially authorized workers, and government employees for their travel to any foreign countries.
  • Resident visa – this visa indirectly refers to the permanent location in any foreign country, in short, the candidate is been legally eligible for green card holdings, its validity is for 10 years. The requirements for these visa types are completely different and after acquiring it then only the candidate will be sanctioned with this visa type.
  • Labor visa- this visa is for those workers who are engaged in some unauthorized sector for their work purpose in the Lesotho country (e.g.- in some factories, industries), for legal sanction they must issue these visa types.


Lesotho Visa Requirements

The requirements are-

  • Must comprise passport requirements
  • The candidate color photographs have to utilize 
  • Must assure a complete health check-up (for the health check-up candidate have to pay separately)
  • Travel insurance must be comprised
  • The candidate must assure their travel evidence especially the flight's bookings details
  • Must not restrain or comprise any criminal records in past
  • Must give the credential bank details
  • The passport must comprise 2 blank pages
  • The id copy evidence is necessary for the applicant
  • The personal details of the applicant are needful
  • Letter of assurance must be directed by the foreign ministry
  • The applicant must consult for the migration duration with the foreign minister
  • Along with the immigration letter 
  • The applicant must submit his full signature.

Business Visas

The business visa is been mainly offered to those employees and working executives who are engaged in some workspace of Lesotho country, this visa type is for a long-time traveling purpose. The main purpose of this visa type is to give a chance to work with foreign companies, which will be beneficial for both countries at the same time. This visa type is been compulsory for all foreign countries. This visa gives the opportunity 

  • To stay temporarily in a foreign country for their work purpose
  • Assurance to set up a business, and opportunities for the entrepreneurship
  • Build a factor and relationship with other foreign countries for its business icons
  • Can able to set a company for a temporary period
  • Able to exchange foreign currencies for its work purpose. 


Business Visa Requirements

  • Must comprise passport requirements
  • Travel insurance must be comprised
  • The candidate must assure their travel evidence especially the flight's bookings details
  • Must give the credential bank details
  • The academic documents and business planning certifications
  • Must covey the report and plans when will the individual return to his country
  • Business plans and paperwork evidential reports
  • The application payments must be done while the application process.

Visa Processing

After successfully applying for the business visa, the applicant will get the opportunity to expand its business widely.

  • The applicant must consult for the migration duration with the foreign minister
  • The documents which the applicant has submitted will be checked listed
  • Verify the email track locations
  • After completion of the business visa application will be supportive
  • Interview processing will be conducted
  • And another process will be informed by the Lesotho embassy executive officers.

Lesotho Visa Policy

As per the concluded statement by the Lesotho embassy, it defines-

  • No identical documents will be acceptable
  • Only submit those documents which are recommended
  • Must choose the correct visa types
  • Be aware of the details the candidate is providing
  • No refundable will be granted.


Visa For Lesotho

The two types of visas which will be common for all the visa requirements are-

  • Single visa
  • Only allotted 30 days
  • Maximal offerings 90 days
  • Only one-man entry is possible
  • Multiple visas- 
  • Only allotted 90 days
  • Maximal offerings 2 years.
  • Multiple entries are possible

Lesotho Visa Online

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Apply Lesotho Visa

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