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The Republic of Lesotho is a landlocked country in southern Africa, surrounded by South Africa. It is just over 30,000 square kilometers and has a population of approximately two million people. Like its neighbor South Africa, Lesotho practices apartheid and is an extremely racially divided nation with different rights and privileges for citizens based on racial lines. Lesotho and Greece are 2 countries with many similarities. Each has breathtaking scenery, a passion for sports, and a long tradition. Lesotho is a minor nation in Africa that is bordered by Southern Africa, whereas Greece is a country in Europe. Boundaries do not even matter much more to individuals who are looking to vacation or work in another country in present times.



  • Passport must have a validity date that is at least 6 months longer than the expected visit within the Kingdom of Lesotho.
  • Itinerary detailing the objective of your visit, be it for business, leisure, or education.
  • A letter inviting visitors to visit the Kingdom of Lesotho is enclosed.
  • An introductory statement from your employer outlining your job title, pay, length of service, any approved holidays, as well as the objective of the travel if there is any.
  • Bank statement of the Greece nationals or evidence of sufficient bank balance to pay the whole expenses while in Lesotho.
  • A certification for yellow disease
  • tourists who have recently returned from such a contaminated location where HIV/AIDS is rampant.
  • Insurance coverage is a need.



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Lesotho hurts locals, therefore tourists must be cautious at all times. Tourists are routinely attacked and kidnapped, as well as kidnapped and killed in their cars. Citizens had also recorded occurrences in daylight, such as sexual harassment, gun and nonviolent combat, and domestic assault. There are no signs that Americans are being singled out. Violence is most common in cities, although it can occur everywhere. Illegal occurrences have happened in well-known establishments, on badly lighted or unlit roadways, and in foreigner-heavy areas. Visitors, volunteers, and workers of non-governmental groups have all become casualties.

Traveling around central Maseru at night and throughout the day must be approached with caution. You should use caution and avoid crowds, protests, and other potentially dangerous situations. The tourist business is not uniformly licensed, and appliance and facility safety inspections are not frequent. Staff may not be trained or certified by the host government or recognized authority in the area, and dangerous zones are not usually labeled with suitable signs. In the event of an accident, the best medical care is usually available inside or nearby large cities. From outside large cities, first responders are generally unable to obtain and deliver immediate medical treatment. Medical transport coverage is strongly recommended for inhabitants of the United States. Additional information about insurance carriers for foreign insurance can be found on our website.



Whether you are considering a holiday to Greece, visitors must first obtain a Lesotho visa for Greece prior to departing. We understand how difficult and night before going to bed maintaining the visa needs can be, so we've made the registration process as straightforward as possible. Give our experts a call right now to learn more about the services we provide. Lesotho is just a small African country in the southern hemisphere. Maseru, its country's capital, is situated between South Africa and the Republic of Zambia's south-eastern border. Check our website to learn more about this visa, or fill out an online.

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 90 Days Visa   Multiple Entry 180 Days         90 Days           10 - 12 Days    26.0USD            275.0USD

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