Detailed Steps to Apply Lesotho Visa for Guatemala Nationals

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Lesotho is a mesmerizing country which snatches the hearts of each and every tourist who visits the country and the main attraction of the country is its natural beauty where everyone gets mesmerized. Guatemala Nationals are no exception and even they can definitely go for a trip to this country wherever they are free from their leisure time. All the citizens from all over the world are welcome to this country and Guatemala Nationals can also definitely visit the country for whatever reasons they want to. This country has beautiful snow capped mountains. The country is also a house to many different plateaus and among them the most famous one is Thaba Bosiu plateau. Even the country has a place where the visitors from Guatemala Can definitely go for camping. The name of the place is Marakabei. Even there are the place where one can embrace the beautiful waterfalls in the two famous places Semonkong and Malealea. The nationals of the country will definitely love to go for different kinds of activities that are held in Lesotho like hiking, fly fishing, abseiling. There is another building known as Morija’s museum where the footprints of the dinosaurs really gives a unique experience to the tourist. Even they will really enjoy the beauty of the arts and the craft of the country. Maseru is a place which will win the hearts of the visitors who will visit the country. Visitors Will definitely get the opportunity for safari lodging. So, anyone can say with confidence that Lesotho is the country that will never upset any visitors from any part of the world but will rather win the hearts of each and every tourist whoever visits the country.


Guatemala citizens need a visa before they visit the country and they should apply for the visa that is maybe at least two weeks before they are planning to visit the country because the processing time of the visa is generally 3 to 5 days but now if there are any kinds of occasions due to which there can be a delay in the processing of the visa then it may take 10 to 12 days.

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply for the visa for the citizens from all over the world to different countries they want to go for. This is our website where we help you to how to proceed throughout the whole process of applying for a visa to Lesotho. If you go through any kinds of doubts regarding the payment or any other information while you are applying for the visa, then you can contact us. We are always at your service and we will definitely serve you as per your needs.

It is very much important that you apply for your visa online because it will save your time and also you will see the current visa status. You will be provided with the soft copy of the visa. So even if it get lost you can easily retrieve it.


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Guatemala Nationals to visit Lesotho

  • Passport should be original and that is The most important document that the applicant must bring and should have The validity period of at least six months. 
  • The travel insurance proof must also be present with the applicant. 
  • Bank balance and the bank statements are also a must to show the authorities that the applicant is quite enough to fund for themselves while they are staying in the country. 
  • In case an applicant is applying for the visa And if it is the tourist visa then he or she should submit the travel itinerary including the hotel tickets and the flight tickets. 
  • For business purposes the applicant must definitely bring the cover letter of the invitation letter that will show that he is legally allowed to enter the country for work related purposes. 
  • International certificate of vaccination against the yellow fever is also a must without which your visa won’t be processed.
  • The photograph that the applicant will bring should have the size of two inches by two inches and also the image dimensions should be in a perfect square aspect ratio and the height of the head and the eyes should be positioned correctly.
  • The fees of the visa depends on what kind of visa an applicant is applying for. The fees for the single entry type of visa provided it is a tourist visa is 175 USD. 
  • The fees for the multiple entry type of tourist visa is 375 USD. 
  • If in an emergency you are stuck in the country and your visa also expires, then you need to apply for the emergency visa immediately without any delay. 

Apply Lesotho Visa

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