How to Apply Lesotho Visa for Macedonia Nationals

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Have you ever heard of the country which is located in South Africa and is a landlocked country which is famous for its network of rivers? If you can guess the name of the country then you need to know about the adventures of the country. If you still could not guess the name of the country, then you should know that the country is none other than Lesotho that we are talking about. This country has two famous and most beautiful waterfalls in two famous places including Semonkong and Malealea where visitors can definitely opt for lodging. The visitors can even try for different activities like hiking, fly fishing, abseiling. You can even get to see the proof that dinosaurs had lived once on this planet if you visit Morija’s  museum there you will get to see the footprints of the dinosaurs and that is really a unique experience which the visitors always want to have. You will also get to experience the beauty of the mountains since this country have diverse topography. Lesotho is known for its crafts. There is also a place called as Maseru, which is also famous for Thaba Bosiu plateau. There are also many national parks in the country which the tourist will definitely enjoy like The Sehlabathebe National Park which is Mountains situated in the Maloti Mountain. You can also enjoy the snow capped mountain beauty. Moreover, Lesotho is a country where diamonds are exported and you will be surprised to know that this country has very beautiful and diverse landscapes which are the main tourist attractions. Citizens of 49 countries do not actually need a visa to visit this country but there are some countries that do need a visa to visit this country. It is very much important for the Macedonia Nationals to note that they need to have the visa to Lesotho.

Tourist Visa Online helps to process the visa. This is a website where we provide visas to almost every countries except a few and this even includes yes country Lesotho. However it is suggested to the visitors that everyone should apply for a visa to Lesotho through online As it not only saves your time but you also get the opportunity to track your current visa status. You will also get your authenticated visa within a stipulated time and within a very few days and you don’t even have to go to the embassy and you don’t have to face any kinds of hassles if you’re applying for the visa online. You can Ask us any kinds of doubts or any kinds of difficulties that you face while you are applying for the visa in our website. We are always at your services and if you can contact us at anytime of the day.


Types of Visas available for the Macedonia Nationals to visit Lesotho 

Tourist Visa – This type of visa is mainly issued to those persons who want to spend their quality time on their holidays vacationing with the near and dear ones and also want to visit the residential houses of the new center ones who are already living in the country. To apply for this visa, The applicant must have the hotel bookings if they are coming here for tourism purposes. 

Business Visa – Business visa is mainly meant for those professionals who want to visit the country for work related purposes or for business purposes or want to set up a new business in the country itself. To apply for this visa, The applicant must also bring the Cover letter from the institution that they are already working under which will be stating their purpose of visiting the country. 


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Macedonia Nationals to visit Lesotho

  • The first and the foremost and the most important document that the applicant needs to carry is the passport which should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • The applicant must also bring the cover letter from the employer which will stay the purpose of visiting the country if it is for work related purposes.
  • The applicant must also have the invitation letter which will write the reason for the presence of the person in the country.
  • The applicant must also bring the yellow fever certificate which will have a proof that the travellers and visitors coming from the countries which are prevalent in infectious diseases are vaccinated.
  • The applicant must also keep with themselves ready with the bank statements which will have the proof that they will be able to fund their living while their stay duration in the country.
  • Applicant must also bring the travel insurance.
  • The applicant must also bring to passport size photographs and there are some conditions that are to be met for the photographs.
  • The photograph should be two inches by two inches in size and the photograph base size should Depend not on the screen appearance but on the actual measurement of the photograph.
  • The pixel dimensions of the image should be in a square aspect ratio
  • If by any chance you are staying in the country and your visa gets expired then you need to apply for an emergency visa

Apply Lesotho Visa

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