Detailed Guide to Apply Lesotho Visa for Montenegro Nationals

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Lesotho country is being blasted by countries with no coastline’s edges are there at its bordering edges. Lesotho contains many mountains and some bisects or crisscrosses edging of rivers. Thabana Ntlenyana is the highest mountain with the highest peak located in the Lesotho country. it contains many historical cryptographies, arts, and diversely follows all the cultural practices which their Pronunciation Forum used to follow. 

Lesotho Visa Requirements

Well, the Lesotho embassy offers free visa entry to some countries, but Montenegro's country does not fall under those criteria. Only with a visa application, Montenegro nationals can visit Lesotho county. 

  • After having the e-visa, the Montenegro national can only stay for 6 months; this has been the highest offering times with the Lesotho visa. The processing method is simple, so no need to worry and the methods of application methods are all conducted in online mode.
  • If the Montenegro nations want to enter the Lesotho country from the boring areas, then also e-visa is requiredWithin 90 days, if the visa is not used by the candidate, then the visa will get invalid.
  • The Lesotho embassy is allowing the visa on arrival approval to the Montenegro Nationals, but certain factors must be kept in mind-
  • For the time being, travelers will only be allowed if they are carrying any official letter of invitation or any individual business trip. 
  • Any medical emergency will be allowed
  • The duration offerings for visa on arrival is for 30 days.


Lesotho Visa Policy

The Lesotho e-visa is also known as ASAN visa as the processing of the visa is quick; the time offered is of 90 days (maximal offering period with e-visa). The Montenegro Nationals need to follow this step-

  • Montenegro Nationals must not apply for e-visa types when they are in the Lesotho territory, (the candidate must consult the embassy office of Lesotho for their e-visa bookings).
  • Lesotho travel records or flight bookings copy is required
  • Original as well as the passport scanned copy is required.
  • The photographs of the Montenegro Nationals
  • Hotel booking receipts or bill is required
  • Traveling purpose report must be appealed to the foreign minister's office.
  • Obtaining the immigration letter 
  • Note down and in many cases-
  • If the visa gets canceled then after 1-month new application can be submitted
  • No refunds will be provided
  • If the candidate does not qualify for the interview round then they have to again appeal for it
  • No cash is acceptable only digital payment moods are taken into consideration

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Lesotho Visa (Types)

Is it required to apply for the Lesotho visa by the Montenegro Nationals?

-     Yes, it is required, and some commonly preferable types, of which the Montenegro Nationals are being offered as the normal terms, those are-

  1. Tourist Visa– the tourist visa offerings can be extended or been concluded up for the periods of 6 months, this can easily be applied by any of the passengers or tourists, and the time taken up for this visa processing is quite quick.
  2. Business Visa – This visa is been offerings to those who want to build a startup business in the Lesotho country, or been entrepreneurship, or wants to work as a worker in any business firm, then they must go for this visa type, as the maximal offerings time is 2 years
  • For the application process, the business firm all the recalled and permissible documents need to be uploaded and Lesotho embassy permission or acceptance allowance proof is required for the application form.
  1. Transit Visa – This visa has not always been in demand as this is only required if any of the passengers traveling to any other foreign country but have to break their journey in the Lesotho country at that time it has been required. The offering time is 2-3 days.
  2. Employee Visa – this visa is preferred by those candidates who are willing to get engaged in any company of the Lesotho country, and the requirements for this visa are 
  • Candidate passport
  • Corporate firm details
  • The job assurance letter
  • Agreement paper
  • Immigration letter from the foreign minister address. 
  1. Labor Visa – this visa is being offered to all the labor workers who are working in the Lesotho working companies. For them, the maximum offer period is off 6 months, after the period ends, they can extend their visa timing.
  2. Work Visa – work visa criteria are quite similar to business visas. But this visa is being offered to corporate workers of private firms who are committed to their work in the Lesotho country. The maximum offering time is 2 years
  3. Visitor Visa – visitor visa is preferable for storm-term traveling as it is mostly chosen by those passengers who are traveling for some work purpose in the Lesotho country.
  • This type is being offered for those visitors who are being graced or willing for a travel towards the Lesotho country and these types are normally preferred by the tourist.
  1. Diplomatic Visa – for those government workers or highly authorized embassy officers, who are traveling to any other foreign country 
  2. Health Visa – This health visa is given to those patients who have been recommended by doctors for foreign treatment. If the patient's life is in danger or if the patient died then the Lesotho Embassy or Lesotho health firm will not be responsible.
  3. Student Visa – this is being served by the Lesotho embassyto those who want to gain their academic studies from the Lesotho country. But for the current terms and situations, these visa types are closed.
  4. Residence Visa – after having a sustainable job in the Lesotho country, if the candidate thing to live in the Lesotho country they must renew their visa types to residence visa. 
  5. Visa on Arrival – normally this condition is allowed by the Lesotho embassy,but they are for a temporary period.


Visa Bookings

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  5. Choose the payment option and submit the form.

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Apply Lesotho Visa

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