How to Apply Lesotho Visa for Serbia Nationals

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The Serbia Nationals can appeal for the visa but for that, they must visit the tourist visa online site for the requirements and details. The flight services are been temporarily open but if the covid cases are increased the flight booking might get canceled. For the information, the applicant must know that border entry is now been prohibited. So, the travelers who are traveling via car service will not allow entering the border areas.


Lesotho Facts

The Lesotho country sanctuary in the African territorial and it been completely directed at the location of the South African. It enhances many thrillful wonders, especially its natural geographical conditioning and its period's cultural beliefs. The highest pub is been localized in the Lesotho country which is known as Sani Mountain Lodge

  • If been found that the cave-dwelling has still existed in the Lesotho country.
  • It was a believe that Leosthosaurus which means the lizards of Lesotho belonged to the species of periodic time which is dinosaurs who used to be found in Lesotho whose height is around 7 ft and their foot's prints are still being preserved in the museums
  • The biggest dinosaurs are used to find here its bones, fossils, footprints are still be preserved in the Lesotho Tsehlanyane Nature Reserve
  • The rich mine stones such as diamonds are the means of the treasure of the Lesotho country. the water supplies are quite sufficient and the production of electricity is lenient and low in cost.
  • The Lesotho country and other two countries sidewise formed and completely lies in the southernmost direction the other two countries are- San Marino and Vatican City.
  • As the Lesotho country comprising of highest altitude that the reason the climatic condition is low here.
  • The Lesotho country also inheriting the scariest runway all around the world. The Matekane Air Strip has been the remoted area zone concluded by the doctors.

Lesotho Visa Requirements

If you are acquiring for a visa application of Lesotho, you must go through the requirement list which the Lesotho embassy has already passed

  • A very first requirement which the passengers must inherit is a certified passport needful.
  • The passport must consist of the two blank pages 
  • Original and color image of the candidate must be uploaded
  • Must provide all the legalized and authorized documents, 
  • The candidate must ensure that all the personal information they are providing in the form is authorized
  • Immigration certification have to be provided
  • The travel invitation letter should be acquired
  • The foreign minister letter of acquiring permission is needful
  • The candidate must carry their health certification along with the PCR test reports and vaccination boosters
  • If the candidate acquires any copy of unusable passport, they must submit that documents in the embassy office during their traveling (if the candidate does not inherit such documents, they must ignore this step)
  • The candidate id cards are essential during the verification process
  • All the passenger must acquire their travel insurance
  • In the history records the candidate must not hold any crime records
  • Bank transaction statement copy of 6 months is required.


A Question Air 

  1. Will the Serbia Nationals be able to have the visa on arrival facilities?
  • Yes, the Lesotho embassy is granting the visa on arrival facility to the Serbia Nationals, with a minimum offering of 1-week duration, but it can be ceased off if the current situation differs. The candidate must carry their health certification along with the PCR test reports and vaccination boosters. For the timing, only emergency needful is been acceptable.

Visa For Lesotho

The Lesotho visa encounter two common visa types which the common factor for every visa variant-

Detail Description

Type of visas

Single Visa

Multiple visa

Minimum offerings

As per the single visa is offers only 30 days

As per the Multiple visas is offers only 90 days

Maximum offerings

On a maximal term, it only offers 2 years

On a maximal term it only offers 2 years


Its condition is simple and anyone can apply for this type variant, it also terms the facts that they will only be allowed the single man entry, and its processing encounters are pretty must faster.

This visa type is not for all the applicants, it has some specifications and separate conditions. It has been terms that though who are working in the Lesotho country can apply for this type (except the Labor workers, for them labor visa is applicable). It entertained multiple entries.

Lesotho People

The Lesotho people are really friendly types, their Behavior status is also good enough the tourist reports convey that the Lesotho people use to help the tourist to convey the location and direction. But as per the general solution

  • Avoid too much communication
  • Do not involve much
  • Avoid Community-based programs
  • The crime rates are increasing
  • Avoid traveling alone at night times.


Lesotho Visa Online

For the visa bookings solution visit the tourist visa online site, as it is an authorized and certified website, it is easy of handling, price charge for the visa is quite reasonable.

Process of application-

  • Follow the site tourist visa online
  • Select the country name and destination place
  • Click on the apply button
  • The site will display the visa types option with price charge sheets
  • Select the visa type and click on the application form
  • Fill it properly and complete the payment section
  • And click on the submit button.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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