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Lesotho is known by all. The southern African country is no wonder very attracted toward the immigrants. However, to travel to the country one must have a preferred visa. To get the preferred visa, it is important to consult the embassy or any public visa service provider.

A Lesotho visa is an official document that legally permits its owner to enter and continue to stay within the nation for a particular number of days as referred to on the visa. To get the visa we have brought the best visa service provider, Tourist visa online service. Know the procedure here and apply now. 



The citizen of any country who wishes to visit the Kingdom of Lesotho on a visa category which is specified in the list of visa approval should obtain a visa first through the Lesotho e-visa system (online). The Citizens of the kingdom of Lesotho, who have visa abolishment contracts with Lesotho and citizens of some  54 Commonwealth countries are exempt from this rule. However, the immigrant visa application will only be instructed and moved forward by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Lesotho and the  Head Office in Maseru(the capital of Lesotho). The Lesotho visa is a very important part by which the immigrants can enter the city and live there, till the visa gets a denial date. 


Lesotho can be perfect for tourism for immigrants. The very famous trade and industry of Lesotho has very highly affected the tourists. This is regulated very irregularly, and safety scrutinies for appliances and tools and facilities do not commonly occur here. Lesotho rates of crimes are higher than usual, this city might undergo some serious war or face harmful activities. The  Foreigners staying in the city might become targeted and robbed, this history says that a person often, especially a foreigner, faces tremendous strange consequences very often. The immigrants. citizens have reported many incidents including sexual assault, armed and unarmed confrontation, and home invasion. If an immigrant wants to stay there, they might prepare themselves and be under protection. However, the government and law system of Lesotho is strong. While you reach the airport, an immigrant must face problems, some serious problem with theft from baggage at O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) of the kingdom of Lesotho,  from the required transit point for air travel to Lesotho.  By which one can secure their travel luggage with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved locks, use an airport wrapping service, and avoid placing any items of value in checked luggage in the Lesotho airport.  Make sure to inventory items in checked baggage to aid in claims processing if theft or any mishap does occur.



Lesotho introduced a system of e-visa or online visa on May 1 1976.  This made it easy for travellers travelling from different countries to Lesotho. A traveller or immigrant can apply for tourism, business, student and diplomatic types of visas online through the e-visa system, sitting at home easily. This visa system helped many people to get their visas without facing majority issues. These visas are Electronic visas, and these visas proceed in just within 72 hours. The immigrants with multiple entry visas to the kingdom of  Lesotho may stay in the city for a maximum period of 44 days. This gives another facility of travelling every time, without any restriction in Lesotho, within 180 days. Visitors must apply for an extension of their stay. 

How to process a visa application for Lesotho immigrants. 

Here are some visa processes by TVO, required for Lesotho immigrants. Here is a small 

  1.  Go to the official website of Tourist Visa Online,  select“Apply Now”  to configure your email address and phone number. Once you get registered
  2. After completing the Visa Application form of Lesotho’s kingdom -click the “Application” link. Fill all the required questions honestly.
  3. Upload documents required by the visa service  - to upload the  Required document depends on the visa category, make sure the documents are scanned and in jpg or pdf format.
  4. Make Visa Payment for the required visa type - Complete billing information, confirm agreement terms and submit the payment. After you complete the procedure, you will get an email for payment confirmation.
  5. The current Applicants will receive an email notification on their own given number as well as on email.


Here is the list of required documents for the Lesotho visa application

  • Your visa approval, visa payslip 
  • A valid machine-readable passport or travel document
  • Copy of your valid machine-readable passport
  • Duly completed application form
  • All supporting documents as per the checklist are relevant to your application.



Lesotho might be a place of crimes and disturbance but the beautiful area of big and narrow valleys and mountains Lesotho is amazing, Lesotho owes a very long and beautiful history of political independence to the hill which is surrounded and protects it from encroachment. To get a visa for Lesotho contact the no1 visa service tourist visa online and get unlimited services like nowhere.

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