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Lesotho is geographically surrounded by and economically interconnected with South Africa with 1,88 million inhabitants and absorbs about 80 percent of its final consumption imports. Lesotho is among the top ten exporters of the African Growth and Chance Act to the United States (AGOA). In 2013, Lesotho was $358.9 million in net trading (exports plus imports). For doing Business in Lesotho, you will require a Lesotho Business Visa. In this article, we will learn about the requirements and eligibility of a Lesotho Business Visa. So read and find out.

Requirements for Lesotho Business Visa


A passport is a document used during international travel. The Government of the country is responsible for verifying the candidate's identity and nationality.

The passport requested shall comply with the following requirements.

  • It must be valid for six months until the period of residence. It has to be an authentic and soft copy.
  • For the visa sticker, there must be at least two blank pages.
  • It shall not in all respects be broken, ripped, divided, or destroyed.
  • Without a visa, you can't cross international borders. It is otherwise considered a crime.


You should identify the authority on the basis of the photograph.

Photographs shall be given in accordance with the photo data.

  • The whole white backdrop must be clicked.
  • A copy of general photo instructions should be presented.
  • It must have the right scale in 35x45 mm dimensions (length - 45mm, breadth - 35mm).
  • It has to be matte.
  • 80% of the frame must be protected. It must be a picture of a recent one.
  • The gestures on the face should be neutral, and there should be no smile in the photograph.
  • In the photograph, any kind of glass must not be worn. 
  • The hair has to be tied back in order for the mask to be noticeable. 
  • The ears ought to be plainly visible.
  • Headgear must not be worn without religious purposes.
  • It is important to be careful not to expose your teeth in the picture.
  • Recent images are required because old images can cause your request to be rejected by the authorities.


Flight Ticket 

An airfare is a ticket or passes held by the traveler who takes a trip from one place to another.

  • It is a valuable paper, and for this purpose, it should be submitted.
  • For the whole round trip, the airfare must be reserved. For the whole round trip, it must be authenticated.
  • A ticket reveals your journey and guarantees your return to your homeland.

Vaccination of Yellow Fever

A medical certificate is a yellow fever vaccine that shows that the candidate is not contaminated with the illness.

The following should be submitted:

  • It shall be original and shall be published by a medical authority.
  • If the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is not required and bogus, the claimant in the country is likely to be not allowed.

Visit Insurance

A travel cover is a document that indicates how much money has been collected in the event of a major disaster or illness.

The published travel policy must fulfill the following requirements.

  • The soft copy of the pan card must be given.
  • It is best if the insurance is available at least three to ten before arrival to your nation.
  • It must cover the whole journey from India back to India. The applicant's information must be stated in accordance with the passport.
  • Without a travel cover, you are not permitted to travel overseas. It is advised to consult professional visas.

Statement of the Bank

Bank declaration is a bank-issued text. You get this if you are willing to help your remain in the country for the savings bank account to be ratified.

The declaration of the Bank is obligatory and should fulfill the following conditions.

  • The balance of the savings bank account must be adequate.
  • It should be original and be stamped and signed by the Bank on every page.
  • Whether the Bank Statement indicates insufficient funds or spending is insignificant, visas to financial resources could be denied. It is advised to consult professional visas.

Lesotho Business Visa Eligibility

You must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be able to fly to the country on the visa.

  1. Be a real traveler: You have to have a valid and decent reason to go back home.
  2. Eligible to pay for all costs: You must have enough funds to cover yourself and your employees during the whole time of your stay.
  3. Reasons for returning: In your home country, you must have close links to guarantee you come back during your visit.
  4. Be nice: You should have a clear and well-functioning criminal record. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) could be needed for the same purpose.
  5. Being in good health: you need to comply with the minimum public health standards at least.
  6. Original purpose: You must have a legitimate invitation from a trustworthy organization in the country with which you do business.


So this is all the details regarding the Lesotho Business Visa that you must know about. So get your Business Visa and prosper your business in Lesotho. You can reach out to Tourist Visa Online for more details.

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