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Lesotho's country is mainly connected with south Africa. Maseru is identified as the Lesotho capital and not only that, it's been the largest city among Lesotho. Lesotho is an active member of the United Nations. The meaning of the word Lesotho is "land of Sotho". Its officially declared language is English and Sesotho. Well, Lesotho's climatic condition is quite good; its winter season occurs in May to September and during the winter season snowfall mainly occurs, so temperatures are quite below the freezing point. The summer season mainly occurs from October to April due to the high range of temperature and the dry region rainfall that occurs is quite normal. It's approx.

Lesotho's summer temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius, but it's comfortable and not too painful to step/visit outside. Lesotho is quite a good and beautiful place to travel, if you love rain you can visit Lesotho in the summer season and if you are attracted by snowfalls then you visit Lesotho in the winter months.

  • Well, there are no dress criteria to visit Lesotho, but at night, especially in the foothills and mountains areas are quite cold and temperatures are quite low so carry some warm clothes during traveling. Tracking is the main, beautiful, and amazing thing you can obtain in Lesotho, and carrying proper shoes, a purifier to drink pure water from the river, warm clothes, tents, and other necessary things you should bring before traveling or wish of having a track in Lesotho.
  • Lesotho in few days is being recognized as the most tourist-attracted place, so day by day hotel and restaurant is being built up.
  • Health precautions need to be maintained by travelers; proper health check-ups, vaccination documents are needed to be provided before travel. Children and specially-abled people need to show special types of documents. Due to the current situation, all passengers should follow the proper guidelines. In Lesotho, hospital infrastructure is quite well set up.
  • Lesotho's embassy is quite strict regarding crimes; that’s why it has been recognized as a safe city for traveling.
  • Women are especially honored and respected.

In short, Lesotho is a good place to visit and enjoy your holidays. Tourist main attraction in Lesotho is trekking.

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Lesotho visa

For a Lesotho visa, you must apply 72 days before the travel date. The Lesotho visa application process is very fast and with valid documents, the procedure is entertained very fast, then also to be on the safe side candidate must apply for a visa before traveling to Lesotho. These documents are required to get a Lesotho visa

  • Covid full vaccine documents
  • HIV/AIDS-related documents need to be provided in case of attraction with Lesotho citizens may not hamper their health.
  • Original passport of the candidate with color photo of recent is required.
  • Six months reasonable time should be in the passport
  • Immigration letter
  • Active bank documents
  • Yellow fever booster dose paper of proof is needed.
  • A letter of approval must be provided by the Lesotho embassy.
  • A formal letter declaring your purpose of visit
  • Candidate name, address proof and birth documents must be provided in the personal section.
  • If a child belongs to another family, they must provide the guardian's permission letter before traveling.
  • The country from which the candidate is traveling must provide a request letter to the Lesotho embassy.

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These documents must be valid and approved before traveling and getting the visa.

  • For the Lesotho visa application process visit tourist visas online. As is recognized as the best site forbooking and applying for a visa. Tourist visas online not only maintains safety and security but also maintains fast process procedure and delivers the visa requirement within 48 hours. No refundable policy is processed. Applicants, while applying for a visa form, must provide all suitable documents during the application process. Applicant must complete his/her process by paying online. During payment, the candidate must pay service charges and tax charges payment process. Lesotho embassy also approved the Single Visa, Multiple Visa, And Group Visa
  • Single visa- its sustainable period is 90 days maximum, 30 days requirement is also there.
  • Multiple visas- its sustainable period is two years maximum
  • Group visa- it's only applicable on Lesotho embassy approval and its validity period is 90 days.

A visa is mandatory so no candidate can travel or enter the Lesotho embassy without a visa. You will be stopped at the border area. Tourist must

  1. Apply online for e-visa
  2. Payments should be made
  3. An email confirmation will be generated in the mail only.

Before all, the process candidate must go through its terms and condition.

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Lesotho Currency

Lesotho's official currency is Loti, as an approximation one Lesotho loti equals 4.90 Indian Rupee. A cash policy is mostly accepted in Lesotho; only a few cases approve digital payment and cheques, so it's advised to carry a good sum of cash with the travelers. In case of future relevance, the Lesotho embassy will take the full bank details of the travelers. Lesotho currency is not accepted in South Africa, and the highest cash accepted by Lesotho is around 200 loti.

Apply Lesotho Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

 It's only caused in few cases and the reason for occurrence is invalid documents submission. So applicants are requested to submit proper and acceptable documents. No refund will be proposed; an applicant again has to apply for the visa application.

Yes, it's possible to do that; no issues have occurred for that. Personal profiles can easily be executed by this process and scanned documents should be processed and uploaded properly.

Well, it completely depends on Lesotho embassy approval, in most of the cases it's not valid as if you want to update any requirement you have to refill it up. No refund is approved.

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