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Lesotho visa application form is an online application form that helps you in getting a ticket for the tour to Lesotho. This is a simple application form which can be easily available on our website tourist visa online. 

Lesotho is now on the list of mostly all of the people who are lovers of adventure. Well, why won’t it be, when there is a lot that is being offered by this country. It is now possible for you to get this dream fulfilled. All you need to do is get information regarding the Lesotho visa document requirements which you can find easily by following the link and then continue to read this article. Once you reach the end you will be finishing with the Lesotho visa application form procedure within minutes! This is, however, possible only when you apply through Tourist Visa Online. Also, you have nothing to worry about when you have an expert team all ready for your service.


Q. What is a Lesotho visa application form?

A Lesotho visa application form is a form that is available both through online and offline means. This means that you can get access to a visa through both an online and an offline method. But for getting this visa, an application form is necessary. So basically, the role that a Lesotho visa application form plays is to get you a Lesotho visa for your visit to the country. This visa will have various validities, with different types that you select.

Q. What are the types of visa options available for Lesotho visas?

There are about seven types of visas that you can get. Once you check the Lesotho visa types you will be clear about the whole idea of all the types of visas and its functions.

Q. Who all needs to fill in the visa application form?

Only those who are required to get a visa before traveling, are the ones that need to fill in the application form. Those who are from the visa-free countries that are allowed to go to Lesotho without a visa need not take a visa and hence need not fill in the application form as well. The list of people who need not apply for the visa can be given as follows:

Antigua and Barbuda







(please complete the series)

All of those mentioned ones which are about 49 countries will not be required to get a visa application form to be filled before their travel which means that they can stay in Lesotho without a visa for 90 days.

Apart from the 90 days which have been allowed there are also other countries whose nationals can stay without a visa for 14 days and it includes about 22 countries. The list can be given as follows:






Czech Republic









New Zealand






United Kingdom

United States

These above given are the ones who can travel under Lesotho visa exemptions

Q. With an online and offline method being available, which method would be beneficial for a foreigner to apply?

When you consider the options available for you to apply for a visa, you get two options one being the online application and the other being the offline application. Both have their own perks and will also have some cons to them. It is up to the applicant to decide which method would be beneficial. But here’s a small description of both the methods:

1. Online method:

Pros about applying for a Lesotho visa through an online method:

  • Can get your visa delivered at your desired speed.
  • Can check all the rates and compare them to get the best rates
  • Can finish off the application without much documents to e attached
  • No handling of paperwork required
  • You can get the visa directly in your mail.

Cons about applying through an online medium:

  • Need a strong network connection
  • Need a device through which you can apply

2. Offline method:

Pros about applying for a Lesotho visa through an offline method:

  • Can have the visa authenticated and directly given by the embassy

Cons about applying through an offline method:

  • You will have to go to the embassy to get the work done
  • Will not have a clear idea of when you will be getting the visa
  • A lot of paperwork will have to be done
  • Will have to send in all of the documents by taking photocopies to the embassy.
  • The visa might get delayed for days or even weeks.

Now that you know all about the pros and cons it is up to you to decide which one will be better.

Now you can choose your own method of filling in the Lesotho visa application form. You can also take a look at the how to apply Lesotho visa for a much clear idea about the steps involved.

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