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A consumer always needs to worry about the sum or the fee while applying the Lesotho visa online. Similarly when we offer a Lesotho e visa to our customer one thing that we keep in mind is the Lesotho visa fees which accompany it! When going on a trip it is really important that you save money in all possible ways. This is now possible with our help through Tourist Visa Online, where we would like to keep all of the information transparent to our customers. Now all you need to do is take a look at the options being provided to you and take the one that matches your budget.


Q. On a Lesotho visa which are the places that a tourist can visit?

When you get a Lesotho visa you are allowed into the country, this means that you can travel all over the country without a problem. However, once you cross the border you will be required to carry another visa pertaining to that particular country. 

Q. Are the fees for a visa normally high when you apply through an embassy?

When you go to apply for a visa through an embassy you will find comparatively higher charges than those found when you apply through an online medium. Not only this but when you apply through an online medium you can also check the various options and choose from the ones you want. 

Q. What are the visa fees offered by Tourist Visa Online for the foreigners?

You can have visa fee options when you apply through tourist visa online. The options can be given as follows:

1. 44 days tourist visa:

This visa has a stay validity of 44 days which means that you can stay in Lesotho for 44 days. This is entirely a tourist visa and hence going for any other purpose will be prohibited on this visa. All you can do is just travel around the country with this visa. This visa being a single entry will allow entry only once. Even though this visa has a stay validity of 44 days, this visa will still have a total validity of 90 days. This means in this 90 days period you can enter Lesotho and stay for 44 days.

  • The price for this visa is 175.0 US dollars

2. 90 days tourist visa:

This visa is a multiple entry visa, unlike the previous one. This visa will have almost the same description as mentioned for the previous one. Just the number of stay days will be different. That is this visa will allow a stay period of about 90 days after the entry into Lesotho. This visa apart from the stay period will also have 180 days worth of total validity.

  • The price of this visa is 375.0 US dollars.

3. 44 days business visa:

This Lesotho business visa will be valid for 44 days of stay within which you can fulfill your business works. The total validity will, however, be for 90 days. This visa being single entry will allow entry for business purposes in Lesotho only one time.

  • The price for this visa will be 175.0 US dollars

4. 90 days business visa:

With a total validity of 180 days, this Lesotho business visa allows multiple entries to a foreigner. This means that you can exit and re-enter multiple times. The stay validity will however only be for 90 days after the entry.

  • The visa fee will be 275.0 US dollars.

Q. What is the normal processing time for the visa available for the foreigner?

The normal processing time available is for about three to five days. But if there is some occurrence of festivals or mishaps during the processing then the visa delivery can also take a week’s time. This means that you will always have to apply for the visa beforehand so that you avoid not getting the visa right before your trip. 

Q. Is there any service fee applicable to the processing of the visa?

Yes, you will be entitled to pay a service fee which will be depending on the country from where you apply. This means that the service fee will be different for various countries. However, you can still check those by entering your country’s name.

Q. What if I have to go to Lesotho in about 3 days from today, will I get a visa provided to me urgently?

Yes, you can get the visa provided to you through an emergency visa processing method. All you have to do is select the visa type and select the emergency visa option to get the visa delivered to you in about 48 hours after the application.

Q. Is there any service fee that I have to pay in order to get access to the emergency service?

Yes, you will have to pay a fee of 200.0 US dollars to get the visa. This service fee will be devoid of the basic visa fees.

This completes the Lesotho visa fees description and all of the options that are available to you.

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