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If we talk about Lesotho visa for Indian Citizens, then Indian also need to apply for Lesotho visa as they are not from the visa-exempt country. Touristvisaonline Provides Lesotho Visa For Indian Passport Holders At Less Price. Minimum Documents Required. Easy application Form. Just Fill The Application form an Upload Relevant Or Required Documents. Lesotho is a country in Africa. It is a country within a country! This intrigues many people to visit this hidden gem. It is a country that spreads over an area of 11,583 square meters with beautiful scenery. One will find 99% of ethnic people living in the country and it will let a person enjoy the traditional and ethnic way of the African people.

Lesotho Visa for Indians: 

Passports and photograph requirements for applying Lesotho visa for Indians are:

  • The Indian passport has to be valid for a period of six months. 
  • For applying for the visa one has to have a copy of one's passport.
  • There need to be at least two blank pages in it 
  • The Indian passport should not have any damage.
  • One needs to submit a photograph, with a white background to apply for the visa.
  • The picture should have a dull surface and the face of the applicant needs to be present in the eight percent of the passport size photo. 
  • Do not put on glasses while taking a picture. 
  • There must be no expression of the person in the photograph. 

Flight tickets for Lesotho visa for Indians: 

  • The individual needs to have flight tickets for both ways. 
  • The flight tickets cost around 85,000 rupees to 90,000 rupees. 
  • The economical method of going from India is to go to Lesotho from Delhi. It costs around 20,000 rupees to 70,000 Indian rupees and takes 19 hours and 15 minutes. 

Vaccinations to attain a Lesotho visa for Indian citizens:

  • If one wants to reach this beautiful ethnic destination of Africa, he or she has to get a vaccine for yellow fever. 

Travel Insurance to acquire the visa: 

  • The passport holder and the applicant needs to have a travel visa to go to this country.
  • The travel insurance has to be usable until one returns to India.
  • It is ideal if this insurance covers the round trip.

Other requirements:

  • This is a commonly expected requirement that a person has enough bank balance to support his or her travel to this country. 
  • One needs a supporting bank statement for this.

India maintains proper relations with this country. People from this country go there as teachers, businessmen, or accountants. It continues the military and trade alliance. 

Touristvisaonline provides four kinds of visas to Lesotho for Indians which is followed according to the Lesotho visa policy. It provides a visa for 44 days of both multiple and single entries for USD 175. There is a choice of visa for three months of both multiple and single entries for USD 275. 

Touristvisaonline helps to let one know the number of days one can actually stay in Lesotho. An individual can get a visa for sure in just ten or twelve days. 

Frequently asked queries for Lesotho visa for Indian citizens: 

Q. Can I go on a road trip from India to Lesotho?

Answer: Yes, one can go on a road trip. It takes eight days by road to reach that country. 

Q. Can we move around easily in Lesotho now?

Answer: Yes, one can easily move around in Lesotho as the COVID-19 restrictions and bans were lifted on March 6 and one can travel inside the country.

Q. Are there any direct flights from Delhi to Lesotho?

Answer: Yes “Etihad”, “Qatar” are the two most famous airlines with direct flights from Delhi to Maseru airport.

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