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Nigeria, an African country has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves can Apply For Lesotho Visa form Lesotho as Lesotho Government Provides E visa to Nigeria Citizens and Also The people Living in Nigeria can Apply For Lesotho Visa online. Lesotho is the hidden mountain kingdom of Africa. It is a country that exists in another country! With its natural beauty and enchanting activities like horse-riding, trekking, hiking, and taking a tour of the ethnic culture captivates people.

The country is rich in its hospitality and it welcomes citizens of 49 nations without a visa for three months and a 14-day free visa for individuals of twenty-two nations. One can find snow and ice as well as the lush green landscape with waterfalls and rugged mountains in this “mountain kingdom of Africa”.

Nigeria is 7,056 Kilometers away from Lesotho. It takes six hours to get to this enclaved country in the Southern part of Africa. The least amount one has to spend on for a flight ticket to go to the country is USD 310 or USD 700. It comes with its disadvantage that it takes 14 hours and 13 minutes. 

Lesotho visa from Nigeria

There is an opportunity for the people of Nigeria to obtain a visa for Lesotho online (e-visa). Most people believe that Nigerians can stay in Lesotho after taking an e-visa for fourteen days.

Prerequisites for applying a visa for Lesotho for Nigerians: 

  1. A passport with a validity of at least six months is required to apply for its visa. 
  2. If one is below sixteen years of age, he or she has to provide the details of the family members.
  3. One needs to have a minimum of two blank pages in the passport. These will be used for the entry and exit stamps. 
  4. One has to provide the bank statement which proves that the applicant has enough money to spend in Lesotho. Nigerian Naira is lesser when compared to Lesotho Loti (1 Loti = 22.84 Naira). It can seem expensive for the Nigerians.
  5. For the Nigerian applicants (people having passports of Nigeria), the Lesotho government does not impose any ban on the import of currency.
  6. The visa applicants need to have air tickets for the round trip or hotel bookings.
  7. The applicant has to document the proof that he or she has got a vaccine for yellow fever.

The most ideal way to apply for a visa to Lesotho from Nigeria is by navigating to Touristvisaonline. It offers the applicants a choice of visa from the four types. These are a visa for 44 days single or multiple entry or a three-month visa either a single or multiple entries. 

These cost USD 175 or 67,102 Nigerian Naira for 44 days and USD 375 or 143790 Naira for ninety days. After one pays the amount according to the requirement, it is guaranteed that he or she gets a visa through Touristvisaonline.

Frequently asked queries of Lesotho visa from Nigeria:

 Q. Is there any dress code to follow in the country?

There are no rules for what kind of dresses to wear. One has to remember that it is ideal to take warm clothes as it gets cooler at night. Footwear suitable for trekking and hiking is better as there are charming trek and hike spots in the country.

 Q. Is there any time difference between Lesotho and Nigeria?

Yes, as Africa is a huge continent there is a time difference among its countries. However, the difference is not huge. Lesotho is just an hour ahead of Nigeria. 

 Q. What are the airlines that provide airplane services between the two countries?

“South African Airways”, “Airlink”, and “TAAG Angola Airlines” are the famous airlines that run between the countries. It is better to remember that there are no direct airplanes that take you from Maseru airport to Nigeria. 

Q. How should I go to Lesotho from Maseru airport?

It takes a seven-minute drive to get into Lesotho. One can take a cab and enjoy the five kilometer-ride while you have your Lesotho visa from Nigeria

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