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Lesotho Visa From Pakistan Can Be Obtain by Applying Online. Complete The Application Form and upload the Necessary Documents. Learn More About Lesotho Visa Requirements, Lesotho Visa Fees. Lesotho is a beautiful country that is hidden in another country. Very few people know about this magical land which is also called the “Kingdom in the sky”. It is a rarity in the world as it has protected the culture, ethnic tribes, and nearly ten endangered species! Citizens of Pakistan are exhibiting their interest in going to Lesotho mainly because the temperature is different and the climate of the country is amazing. The average temperature of Pakistan is 20 degrees celsius whereas, the average temperature of Lesotho is 11 degrees celsius.  The diverse landscape of Lesotho enchants all the explorers and nature admirers. It has waterfalls, a UNESCO world heritage site, caves, and natural reserves. Tradition, culture, and adventure call out to the Pakistanis.

General prerequisites for a Lesotho visa for Pakistan are: 

  1.  A Pakistani passport that is valid for a minimum of six months. 
  2. Air tickets of the round trip from Lesotho to Pakistan or vice-versa. 
  3. A passport size photograph with a dull or matt finish. 
  4. The picture needs to be with a neutral expression. No other expression like a smile or a frown is accepted.
  5. The backdrop of the photograph needs to be white only.
  6. A person has to provide proof that he or she has taken a vaccine for yellow fever.
  7. Bank documents that support that the Pakistani citizen is capable of traveling to the country and he or she has enough monetary funds to support the expenditure in the tourist country.

Touristvisaonline provides visas for the Pakistani nationals and hence you can avoid going to the Lesotho Embassy in Pakistan. Navigating to this website and making use of it will ensure any person a visa. It is completely genuine.

The visas for Pakistanis from Lesotho are 44 days single or multiple entry visas for USD 175, and three months single or multiple entry visas for USD 275. A person just has to navigate to Touristvisaonline and apply for a visa with effortless three-steps. 

Flights and other details from Pakistan to Lesotho:

The cheapest flight from Pakistan to Lesotho costs 76,969 rupees. The distance between the countries is 7,959 Kilometers. It takes fourteen hours and fifteen minutes to reach the country. 

Frequently asked questions about Lesotho visa from Pakistan: 

Q. What is the time difference between Lesotho and Pakistan?

The time difference between the two countries is for three hours. As it is not much of a difference many Pakistani citizens like to visit the country as the biological clock is not wrecked and one can enjoy the country completely.

Q. What is the economic condition of Lesotho?

It is a very small country and has many mountains and mountainous roads. It is considered as a low or middle economic country.  It makes the highest exports of clothes. The GDP of 1,299 dollars. 

Q. What are the staple foods of the people in Lesotho?

The usual foods that the people eat are “Oxtail stew”, “kebab”, and “seafood”. This cuisine is delicious and people from almost all countries like it. You can also try it out with the help of a Lesotho visa from Pakistan

Q. What is the main religion of Lesotho?

Most of the population of the country is Christian. Islam is present in minor numbers in the country. 

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