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Citizens Of These Countries do Not Require Advance Visa Arrangements In Order To Enter Lesotho. They Can Obtain Their Visa On Arrival To Lesotho. Determine If You Are From The Visa On Arrival Country Or Not. Lesotho is a hidden gem and is present inside the country of South Africa in the African continent. It has a diverse landscape that makes it an ideal tourist destination for many people.  This country attracts a lot of people who want to explore hidden beauties on a Lesotho visa on arrival and like to understand the culture and traditions of new places. One can delve into the tribal and ethnic culture of the people in Lesotho as 99 percent of its population is ethnic.  It is called the “kingdom in the sky” and has astonishing mountains, waterfalls, and caves. Lesotho offers a wide range of activities for its tourists like horse-riding, trekking, hiking, exploring the tradition, and others. 

Lesotho visa:

It is a very hospitable country and welcomes people from all countries. People of almost all nations are eligible to apply for a visa.

Citizens of various countries visit this mountainous country and the most common visitors are from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Germany, and the United States of America. In 2017, this ethnic land of Africa has greeted 1,137,166 backpackers. 

The visa-exempt countries are: 

There are a few nations that are exempted. The visa abolition agreements with this country and the nationals of a few Commonwealth countries helped in this exemption. 

Individuals of forty-NINE (49) countries can visit the country without any visa for three months of ninety-days. People of twenty-two (22) nations can go to the country without any visa for fourteen days or two weeks. 

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It does not provide a visa on arrival to any country, but a few of the exempted counties may have their visa stamped on the passport after arrival. 

Lesotho e-visa:

 It offers an opportunity for all the nations other than the exempted ones to avail of an e-visa or an online visa after its introduction in May 2017. This helps the tourists to plan and reach the country without any worry.  One can navigate to Touristvisaonline to apply for a visa for this adventurous and cultural destination in Africa. An individual has to carry-out just three effortless procedures to apply for an e-visa through this website and he or she can be assured to obtain a visa. 

Why should I choose touristvisaonline to apply for a Lesotho e-visa?

  • This country lays out various requirements to apply for a visa.
  • The website is a very flexible and effortless one to apply for a visa.
  • One can clarify all the doubts before and after applying for it, as it also provides a Whatsapp number and is available for live chat always. 
  • Africa is a notorious continent and infamous for cheating, as having a visa is very important and no one can risk it in this new country, one has to select Touristvsaonline. 
  • One can attain a 100 percent authentic one. 
  • It guides the applicant through all the procedures.

Frequently asked queries about Lesotho visa on arrival:

Q. Will I need a visa to visit Lesotho?

Yes, people of nations other than the exempted ones can apply for a visa online. One can navigate to Touristvisaonline to apply for its effortless e-visa. 

Q. What are all the different kinds of visas for Lesotho?

There are various categories of visas for Lesotho. They are tourist visas, student visas, business visas, and diplomatic visas. 

Q. If my Lesotho visa on arrival expires while I am in the country, what should I do?

If an individual's visa expires while in this foreign country, he or she has to apply for an emergency visa by going to the Maseru airport or a border. 


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