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Regardless of where you will be on the next journey, whether the type of visa you want or not is valid in this specific country and what is the visa processing time is the first thing you are searching for. Our tourist visa online offers effective information for our customers so that they can only hear the information they want. This article covers all the details regarding the Lesotho Visa Processing time. So read the article to find out.

Tourism from Lesotho is considered very underdeveloped, making it more difficult for people to view it as a place to go. But when you look at the marvelous places, Lesotho has to offer, and you must conclude that no soul will like to go. However, the issue as of now is that the not-so-strong tourism sector has led to only a low percentage of the whole GDP. You can also observe that most of the tourists are only from South Africa, which is approximately 90 percent of the total. The visits are not so much tourism as friends and relatives. They are more significant. Sporting mountain sports, including four-wheel driving tracks across the mountains, are also the main attractions. This location is not only an absolute destination for nature lovers but also for adventure lovers!

So no matter why you go to Lesotho, you will always be able to enjoy the trip! For that, however, visas are required, and let us, therefore, take a quick look at the kinds of visas that are most suitable for you!

Types of Lesotho Visa

1.Tourist Visa

One of the visas most foreigners who come to Lesotho must take. However, those who are on the Lesotho Visa Exemption List are not required for this visa. This visa allows a foreigner in the world to enter the country as a temporary visitor. It must be stated that the foreigners who take this visa will only be permitted to keep their intentions of leisure travel, as no other intentions will be approved to give you this visa. One of the most important things to consider while you are on a tourist visa to Lesotho is that you cannot participate in any kind of paying business. You can even find yourself in trouble by indulging in jobs or opportunities while visiting Lesotho. You may get other forms of Lesotho visas for purposes other than tourism.

2. Business Visa

All foreigners willing to spread business across the world will be given this visa. This visa also extends to those individuals who want to go alone or to those who are sent by a corporation for business matters. However, this visa provides only limited time to stay in the country, and all tasks relating to your company must be done within this limited time. This visa gives you a maximum of 90 days, and you have to apply for a visa for a one-year duration if your visa is considered to be longer than this one year. However, you would still have to file at the immigration department, without which it is not possible to receive a one-year visa. Lesotho also requires the Government to apply for a visa online.


3. Student Visa

This student visa is a visa for all students who come to Lesotho to study from international schools. This visa offers students the ability to spend as long as they want in Lesotho. In this matter, they must, however, issue a letter transmitted by the Lesotho school or university, which must also indicate how long the student will remain in Lesotho. It won't be possible to obtain a visa without this letter. If the student does not have this paper, he or she can get it once he or she reaches Lesotho. It is best to enter a visitor visa and then apply for a student visa as soon as your letter is issued in order to reach Lesotho. After you return to your student visa, this student visa is enabled.

4. Diplomatic Visa

In Lesotho, you have to apply for a diplomatic visa to enter the country, unlike most countries that allow for the free admission of those holding a diplomatic passport. When applying for this visa, the essential requirement is to have a diplomatic passport in place for the person applying. If the person holding a diplomatic passport is interested in entering the country, it is necessary that he or she receives an invitation letter or at least notify the Home Affairs Department about the visit in order to receive the invitation letter. The only way a person can enter the country is through this invitation letter. And once you come to the country, the Directorate of Immigration will stamp a visa on your passport. Furthermore, this visa is free of charge, so if any organization tends to pick your money for this visa, don't pay for it! The visa holders will stay for approximately 44 days in Lesotho.

5. Employment Visa

All persons seeking job opportunities in Lesotho are issued this visa. This visa will allow those who work in Lesotho to stay for a long time. However, before they begin with the visa application, this visa will require the applicants who want to apply for residency in Lesotho. Since this visa is a long-term one, it is necessary to remain in Lesotho as a citizen. A work permit, apart from the requirements, is the only thing mandatory for this visa.


Lesotho Visa Processing Time

44 Days Visa Tourist Visa 

The processing time for these types of visas is 10-12 days. The fee for this visa is 175 USD.

90 Days Visa Tourist Visa 

The processing time for these types of visas is 10-12 days. The fee for this visa is 375 USD.

Final Words

So this is all the details regarding the Lesotho Visa Processing Time. You can apply for a Lesotho Visa at Tourist Visa Online.

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