Step By Step Process to Apply Lesotho Visa for Argentina nationals

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We will be quite surprised to know that there is a country located in South Africa with diverse topography and unique landscapes. This country is also known for its arts and crafts and unique cultures. The country About which we are talking about here is Lesotho. You can even get to see the arts and crafts in Maseru. You can also enjoy the The beautiful scenery of the snow capped mountains. Not only here you will enjoy the mountains but also you will get to see the beautiful nature of the plateaus And the most famous among them is the Thaba Bosiu plateau. The visitors if they want can also enjoy the different kinds of activities that are held in the country like hiking, fly fishing, abseiling. There are also two most famous beautiful waterfalls where the visitors can also think of lodging. The name of the two places are Semonkong and Malealea. Even the tourist can visit the Morija’s museum. This museum is mainly famous for Preserving the footprints of the dinosaurs which most of the tourists are mainly attracted to see. There are also many national parks in the country which the tourist will definitely enjoy like The Sehlabathebe National Park. There are also some people and visitors who want to go for camping and the best place in the country to go for camping is Marakabei. In fact most of the tourists from all over the world our nature lovers and all the people who will visit the country will definitely want to come back again and again.


Therefore, before anyone is planning to visit this country they should keep in their mind that if they do not belong to the particular 49 countries that do not need a visa to visit Lesotho, Then they will have to apply for a visa to visit the country either through online or through offline by going to the embassy.

The Argentina nationals must keep in their mind that they need a visa to visit Lesotho. And they are very much suggested that they should apply for this visa to this country online because it will save their time and also they will be able to track their current visa status online itself and also they will get their visa within a very short stipulated time. And the most important thing is that if the Argentina nationals need any kinds of doubts that should be cleared at that time immediately then it is an additional advantage if they apply for the visa online. 

Tourist Visa Online Is our website where you will get all the facilities of applying for a visa to any country you want to go. In this case the Argentina nationals are very much free to contact us and apply for the visa to Lesotho. If any kind of problem arises then they are very much free to contact us at anytime of the day and we will help them out with the best ways that we can have. We don’t even charge any extra fee for the extra facilities except the visa fee which is mandatory.

So before you are applying for the visa you need to be well aware about the documents that you need to carry.


Types of Visas

Tourist Visa – This kind of tourist visas are mainly given to those people who want to go to the country for vacationing and spend their quality time of their holidays there and also given to those people who want to visit their members of the family who are already residing in the country. For applying for a tourist visa the applicant must be well aware about the hotel bookings and bring those as a proof.

Business Visa – As the name already suggests this kinds of visas are mainly issued to the professionals who want to set up a new business in the country and also given to those professionals who visit the country for work related purposes and for this reason the applicant must bring the cover letter which will be issued by the institution which will state the purpose of the visit for the applicant.


Documents required for applying a visa online for the Argentina Nationals to Visit Lesotho and some important things to remember

  • The applicant must bring the passport which should be at least six months valid even after the departure from the country.
  • The applicant must bring the travel insurance.
  • The applicant must also bring the bank statements as a proof that they will be themselves enough to fund for their stay in the country.
  • The applicant must not forget to bring the yellow fever certificate and vaccination against it.
  • The applicant should also bring the invitation letter which will be stating the purpose of the visit.
  • If by any chance the visa date expires and the applicant is still in the country then the applicant must opt for an emergency visa.
  • The applicant must also bring the photographs which should meet certain conditions. The photograph must be two inches by two inches in size and the base size of the photograph should depend on the actual measurement of the photograph and the image dimensions should be in a square aspect ratio.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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