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A volunteer visa is the type of visa which is issued for volunteers visiting a foreign country other than their native nation. This type of visa is acquired for humanitarian projects, social welfare works, for non-governmental organization work. Volunteering in Lesotho for foreign nationals will not be an easy task. Settling in the country and getting used to the environment other than your daily environment will take a lot of time.

Lesotho government issues several types of Visa for foreign nationals. Visitors traveling to the country to do volunteering work in Lesotho are allowed to stay in the country for a limited time. Currently, there is no such option for volunteers from foreign countries to obtain a special Lesotho volunteer visa. Applicants have to choose alternative ways and select visa types from the available options. The Lesotho volunteer visa is not available. 


Volunteering in Lesotho for a short duration

If your Volunteering, social welfare projects, and development projects may end in a few days.  Then you can freely volunteer in Lesotho with a valid Lesotho electronic visa. The Lesotho e visa is the travel document issued by tourists and visitors. The e visa for Lesotho is granted for leisure purposes, business purposes, and for educational reasons too. If you are volunteering in the country for not more than 90 days. Then there is an easy alternative way for you to just obtain an e visa for Lesotho. Volunteers visiting with e visa can enter only once. 

For obtaining Lesotho e Visa online,

  • You will have to fill the e visa online application form for Lesotho on the tourist visa online
  • Follow the steps and instructions provided on the site.
  • It is an easy process and you will surely receive a Lesotho e visa if you are eligible and have followed instructions properly.
  • You will be able to enter the Kingdom only after the approval of the issuance of the Lesotho visa.

If you are one of the visa exempted countries by the government of Lesotho. Then, to volunteer in the country for 90 days, you are not restricted to obtaining a Lesotho visa. You are not allowed to do paid work in Lesotho with an e-Visa.


Volunteering in Lesotho for a longer period

Some, volunteering activities and social work do not end in a few days. Volunteers from foreign countries may have to stay in the country for a much longer period than 90 days. You should apply for a  Lesotho work permit. Some individuals may need a second source of income in the country to do volunteering for a long period. Therefore, applying for a Lesotho work permit is the best option for a longer stay. 

The work permit obtained by volunteers will also allow them to work in Lesotho legally. Volunteers can stay in Lesotho for two years in the country with a valid work permit only. Therefore, it is necessary to apply for extension and renewal on time.

Other entry requirements for foreign volunteers to enter Lesotho

Only a valid visa or permit will not be enough to gain entry into the country. Therefore to get entry in Lesotho for volunteering work you must also have the following documents:

  • Passport-  

*Volunteers from foreign nationals must make sure that the validity of their national passport is needed to be 6 months.

* Because, a passport that has less than required validity may not be accepted. 

*Blank pages are needed for stamping at the airport in Lesotho.

  • Photograph

*Colored photographs are needed for the Lesotho Visa application form.

*A recent photo is accepted.

  • Travel Itinerary

*The Itinerary mentions details about tour and travel in Lesotho.


  • Yellow vaccination certificate

  • Accommodation details

*Stay duration

*Hotel bookings or the information about organization, institution, etc if you are visiting the country for volunteering purposes.

  • A valid Lesotho visa

  • Proof of funds

  • Purpose of visit


A volunteer visa for Lesotho can be obtained or you can do volunteer in Lesotho by applying for a Lesotho visa. Lesotho is a country that is surrounded by lands from all sides. Lesotho is the part of South African continent. You should find a proper institution or NGO before visiting the country to perform Volunteering work in the country.

Apply Lesotho Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Lesotho is a small country in South Africa that is more friendly and also has fewer crime rates than other African countries.

Yes, you can find many people in Lesotho who speak  basic English and it is easy to connect with citizens of the country. You have to apply for a Lesotho volunteer visa or a Lesotho visa to gain entry into the country.

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