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Thinking of going to Madagascar? Think you will find those penguins of Madagascar? Well, not sure about penguins, but you can surely find out visas through tourist visa online. Madagascar has so much to explore. But, before going ahead in your Madagascar tour planning, you first come across with the Madagascar visa policy. Madagascar offers a different set of visa policies to its visitors, depending on their eligibility and citizenship. One of the things you need to know before the actual application of the visa starts is whether you need a visa or do not need one. It is not that hard to understand this. Once you go through the visa policy of Madagascar, you’ll probably know about the visa and who all require it. So here we have gathered in some of the questions that seemed to be accurate for your information base. 


Q. What is a Madagascar visa?

Going to Madagascar is not all about packing your bags, catching your flight, and then going on for leisure time. There have to be some responsibilities that need to be taken care of. This Madagascar visa is exactly the thing you need to ensure you have before you go for a trip. This visa will be needed as this will that one document you need to carry out throughout your entire trip and helps in the identification of a foreigner. 

Q. Why is a Madagascar visa important for a foreigner?

It is the document apart from the passport that allows you to travel to Madagascar which makes it a pretty important one. This means a foreigner without a Madagascar visa cannot in any possible way go to the place, be it for any purpose.

Q. What are the facilities that are available for a foreigner to take a Madagascar visa?

Madagascar visa can be availed through any of the mediums as given below:

  • Madagascar visa through an online method
  • Madagascar visa through an embassy 
  • Madagascar visa through visa on arrival facility

All of the above options can be made available for the foreigner to get the visa.

Q. Are there any Madagascar visa-free countries that do not require a visa?

No there are no such countries that do not require a visa. Even though you will be traveling from any part of South Africa you will be required to take a visa to go to Madagascar.

Q. So do all of the countries and its nationals need a visa before going to Madagascar?

Yes all of the countries, apart from the nationals of Burundi and Palestine, around the world will be required to take a visa before going to Madagascar.

Q. Who all can have access to the visa on arrival facility?

All of the foreigners coming from around the world can have access to the visa on arrival facility except for people who hail from Burundi and Palestine. 

Q. How can a foreigner gain access to this facility?

It is quite simple to get a Madagascar visa on arrival in 2019. All you need to do is go to any of the airports located in Madagascar and ask for a visa. You will get the options which have been made available for the foreigners and with the help of these you can choose one and apply for it. 

Q. What is the process involved in the visa on arrival facility?

The process involved is really easy. Initially, you will have to show your flight tickets and then you will be asked to fill in an application form. You will be asked for basic details which once you fill in will be able to submit at the counter. They will review all of the details and then give you your visa once the process has been completed. 

Q. How much time will it take to apply once a foreigner reaches the airport?

It will take quite a lot of time, probably about four to eight hours to get the whole process completed. However, one thing you can be assured about is that it will not go for more than a day. 

Q. What is so special about Madagascar that people go to visit it every year?

Madagascar is known for its high amount of lemurs living on the island. This has made people from around the world to go see Madagascar as a place.

Q. Can these foreigners who come to visit Madagascar apply for an electronic visa as well?

Those people who can avail of the Madagascar visa on arrival can also get an electronic visa service. You can get it either through the official website available or you can also try out tourist visa online to get your visa issued.

Q. Is it good to apply through the official website of the Madagascar visa?

Yes, you can apply for the visa through the official website as well, but one of the cons is that you will be asked for multiple documents that you might have no idea about. This is why applying through Tourist visa online will be even more recommended as the time required for the visa will also be quite less. 

Q. Are there any travel restrictions for people from around the world?

yes, people who belong to Palestine and hold a Palestine passport cannot travel to Madagascar. They are neither given admission nor transit permissions.

Thus visa policy of Madagascar is something that you need to follow to ensure safe application of visa through a trusted website.

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