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Madagascar Visa Requirements which every traveler needs to provide while applying for a Madagascar visa. Once you get to know about the Madagascar visa types, it is of importance that you now know about the Madagascar visa requirements. These are the documents that will be helping you fill in the Madagascar visa application form throughout the application process. Getting these and checking their validity is of utmost importance as well when you decide to apply for a visa. You will also need help when you fill in the form and that's totally okay, as tourist visa online has a dedicated team of experts who will be here to help you all along the application process without any failure. 

For the application form of Madagascar visa, there are always some requirements that will remain as the base which has to be completed in order to get any type of Madagascar visa. The general requirements list for a Madagascar visa can be given as follows:

  • An application form that has been completed with all the details required for the Madagascar visa. This form while submitting must be checked twice or thrice to find out any minor mistakes that have been made. If not found then you can submit it. Also checking that you have filled in all of the boxes is necessary.
  • You also need to submit passport sized images or pictures of yourself which has been taken recently. Any old picture which will be different from what you look like right now will not be acceptable.
  • An air ticket that has been booked and confirmed beforehand must be submitted. It should include both the flight ticket which will be for going to Madagascar and one that will be the return ticket.
  • A copy of the passport must be given which will be valid for at least the next six months after you reach Madagascar. It should also have to fill the requirement of having 3 blank pages to get a visa.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate is a must for those who belong to the infected countries or for those who have visited any of the infected countries before coming to Madagascar. 

Apart from these basic requirements that have been stated, a visa will require some of the additional documents which have to be submitted. The requirements will, however, change with the type of visa you will be applying. 

1. Documents required for investor visa:

The following documents must be submitted in order to obtain an investor visa:

  • Certificate of existence
  • Company’s statistics card
  • Tax identification card
  • Banking certificate of the company
  • Tax certificate

2. Documents required for a tourist visa:

  • An itinerary of the things which will be done in Madagascar during the stay.
  • A letter from any of the friends or hosts claiming the purpose and duration.

3. Documents required for an employment visa:

These are the document list which has to be submitted in order to get an employment visa:

  • Work permit issued by the ministry of work
  • Employment contract which has been signed by the ministry of public service, labor and social legislation
  • Certificate of employment as issued by the employer
  • A photocopy of the identity card or a resident card belonging to the manager.

4. Documents required for a family visa:

  • Birth certificate for the children who are smaller than 21 years of age or an adoption certificate.
  • Marriage certificate
  • A photocopy of the resident card or a spouse visa.

5. Documents needed for religious missionaries:

For those religious missionaries who wish to go to Madagascar the following documents are to be submitted:

  • A membership certificate
  • Certificate of existence by the cultural association which has been issued by the interior ministry.

6. Documents required for a retirement visa:

People who have already retired from work or are of the retirement age can apply for the visa with the help of these documents:

  • Bank certificate which will provide proof about the payments that come into the bank account.
  • A copy of the retirement certificate or a pension certificate.

7. Documents required for a student visa:

A student’s visa can be applied for with the help of these documents:

  • Diploma certificate
  • A certificate of registration proving the admission
  • A copy of the scholarship certificate if any or a proof of resources to be submitted. 

8. Volunteer work visa documents:

The document list required for a volunteer visa can be given as follows:

  • An authorization letter was given to the foreigner allowing him or her to do the volunteer work

9. Documents for scientist visa:

A scientist visa will need the following documents to be submitted:

  • An authorization letter provided by the ministry of scientific research, or the ministry of higher education or the ministry of the environment. 

This completes the additional document list for Madagascar visa requirements. Get all of the visa requirements and check for all the details and then apply for one.

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