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Every country tries to show the beautiful site of attraction of their country. In the same way they Malaysia tourism has developed tremendous improvements in every aspect. They always tried to satisfy the tourists who wish to visit Malaysia for enjoying the beauty. There are places to visit in Malaysia. We can find different features like beaches, mangroves, grasslands, highlands and many more. It has the whole package of exciting adventures along. So enjoy all these you just need to get a visa online. The other option is an arrival visa at airports to visit Malaysia.

Malaysia visa on arrival:

The visa on arrival is allotted for passengers under a few rules and conditions. The citizens from India or China coming from Indonesia, Thailand, or Singapore can get on arrival visa for seven (7) days (1 week). The visas are available in the airports like Kota Kinabaly, Penang, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur airports. For the visa, they need the booked tickets for the return flights. They need to show proof they will have money of about thousand (1000) US dollars. The cost of the visa on arrival at the airports is about four hundred and seven (407) Malaysian amounts. The US dollars and the Malaysian ringgit are the only accepted money in the airports of Malaysia. The cost for the arrival visa in US dollars is hundred dollars.


Process for Malaysia visa application:

A few steps are important to follow in the visa application process. We will discuss the first visa application step. Before getting started with applying visa makes sure that you decide the purpose of the visit. The purpose may be for tourism, business, and transiting purposes, conducting seminars, or even visiting a relative. There are customer help centers available to ask any doubts regarding the application for a visa. They can help and assist in documents and filling in details in the application. They cannot help or make customers decide which kind of visa they need to select. It completely depends on the passenger’s choice. Only the administration works is the primary thing for the help center people. No one for sure knows the visa approval or the time taken for processing. But the help center workers can give an idea about the kinds and types of visas. Every detail about the visa the rate, expiry of visa, extensions, validity, and requirements are also mentioned. The passenger can read every detail of the visa and select them as per their needs. The other option is called a visa on arrival. There are few countries that have the option of getting an arrival visa at airports. Know the list of countries that has the option for an arrival visa.

Step 2

The second step in the visa process is filling the application properly and fully with all details. Do attach the photos as per the required measurements. There is an option for downloading the forms online.

Step 3

The third step is submitting the documents required as mentioned in the application. Do have a checklist and upload the documents without missing documents. Complete the full application with all details filled in. In case there is any incomplete application the visa may get rejected. Every detail-filled should be the same as the documents and details in the application. Else for this reason also visa gets rejected. 


Step 4

The fourth step in the process is tracking the application for a visa. You can have track of the application status. You can check by entering the passport or the reference number along with some personal details. The details like birthdate and passport expiry date.

Collection of passport after procedure:

You can collect the passport after the procedure by two methods. You can collect them directly or they can deliver them directly. The process for getting directly you need to get the application, ID proof, address proof with a photo. In the process of getting through a travel agency then also need to bring the documents of application, ID proof, Address proof. The main thing is you will need an authorization letter signed by the applicant.


The details about the visa on arrival in Malaysia were explained in detail. The possible areas where the land and sea ports are also given in detail. The procedure of applying for the visa and the collection of passports are also mentioned in detail.


Apply Malaysia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many airports providing visas on arrival. They are Kuala Lumpur International airport (KLIA), Bayan Lepas International airport, Kuala Lumpur International (KLIA 2). The few others are Sulthan Ismail, Kota Kinabalu international, and Kuching international. The other airports are Langkawi international, Miri airport, and Sulthan Abdul Aziz shah airports.

Yes, there are sea and land routes for getting the visa on arrival. The land routes include Tuas in Sulthan Abu Bakar, the Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah, and the Sungai Tujoh in Sarawak. The sea routes have the Labuan international is the only place for visa on arrival. The cost for the arrival visa is about two hundred (200) Malaysian ringgits. They need to show the proof for an amount of about five hundred (500) US dollars. Using this visa they can have the stay for only fifteen (15) days.  

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