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India is a diverse land where people of different religions, castes, Creed, and color live together peacefully. The habits of food, clothing, and behaviors differ following the place of origin. Indian culture has always been an attraction for the tourist because people speak different languages, have different cultural dresses, and yes it is delicious food. But do you know how the world sees India, an upcoming on Progressive Nation? With increasing complexities in one's life, people are looking for the Peace of Mind, by different means like traveling, exploring nature, and visiting different countries with family and friends. 


If you are a citizen of India and want to explore the beauty of nature. Then Malaysia is the best place where you will find peace of mind. What are you waiting for guys? Just pack your bags and get ready to explore the beauty of Malaysia. Now you don't have to stand in those long queues to get your Visa, just visit our website and apply for the online visa as per your requirement. And you will get your visa quickly because we want our customers to be happy and feel secure with us. Apply for Malaysia e-visa

Malaysia A Tourist Destination

With some fabulous Islands, Luxury Resorts, colonial towns, Malaysia is one of the best places to visit on Earth. A beautiful Archipelago, Langkawi is a destination known for its past expense off sandy beaches and deep blue water which enthrall The Tourists. the island of Borneo. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing Rainforests, and mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European cultural influences. Malaysia is one of the most popular countries in the world for its coastal tourism. Malaysia is also known as the Food Heaven. Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving, and snorkeling, with soft sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Regularly make top destination lists. 


Malaysia Visa For Indian Passport Holder

Since 2017 Malaysian government offers a special Visa for Indian citizens: the electronic travel registration and information Visa (Entry Visa). 

 If you are an Indian citizen and an Indian passport holder desires to travel to Malaysia, we encourage you to apply for a Malaysia entri Visa.

What Is Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

The electronic travel registration and information (eNTRI) is a Visa exemption program which Indian nationals implemented in Malaysia to facilitate tourism. Most Travelers refer to the eNTRI document as a Visa since you need to apply in advance and registration is necessary to enter the country.  

Types Of eNTRI Visa

  • 15 Days eNTRI Visa

eNTRI Visa is a document that allows people to enter Malaysia but applying for an entry Visa she has to fulfill certain criteria. You have to fulfill the need of Malaysia's entry Visa document requirement. 

Indian citizens can get a Malaysia ENTRI Visa for a maximum of 15 days. They can stay up to 15 days from the date of Entry to Malaysia the electronic travel registration and information is a Visa in Malaysia in which Indian nationals can enter Malaysia. It is one of the best Malaysia visas for Indian passport holders.

  • 30 Days Single Entry Visa

The 30 single entry Visa is only issued to the foreign nationalists who generally visit Malaysia mainly for the holidays or family trips are social visits. A single-entry visa is normally valid for the single entry and 3 months from the date of issue.


What Is Malaysia Business Visa?

Business visas are issued to those nationalists who have established their business in Malaysia and can fulfill the required criteria by the Malaysian government.

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

30 days Multiple-entry Visas are issued for business purposes and government matters. The multiple-entry visa is issued to the foreign nationalist who has their business in Malaysia and is required to visit there many times. The multiple entry Visa is normally valid for. From 3 months - 12 months from the date of the issue. The People's Republic of China and the citizens of India who wish to enter Malaysia for the social visits to the family and friends are eligible to apply for the multiple-entry Visa also. The validity of multiple-entry Visa is 1 year each entry for 30 days only and the extension of stay is not allowed.

Malaysia Medical E-Visa

If you want to visit Malaysia for your medical reasons don't worry we have a solution for you, Malaysia’s medical e-Visa. The Malaysia medical e-Visa is an official travel document that allows Indian Nationals to travel to Malaysia for medical reasons, but you must have an appointment or any other medical treatment proofs so that you can enter Malaysia for your medical treatment. 

Malaysia has numerous Renown Medical Specialists who have been trained at the best medical institutes in the world. The migrant Department of Malaysia has implemented a new platform that facilitates the entry of healthcare Travelers seeking medical treatment in Malaysia's Private Hospital. It is a Visa that is issued to an electronic/online platform to foreign Healthcare Travelers/ patience under MHTC to enable individuals to enter and stay in Malaysia for 30 days/entry to seek Health Care treatment, Procedures, or services. Now you are aware of all that you are waiting for? Apply for medical e-visa now.

Required Document For Apply Malaysia Visa

  • Applicant photo

  • Passport personal details scan

  • Observation page that shows the previous passport number

  • Medical treatment appointment proof 

Employment Visa

Indian Nationals intending to work in Malaysia must obtain any one of the work visas: employment pass, professional visit pass or is a resident pass. Obtaining a work permit for Malaysia is often a lengthy and complicated process; however, choosing to work without a valid work permit is not an option due to Malaysia's strict laws. 

Malaysia's employment pass is issued to the Indian nationalist who is working for a Malaysian company in a highly-skilled position, such as a technical or managerial position. This type of Malaysia work permit can be issued for 1-5 years, depending on the specific cases or work duration, and it is renewable.

Transit Visa

Indian nationals who transit to Malaysia mainly apply for transit passes for not more than 120 hours (5 DAYS) on their journey to a third country. This pass is issued only at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT). Transit pass for 120 hours can also be considered to the Indian citizens who hold valid. 

 Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the process for an Indian to apply for a Visa to Malaysia?

 Malaysia has introduced e-visa and entry for tourists traveling for less than 30 days/ 15 days. Features of the two are:

  1. If you plan to stay for more than 15 days but less than 30 days, you will need to apply for an Electronic Visa.

  2. This is a single-entry Visa which is valid from 3 months off the date of issue.

  3. You can apply two weeks in advance from the date of travel. However if you traveled it changes and falls within the three months, you need not apply again.

  4. You will need to reapply if your travel date is extended beyond 3 months.

  5. It takes 24 hours to process the Visa; excluding weekends and public holidays.


  • What are the requirements for applying e-visa for Malaysia?

  1. Your Original passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Malaysia.

  2. Visa application form.

  3. Covering letter mentioning details of the travel.

  4. 2 photos: 35mm*50mm, white background, matte finish, face cover 3 cm head to the chin, with a clear view of neck and shoulders along with the white background.

  5. Send phones are tickets with e-ticket numbers.

  6. All the original saving bank statements for the last 3 months updated with bank seal and sign on every page swing balance more than inner 30000 per person.

  7. Confirmed hotel bookings.

  • Do Indian Citizens Need A Visa To Visit Malaysia?

Yes, Indians do need a visa to visit Malaysia.

  • What Is The Processing Time For A Work Permit In Malaysia For An Indian?

 Processing for a work permit involves two stages from an Indian standpoint, visa to enter Malaysia from India to get the work permit (stage one) I'm getting your work permit stamped on the passport by immigration authorities in Malaysia (stage 2).

For stage one, the usual time is 6 days to get the visa stamped by an embassy in India and for stage 2, the usual time is four to six weeks depending upon what time you have initiated the process.

So total time would be 5 to 7 weeks of work permit processing.

  • Do Indians Need A Transit Visa For Malaysia? 

           Depending on multiple factors

  1. Which airlines are you flying?

  2.  Have you checked in luggage?

  3.  Are the two flights on the same PNR?

  4.  Do you have a valid Ibiza currently?

  • If A Person with an Indian passport applies for Malaysia's E-visa for 5 days visit, will his passport be Stamped on arrival in Malaysia?

Yes, your passport will be stamped when you visit Malaysia. You will get a visa when you are in India. You will proceed to leave India and entre Malaysia. Once you enter Malaysia, they will check your e-Visa and if everything is fine, deviance temperature seal on your passport which effectively means welcome to Malaysia.


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