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The Malaysian country is one of the tourist places. They have malls for shopping, beaches, mountain ranges, etc. The main place is the twin towers of Malaysia.  They have the authentic foods of many countries included. The hotels rated as 5- star hotels. So for enjoying and exploring these beautiful places go through the process as per the mentioned steps. So we will know more about the details of the official websites.

How to get visa from Malaysia visa official website?

First before applying for the visa know the purpose of a visit to Malaysia. Then start the process of applying for the visa. After this, start to fill out the details carefully in your application form. Then attach the photo that is passport-sized. Then the application form will be available for downloading from Malaysia visa official website. Every detail in the passport must be as per the norms and specific. In the application form upload the required documents as needed. The application that’s filled fully is only accepted. The details that are not filled in properly in the application are not accepted. There are many places in every country for submitting the application. There is the option of tracking visas online for knowing the status. Later the passport that’s collected at the requested center or they can send it through courier delivery to respective places.


Documents required for Malaysia visa:

The few documents required for getting the Malaysian visa. The documents needed are as the list below. The copies of the front and end page of the original passport scanned are a must. The photo that’s taken very recently within three to four months is a must. The photo must be plain and formal.  They must be the copy that’s scanned. The tickets booked for the arrival and departure are a must. The travel plan is a must it must include the places you want to visit in Malaysia. A letter of invite from friends or relatives is a must. If you are a tourist visiting Malaysia then you need to show proof of stay in Malaysia. That includes the hotel name, number of days of stay, and the room number. The children below the age of fourteen (14) years need to bring along the birth certificate. If there is an error in any one of the specifications mentioned by the government. Then the visa will get rejected for sure. If the images are not clear or blurred, or the documents scanned are not properly done, etc. may be the reason for the visa getting rejected.


Types of visa and cost:

The 15 days visa is the eNTRI visa given to Indian citizens mostly. The cost for the visa is INR two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine. The period of stay is for (15) fifteen days. The expiry of the visa is for 90 days (3 months). The time for processing the visa is one to two days. The number of entries permitted is only one with the same visa.
The 30 days visa comes under the tourist category. The cost of the visa is INR three thousand six hundred and ninety-nine. The period of stay is for (30) thirty days. The expiry of the visa is for 90 days (3 months). The time for processing the visa is for two to four days. The number of entries possible is many for the same visa. 
The 30 days sticker visa with many entries in the next visa. The cost for the visa is INR seven thousand and ninety-nine. The period of stay is for (30) thirty days. The expiry for the visa is up to 1 year. The time for processing the visa takes about three to five days. The number of entries possible is many for the same visa. This comes under both business and tourist categories.  These are the cost of a visa on the Malaysia visa official website.


Every country has its built own identity. This is why they play a unique role. So here we saw the details about the Malaysia visa official website. We also learned about how to get a visa from Malaysia visa. The documents required for the Malaysia visa are also mentioned in detail. The types of visas along with the cost of visas on the Malaysia visa official website are also given in detail. To know every detail before you enter into any process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

They provide the best services related to the visa processes. They have connections with many countries and service that’s provided to all. They have many branches that are worldwide. The customer services are also very interactive and friendly. They clear every query asked by the customers. The visa sent to people visa delivery. The documents are also collected from applicants directly. They can handle things securely and carefully. 

There are few main things that’s included in the list. They are the passport, visa for the required purpose, and the ticket from entering and exiting the country. If you are visiting the place of relatives then they can have the contact and address details of them. If you are visiting a visa for any work-related purpose you need to have the details of the company. The printed copies of the booking of stay in Malaysia. Try converting your country's money to Malaysian currency. Have the other documents as per requirements if needed.

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