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Moldova a country where every tourist wants to have a visit because of it’s beautiful churches, delicious cuisine, friendly people, scenic beauty, historical beauty, and many more things. You don’t have any excuse for not visiting this country right? But, once you have made your mind to visit this country you would definitely think about Moldova Visa. Are you an Indian Citizen who is confused about the Moldova Visa Policy? Today, we will discuss Moldova Visa For Indians in detail. One definitely can’t forget the Wine. Moldova produces the best wines in Europe! Do you know it has a whole day dedicated to the wine itself! Visiting this country is also very cheap. The country is not very popular but, worth visiting once in life. If you are in architecture then you should visit this country. You won’t find many tourist attractions but, you will find peace and happiness there for sure!


  1. Do Indian Citizens require Visa to visit Moldova?
  2. Which type of Moldova Visa can Indians Apply?
  3. How Many Days Can Indians Stay In Moldova with Tourist Visa?
  4. How Indians Can Apply For Moldova Visa Online?
  5. How Do I Get Moldova e-Visa Easily?

Do Indian Citizens require Visa to visit Moldova?

Yes, Indian citizens need to apply Moldova Visa. Unfortunately, Indians do not come under the visa-exempt category. Moldova Visa For Indians is a mandatory requirement for them. You need to apply for the visa before your journey. They also can’t get Visa On Arrival. If you visit Moldova without the visa then strict legal actions will be taken against you. So, it is advisable you apply for the visa to avoid any trouble in the near future.

Which type of Moldova Visa can Indians Apply?

There are 3 types of Moldova visa: Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, and Business Visa. Now, if you want to visit Moldova for vacation then obviously you need to apply for Tourist Visa. Moldova has e-Visa through which you can have a visit to Moldova easily. The e-Visa is an online system through which you can apply for a visa anytime with the help of the Internet. Moldova visa application process is completely online. So, you don’t need to visit any Embassy. In just a few minutes you will fill the form. In the online application form, you need to provide your personal details, passport details, and journey details.

How Many Days Can Indians Stay In Moldova with Tourist Visa?

Indians can stay up to 90 Days with Tourist Visa. The validity of the tourist e-Visa is only for 90 Days. After 90 Days the Indian Citizens need to leave Moldova. Most Importantly, when you are on Tourist Visa you cannot conduct any business or do any business-related work. For this, you need to apply for Moldova Work Permit/Business Visa. The Business Visa is also valid for 90 Days. On the other hand, the visa is a single-entry visa. It means after visiting Moldova the visa will expire. If you wish to visit Moldova again then you need to apply for the visa again. There is no Multiple-Entry visa option.

How Indians Can Apply For Moldova Visa Online?

As said earlier Indians need tourist e-Visa and visa application is completely online. You first need to fill the visa application form. You need to fulfil all the Moldova Visa Requirements. Provide all the correct details. Once your application gets verified you will receive the visa via mail. If your application gets rejected then again you need to fill the online visa application. Mostly the application doesn’t get rejected so don’t worry. If you give any incorrect information or don’t give the documents asked then only the application will be denied.

How Do I Get Moldova e-Visa Easily?

See, there is no guarantee that after filling the form you will get the visa. If you don’t get the visa you waste a lot of your time right? Visit Tourist Visa Online where you will surely get the e-Visa without any complications. Tourist Visa Online has an experienced team of visa experts who verifies all your documents. If they find any mistake in your form they will correct. Only after verification, the application is processed further. We provide 24x7 Customer Support. Whatever question you ask we provide immediate assistance. Through us, you can Track Visa Status Online. We provide 100% Secure and Fast online transactions. If you want a visa urgently then we can also provide a visa in less then 48 hours. We will do all the hard work for you and provide you with a visa without any trouble.


1) Can Indians enter Moldova without Visa?

Ans: No, Indians cannot enter Moldova without a visa. They can apply for a tourist visa or business visa according to their requirements.

2) Is Moldova safe to travel?

Ans: Yes, the country is very safe and tourists rarely reported for any crime.

3) Is travelling to Moldova expensive?

Ans: No, travelling to Moldova is not expensive if you compare it with other countries.

4) What should I do if I want to stay more for then 9 days? How can I extend my visa?

Ans: If you want to stay for more then 9 days then apply for a residence permit at the Bureau of Migration and Asylum.

5) For how many days can I get the Moldova Transit Visa?

Ans: People who are transiting through Moldova to their third destination can get a transit visa for 5 Days.

6) When should I apply for the Visa?

Ans: You should apply for the visa 10 Days prior to your journey.

7) Is Moldova Visa For Indians easy to apply?

Ans: Yes, getting a visa is very easy when you apply with Tourist Visa Online.

8) Can you tell any Moldova Visa Agents In India?

Ans: Tourist Visa Online can provide you with the visa with less paperwork and provides 100% guarantee that you will receive the visa.

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