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Going to Montserrat will definitely need a visa unless you are one of those lucky citizens who below the Montserrat visa-free countries! Well, don’t worry; it’s not that hard to take a visa as well. Before Applying for the Montserrat visa, you should know the Montserrat visa types-Tourist visa, Business visa. Tourist visa online has got you covered with the Montserrat visa types you need to know about and all about its information that you won’t find anywhere else! With a pretty simple process, you can apply for any of the following visas. 

Let’s take a quick look at the list of the Montserrat visas

1. Montserrat tourist visa:

Montserrat tourist visa has by and far been the most famous type of visa that most of the people from foreign countries opt for! This visa helps a foreigner from an outer country to netter Montserrat just for tourist purposes. You can opt for two subtypes of visas under this type of visa. They can be given as follows:

30 days tourist visa:

This visa allows the foreigner to stay in Montserrat for 30 days and this visa will hold a total validity of three months or 120 days. This means that within this 120 days time period you can enter the country of Montserrat and stay there for about the next 30 days. This visa is extendable and can be done with the help of submitting a form to the nearest embassy. This visa, however, will give only a single entry which means within the validity of three months you can enter Montserrat only one and stay for thirty days. Ounce you enter the entry for this visa will not be valid anymore which means you will have to reapply if you exit and try to re-enter the country.

One year tourist visa:

This visa is provided to those people who would like to stay for a time period of about a year in Montserrat. This again is a subtype of the tourist visa. This visa, unlike the first one, will help you get multiple entries into the country. These multiple entries will also, however, be valid only till the validity of the visa is on after which the visa cannot be used for entry. 

2. Montserrat business visa:

This visa is supplied for those individuals around the world who would like to go to Montserrat for a business-related trip. This trip does allow a leisure time for you to spend as well. This means you can take a tour of the country while still being on a business visa. But having a tourist visa and going for business purposes will not be considered legal. The following purposes can be fulfilled once you are at Montserrat on a business visa:

  • Attending a meeting 
  • Conducting a meeting
  • Going for conferences or training
  • Having been a shareholder in any of the companies located in Montserrat and going to attend a meeting.
  • Going to Montserrat for some installation of equipment for a client or any other services

All of the above purposes are the only ones you can complete once you Montserrat business visa.

3. Montserrat visitor visa:

All those live in Montserrat but are not the citizens can invite their family members to Montserrat with the help of this visa. The people that come under family include parents, spouses, and children. Well, apart from the family members, the people who reside in Montserrat can also invite their friends who have been wanting to visit Montserrat. 

4. Montserrat transit visa:

This visa is supplied for those foreigners who will be transiting through Montserrat. This visa will allow a total of 48 hours to stay at the airport transit area. This visa will however not allow you to enter the country or to stay for more than 48 hours. So you need to make sure that the flight timings do match when you take this visa. And if a longer time period is required another long term visa can be applied for, a better option would be taking a tourist visa which will allow you to enter the country as well. 

5. Montserrat student visa:

Those aspiring students who would like to be a part of the universities situated in Montserrat can get this visa. This visa will, however, need you to submit some documents without which a visa cannot be obtained. These documents include getting an approval letter from the educational institution claiming you have secured admission. This is the main document and without this, a visa will not be issued to you. This letter which you submit must also clearly specify the date till which you need the visa so that you can complete your studies. This makes the student visa a long term one; this means that you will not be required to take a new visa every time you decide to go to Montserrat for your study purposes.

These five visa types are the main ones that most of the people tend to apply for. There are some other types as well, which are not so popular but do have some credibility. You might also need to take a look perhaps one of them might match your need! The other visas provided by the Montserrat government can be given as follows:

  1. Montserrat journalist visa
  2. Montserrat retirement visa
  3. Montserrat permanent resident visa
  4. Montserrat work visa
  5. Montserrat official visit visa
  6. Montserrat cultural, film crew and sports visa
  7. Montserrat merchant seaman visa.

Apart from these types of visas, you can also get one based on the type of entry allowed. The following types are the ones you need to know of:

1. Montserrat single entry visa: 

No matter if you have not completed the number of days left on the visa, this visa being a single-entry one will not allow you to re-enter once you exit the country. This means that a new visa has to be taken every time a single entry visa expires.

2. Montserrat double entry visa:

This visa, unlike the first one, will allow you to go only one more time into the country after which it gets invalid. This means a total of only two times this visa can be used for entry into the country.

3. Montserrat multiple entry visa:

A visa that will allow you infinity times of entries and exits based on your needs. These visas will, however, allow you to do this only till the visa has validity.

These are the Montserrat visa types you have always wanted to know about. With these, you can now apply for one that will meet your needs the best!


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