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Going to Myanmar is all fine and well! But this will last only if you get your decisions on the right path. This right decision also has a lot to do with the types of Myanmar visas you will be choosing. This is why to get you help, Tourist visa online has combined this small list of the Myanmar visa types from which you can easily choose one and gets your Myanmar visa application form pdf filled in! The types of visas can be given as follows:

1. Myanmar diplomatic or official visa:

This is given to all of those diplomatic or official passport holders of the countries whose names have not been mentioned on the Myanmar visa exemption list. These people can get this visa for absolutely free and can get them through a visa on arrival method. There are some of the rules and regulations that must be followed while applying for this type of visa. The conditions can be given as follows:

  • Must have a valid reason related to diplomacy when entering Myanmar.
  • Must have a list of duty assignments by the ministry concerned.

With both the conditions being followed one can obtain this visa. This visa will also allow a stay for as long as the person wants to stay in the country. This visa also is of multiple entries and hence will allow you to enter and exit the country as you wish. An extension is also possible for this visa.

2. Myanmar international organization official visa:

This type of visa will give you a validity of 28 days within which you can stay in the country. The organizations that come under the eligibility for this type of visa can be given as follows:

  • An international organization which has been recognized by the UN
  • The organizations which have already registered following the Myanmar association registration law
  • An organization which has been recommended by the focal ministry

The total validity of this visa will be for three months. This means that you can enter the country within this three months time period and stay for 28 days. Getting an extension will be allowed for this visa type.

3. Myanmar tourist visa:

One of the most common visas that people tend to apply for this Myanmar tourist visa allows a total stay of 28 days. The following purposes can be fulfilled once you enter Myanmar on a tourist visa:

  • Having a vacation in Myanmar
  • Having a visit or a  temporary stay in Myanmar

And any of the above purposes will need the submission of a flight ticket along with the accommodation bookings to avail of the visa. This visa will have three months’ worth of total validity and people who enter on this visa cannot extend it beyond the said period. This being a single entry will allow entry only once. 

4. Myanmar business visa:

One of the visas which allow people to stay for about 70 days in the country of Myanmar. The following purposes can be fulfilled while going to Myanmar on a business visa:

  • Attending a meeting
  • Having a seminar 
  • Being a shareholder in a major company in Myanmar

This visa is a single entry based visa and allows a total validity of three months to go to Myanmar. This visa can also be extended by submitting an application to the nearest embassy of Myanmar.

5. Myanmar employment visa:

This visa allows a person to stay in Myanmar and continue working for a longer time period. This Myanmar work visa will allow a stay validity of 70 days and has only a single entry made eligible to the person holding this visa. An extension can also be requested provided that the request for extension is valid and is not found to be malicious. This visa has a total validity of three months within which one can go to Myanmar. This visa will however only be available once you get the required documents such as one of the main documents is a work permit, without which an employment visa cannot be issued. 

6. Myanmar social visa:

With about three months’ worth of total validity and a stay validity of about 28 days, foreigners can get this visa provided that they are an ex-Myanmar citizen. This visa will need a foreigner to submit a certificate that proves the relation between current Myanmar citizens as well. With an extension being available, this single entry visa can only be used once for entry into the country.

7. Myanmar religious visa:

With a lot of pagodas and Buddhism being dominant in this country, there have been people from all around the world who have come to cheek this beautiful place filled with the temples. This is why the government of Myanmar decided to get a religious visa which will allow entry to all those people who want to enter on a religious purpose, an entry. This visa will allow the people to stay for 70 days with a total validity of about three months. This visa, however, can be used only once due to its single entry restriction. An extension will also be provided given that the person meets all the conditions of an extension of the visa. The following purposes can be fulfilled on this visa:

  • Attending a religious event
  • Attending a religious education program
  • Coming to visit the Republic of the Union of Myanmar as a pilgrimage.

8. Myanmar education visa or a student visa:

This type of visa is usually assigned to an international student who wants to pursue an education in the country of Myanmar. This visa allows a stay for 70 days though this can be extended depending on the study requirements. A recommendation is always asked for when applying for this visa. This visa will have a validity of three months within which a student who wishes to go to Myanmar must enter the country. This visa being a single-entry one will let the student enter the country of Myanmar only once. However, you can also get a residency in the country of Myanmar to avoid renewing of visa again and again. passing the Myanmar immigration officer with a valid purpose is also a must when entering the country.

9. Myanmar journalist visa:

This visa is given to the journalist who works on a global level and wishes to enter Myanmar. This visa will allow the journalist coming to Myanmar to stay for a total period of 28 days. Even though it allows a stay of only 28 days a journalist can get access to this visa within a total time period of 90 days after the issuing is done. This visa will only allow a single entry. This visa can also not be extended based on the requirements of the journalist. This implies that if the journalist wants to enter Myanmar again, he or she will probably have to get a new visa. 

10. Myanmar crew visa:

This Myanmar crew visa is given to the crew members of the flight arriving from various locations. This visa allows a stay of about 28 days in the country. The crew member can also extend the stay if he or she wishes to stay for a longer period. This visa, however, will allow only a single entry, this means that if you enter and stay for about 17 days and then exit thinking that you can fulfill the rest of the days by entering again then a stay will not be possible. Even though you have not used up the 28 days you cannot enter the country twice. The total validity, however, will be three months. 

11. Myanmar workshop or seminar or meeting or research visa:

This visa will allow foreigners coming from other countries to enter Myanmar based on the following purposes:

  • Attending a workshop
  • Attending a seminar
  • Attending a research-based program
  • Attending a meeting

This visa will provide a single entry to foreigners entering for any of these purposes. This visa will also give a total validity of three months within which you can decide whether to enter. The research-based visa can only be extended and not the other ones. 

12. Myanmar transit visa: 

This visa is given to those people who wish to transit through Myanmar. This visa will allow a total stay of 24 hours. But it is to be noted that the stay will be limited only to the transit area of the airport which means that if you want to enter the country you will probably have to take another visa which will allow you to do so! you can also get this as a visa on arrival Myanmar.


Q. Is it possible to get a transit visa and a tourist visa together?

While a transit visa is provided f you have an onward flight ticket which will lead you to the destination. While you can also get a tourist visa if you want to stay longer in Myanmar. So yes, it is possible to get both visas, but it is often recommended to take a transit visa if your flight timing is between 24 hours and is it extends 24 hours then you need to take a tourist visa.

Q. Is there a possibility that all of the foreigners can access to these types of Myanmar visas?

Well, it will depend on which passport you hold and which type of visa you want. Yes, it is possible to get all the types of visas unless mentioned for some specific nationalities. 

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