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Nepal is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and affordable treks. The country houses lush green landscapes, mountains, lots of rivers, and whatnot. Along with the mind-blowing scenery, the culture of the local people is also something that one should experience once in a lifetime.

The country is popularly known as the paradise for trekking lovers. And if you want to know why should you visit Nepal once in your lifetime, read this article on the reasons to visit Nepal


 This extremely beautiful country sandwiched between China and India is the perfect place to visit for both the trekkers as well as normal travelers. There are tons and tons of reasons to explore this beautiful nation with your friends, family, or even solo. During the past few years, there has been immense development of tourism in Nepal. Let us look at why you should step into this paradise:


People from all over the world love to take part in this enjoyable activity when they visit the country. The introduction of tourism in Nepal starts with this place. Located at an altitude of nearly 18000 feet, this trek contains some of the best views of the snow covered mountains all around. The hike takes almost 5-6 days to complete. And, the time spent to reach the base is worth everything. You also need to go through a lot of training so that there are no surprises while you go through this interesting trek. During this, you will also get to experience the footprints of some of the world’s renowned mountaineers. There are several Buddhist monasteries on the trail that you can visit. 


The capital city of Kathmandu is one of the best places to learn about the culture and history of the nation. You will get to explore the unique side of the country while you go on for the cultural tour. You will get to meet new people and socialize with them. You can visit Durbar square, where the kings of the city were legitimized and crowned. It also dates back to the third century. The place is covered with courtyards and temples from the four corners. You can roam around the city and shop your heart out with some traditional gifts to take back home as souvenirs for your loved ones.

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It is the largest stupa in the country, and also the holiest worship place outside of Tibet. This place is extremely sacred and visited by tourists in masses all over the year.  The building projects the path of enlightenment in each part; the eyes are painted on both the sides of the gilded tower. It shows the elements of earth as well as the all known nature of Buddha, water, fire, air, and ether. Apart from this, there are more unique concepts around the place that will forever intrigue you. If you want to experience the inner peace, do step upon this beautiful stupa.


This is no doubt of the most preferred and best hiking trails in the world. This trail contributes largely to the tourism business in Nepal. The trek starts from Pokhara. It is situated at an altitude of 5416 meters and covers a distance of 160-230 kilometers on the Thorung La Pass and touches the edge of Tibetan plateau. It is a tough trek which takes between 9 to 25 days to complete. So make sure that you are well trained and equipped to complete this. While trailing, you will be able to see the beautiful Himalayan ranges along with the picturesque landscapes.


It is a misconception among many that the country does not have a diverse wildlife. But, the country has a much diverse and heavy population of animals and birds. This increases the scope of tourism in Nepal to another level. You can head on to chitwan or bardia national parks for safari. You can track down rhinos, crocodiles, tigers, the Bengal tiger, and also deers in large quantities. You should also know that Nepal is one of the few countries that houses the clouded leopards. They live high in the mountain ranges, and were recently labeled as extinct though.

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The jungles around the country are not just made for safaris; the adrenaline junkies can experience them too. If you are one of them, you can explore the country with your motorbike, go river rafting, mountaineering, experience the hot air balloon rides, or even bungee jumping. All these adventures are enjoyed with the stunning view of the snow capped mountains that surround you throughout your trip.

If you want to try something unique, you can go for the waterfall ice climbing. You use ice picks to scale the vertical frozen waterfall. You can try these in Annapurna sanctuary as well as in Langtang valley.


When you think about Nepal tourism, and question yourself with what objectives tourist come to visit Nepal, you must think about the trekking tours. But little do people know that the country offers much more than that.

During your tour, you can also explore various heritage sites that are famous all over the world. In the Kathmandu valley alone, there are seven world heritage sites, which are usually counted as one. Also, additional ones are present in chitwan national park and Lumbini. Hence, if you are keen on experiencing the heritage of the country, you should think about visiting these places.


You can find really affordable and low cost hotel rooms here in this country. Also, the food and numerous activities that you will take part in are also affordable. It is easily possible to spend a mere $30 per day during your trip to this country.

But, of course, if you want the luxury, you can find that here too. The country also houses some of the best luxurious hotels and restaurants. But, if you are more into a budget trip and would want to spend more on your Everest trip, this country is the ideal destination for you.

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Apart from these reasons, there are several others. You can experience the diversity of all the religions in this country. Although the country practices Hinduism majorly, the other religions are given due importance, There are a few churches and mosques in the country as well. If you want a perfect Himalayan experience, these reasons to visit Nepal are enough to make you fall for this stunning country. 

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