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New Zealand is a young country offering education opportunities for all the students around the globe. The country is recognized globally for providing quality education and a safe learning environment. 

New Zealand Student Visa - 

You will require a student visa to study in New Zealand if you wish to stay there for more than 3 months. You can study full time for a limited period of time through a student visa in New Zealand. 

Conditions required for applying student visa - 

  • The name of the program you want to study. 

  • The name of the institution.

  • The location of the educational institute. 

  • The requirement to hold acceptable insurance for the education. 

Documents Required For Student Visa-

You will need some essential documents while applying for a student visa. Here is a list of the documents -

  • Valid passport for at least three months beyond your period of stay in New Zealand. 

  • Completed Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)

  • Application fee payment receipt

  •  You need to have an offer from an institution in New Zealand. The forms are usually issued only after the tuition fees have been received.

  • You must have a letter from your current institution confirming that your status is of a study abroad student.

  • A health insurance receipt is also required. 

  • You may also be required to show Health and Character certificate to prove that your intention of staying in New Zealand is genuine and of study purposes. 

  • Two passport-sized photographs of the required size. 

Types of Students Visa - 

  1. Fee-paying student visa - 

You can apply for the fee-paying student visa if you want to study full-time in New Zealand for more than 3 months. You will need to pay the full cost of your courses and enroll with an approved education provider at the time of application. 

  1. Exchange Student Visa - 

You can apply for an exchange student visa if you have a place in an approved student exchange scheme. You can study full time for more than 3 months with this visa. 

  1. Foreign Government Supported Student Visa - 

You can apply for a foreign government-supported student visa if you have a loan or scholarship to study full time in New Zealand. 

You must provide evidence showing the tuition fees of your course paid by the foreign government.

  1. Pathway Student Visa - 

You can apply for a pathway student visa if you wish to study for three consecutive courses on a single student visa. For applying this visa you must have an offer from a place pathway education provider. 

Student Visa Requirements - 

If you wish to apply a student wish you must go through these points-

  • You must have an offer of a place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

  • You must have a written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand if you're under 18 years of age. 

  • You must have evidence of sufficient funds to live on while you are studying in New Zealand. 

  • You must have a return air ticket to your country. In case of not having the return ticket, you must give evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.

  • You may need to be screened for tuberculosis if you are planning to stay in New Zealand for more than six months. 

  • If you wish to stay in New Zealand for more than two years and more than 17 years of age, you must provide a police certificate to show that you are of good character. 

  • If you wish to study for less than three months in New Zealand then you do not have to apply to a student visa. A normal tourist visa would do. 

Why Study in New Zealand - 

New Zealand is one of the best place to study with affordable fees as well as a safe learning environment. 

New Zealand has a total of eight universities that offer academic programs, rather than vocational.

The universities in New Zealand offer a broad range of subjects for undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral (PhD) degrees in commerce, science, and the humanities. Some universities offer degrees in specialist fields also such as medicine, agriculture, engineering, etc. There are a number of universities having more than one campus, often located in different cities.

Admission requirements for students - 

If you wish to study for diplomas and degrees at Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, New Zealand is the place for you. 

Students from other countries need to be able to show that they have achieved a similar University entrance level of education.

They should also know the English language and prove the same. 

If the course you applied for is less than 12 weeks, or your native country has a visa-free agreement with New Zealand then you may not require a visa. 

However, students under all other conditions need to apply for a suitable student visa to pursue any course from New Zealand. 


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