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We have all heard about Oman. It’s like the hidden gem located in the Middle East region. Oman is famous for its desert landscapes and these landscapes attracts more tourists towards it. This is actually the South eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula involving the Persian Gulf. This area has a lot of gas pipelines and oil pipelines. Many of us has read from childhood that Bedouins live in desert but here we can get to see them in real. The lavish northern coast of Oman lies in between the inland mountains and the beautiful coasts. The country is a perfect place where many tourists crave to go for adventure. All over Oman is a beautiful destination tourist spot and everyone must visit this place at least once in their life when they plan a world tour.

So hearing about Oman you might be thinking or planning of visiting it but before that you need to follow some conditions and you need to have the required documents and also apply for the visa to Oman. You don’t need to worry about anything because tourist visa online will present you with all the required information you need to apply for a visa. Even after that if you have any kind of queries you can definitely reach us without any hesitation at anytime of the day.


Types of Visas available for Oman

Tourist Visa

This visa is the most famous kind of visa because this is issued only to those persons who are planning to visit Oman only for tourism purposes.

Business Visa

This visa is issued to only those professionals who are planning to set up a business in Oman or to those who are referred to work in Oman by their institutions or organizations in order to expand their business.

Investment Visa

This visa is issued to those persons. want to invest for the companies in Oman according to their domain.

Student Visa

Then there is also an advantage for the students who want to study in Oman. The students are issued student visa and the validity of this visa is for 2 to three years.


Documents required for applying a visa online for Oman

  • You need a passport which should have a validity for at least 6 months and that should be original.
  • Two passport size photos are must and you should carry it with you.
  • You should also have the vaccination certificate.
  • You should have the copy of your airline tickets which will have the dates of your departure and arrival.
  • You should also take with you the cover letter which is issued from your business organization or the company as a proof that you have been sent for business purposes.
  • For tourism purposes you have to take your hotel booking proofs.

Diseases for which Vaccines are to be taken before you plan to travel to Oman

There are some diseases against which you need to take vaccines and then travel to Oman. The diseases are COVID-19, the new disease due to which the world is facing pandemic and influenza, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, anthrax, hepatitis A and B, chicken pox, pneumonia, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis measles, mumps and rubella.

 The most famous type of vaccination is COVID-19 vaccination which is done both locally and also for going to other foreign countries. 

Vaccinations for yellow fever and hepatitis A and hepatitis b and typhoid are actually recommended to all the tourists who planned to come to Oman. 

Long Term travellers are requested to get the vaccination done for rabies because it is a high risk country for this disease. 

Then there are vaccines available for measles, mumps and rubella MMR and at least a person should get it vaccinated against them at least once in the lifetime. 

Only one adult booster dose of pertussis is required. 

Dengue Is another kind of disease that also provides threat to those who visit Oman. You should be ready to take your mosquito repellent there and beware of their bites. 

Omani Ministry of Health had made the rules that everyone who will be visiting Oman should be vaccinated against COVID-19. 


What proof do you need to provide while travelling to Oman?

Nowadays you need to have a proof of the certificate where it says that you are fully vaccinated and then only you can get the permission to travel to Oman. You should show your negative COVID-19 test result which should be at least 96 hours prior to your travel. In case if in case you do not have a negative COVID-19 results then you will have to undergo PCR test at your own expense. At that moment you will have to undergo a mandatory quarantine.  But if you receive a positive result then you need to undergo for a mandatory health isolation for at least 10 days. Children below the age of 18 do not require a COVID-19 positive test or a negative test.

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