Process to Apply Oman Visa for Chinese Citizens

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Getting an Oman visa has as of late become speedier and easier, because of the country's new eVisa framework. 

The Oman visa will be electronically handled and shipped off the candidate's email. The Oman visa necessities for Chinese residents is required for travelers to Oman.

Oman Visa Required For Chinese Citizens 

An Oman visa is required for Chinese identification passport holders before  entrance in Oman. It's very easy or simple to apply for an Oman visa, it takes less than 15 minutes. You can apply online for ease. For Chinese nationals, the Sultanate gave the offer or choice to remain in Oman without a visa for as long as 14 days.


Oman eVisa for Chinese Citizens 

An Oman eVisa for residents of China is to apply online, the Oman visa applications are required to be filled by the travelers. While going through the application, travelers can pick which visa type they like to get. There are 3 choices: 

  1. Single entry substantial for a stay of as long as 30 days 
  2. Multiple visa for an absolute stay of 30 days for every section in Oman that is substantial for one year 
  3. Single entry substantial for stays of as long as 28 days for Chinese nationals holding a GCC Residence Permit

Oman Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

There are a couple of Oman visa necessities that Chinese residents need to consider. Here is a short outline: 

  1. Visa — A Chinese identification passport with no less than a half year (6 months) legitimacy left 
  2. A new advanced photograph — A computerized photograph of the candidate taken over the most recent half year. The record size should be more modest. 
  3. Email address — A legitimate email address to get the supported Oman visa for Chinese candidates 
  4. Credit or check card — Visa expenses should be paid online through charge or Visa 


Oman eVisa Application for Chinese Nationals 

The application cycle to get the Oman visa for Chinese identification holders is basic: 

  1. Finish up the web-based application structure for an Oman visa from China  
  2. Pay for the application charge online through charge or Mastercard (credit card, debit card)
  3. Get the endorsed Oman eVisa

The application from China is so bothersome that it tends to be submitted in less than 60 minutes. The application structure incorporates questions with respect to the candidate's close to home and identification subtleties and itinerary items. 

Chinese explorers will get the endorsed visa by means of email straightforwardly in their inbox.

Visit Oman from China 

There are many people in China wants to visit Oman for any purposes such as for business works, tourism purposes, for visiting and enjoying time in Oman so, urban places people like Beijing, Shanghai, are ready to go Oman.

The most famous carriers incorporate Etihad, Qatar, Emirates, Turkish, and China Airlines. Most flights take guests from China to Muscat, the capital of Oman, in spite of the fact that there are other significant air terminals in urban areas like Sohar, Salalah, and so on.


Oman visa policy

The visa strategy for Oman incorporates the rundown of decides and guidelines that administer which identities can enter the Middle-Eastern state and which visas they should have to do as such. 

There are diverse visa choices relying upon the reason for venturing out to Oman, the time span the individual means to remain in the nation, and the identity of the guest. 

The Oman eVisa is a web-based visa that permits qualified unfamiliar nationals to enter with the end goal of the travel industry and licenses stays from 10 to 30 days relying upon ethnicity. 

Residents of countless various nations can apply online for the eVisa for Oman, which typically just requires only minutes because of the smoothed out application framework. 

Inhabitants of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations are likewise qualified for the Omani eVisa

Nationals of a couple of nations should apply for an Omani visa at a government office in any event, for short stays as a vacationer. 

Also, specific sorts of visas and allowances, for example, business visas and home visas should be acquired from an Omani consulate by residents of most nations. 

In accordance with Oman's movement strategy, residents of 5 nations are excluded from visa prerequisites. 

Travel movement visa limitations and prerequisites for visiting Oman, including the Omani visa strategy towards every identity.


All the Chinese travelers should know about Oman e Visa before visiting or applying for an Oman visa. In this blog you will know every information related to the Oman visa for Chinese Citizens.

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