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In today's time, globalization is the topmost requirement of the company to expand. The employers often bring employees from around the world to work with them, for that they need to get a visa to work there.

The visa for the employees to work in a foreign country is the responsibility of the employer. all the responsibility of the employees' visa is of the employer or the company he or she will work in.

The employer or the company is responsible for the employee’s visa and getting him or her the residence card and the work permit in the country, these are the responsibility of the employer. 

It is the responsibility of the employer, that their employees will get everything they want, for them to work properly. this is a difficult process for the companies to get the visa for their employees, as this is a complex process it requires personal details of all the employees they are calling. after that, all the bank details of the employee’s as they are from different countries.

In Oman, there are a variety of visas available for any person visiting there


Visit visa 

This is the most common visa that a person can use to enter the country. all foreign nationals can use this visa to enter the country. there are some countries that visa exempted from the government of Oman.

The countries that are exempted by the government of Oman, to get the visa. these are the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

There are several types of visit visas that are available for Oman:- 

  • business visa  
  • Tourist visa
  • family visa 

All these visas are valid for 6 months, it depends on the type of visa what will be the validity of the visa.

Employment visa 

This is the visa available for the person who is above the age of 21 or above. there are specific requirements for the visa, that the person must meet to apply for the visa. 

 the validity of the visa for 2 years. this will be valid from the date of entry into the country. 

Investor visa 

This is the type of visa that is given to the person, who is willing to invest some amount in the country that can generate some employment in the country or can boost the GDP of the country.  

There is some sort of conditions attached with this visa, that the ministry of affairs needs to confirm the marriage certificate of the person who is applying for the investor visa.

 That person also needs to confirm that they have some sort of relation with the person, who is living in the country or gets their family visa approved. 

The family visa will expire after the employees' residence permit will be over.

There are some sort of requirements that are needed to be fulfilled for the work visa of Oman

It is a time-consuming process to get the work visa for an employee, as there are so many things attached for the employer to complete. 

It is a complete process of sponsoring the employee for them to come to the country. many documents are required for them. 

As an employer they need to make these documents before time, to avoid delays as this is a lengthy process.


The documents that are needed for the work visa in Oman


The employer needs to provide them with the list of the employees, that list will include the portions of the employees in the company. the gender of the employees.

Passports of the employees 

The employer needs to provide them with photocopies of the employees' passports. 

which has to be valid from 6 months before the entry into the country. 

Qualifications of the employees

The employers need to provide with the certificate of qualifications of the employees and the recent certificates of their qualifications.

Confirmation from the educational institute

The employer also needs to provide a letter of confirmation of the educational institution from where the certificate is there.

 Attestation from the ministry of affairs

The employer needs to present the certificate of attestation from the ministry of foreign affairs. 

or that can be done from the native embassy of the employees.

labor license 

The employer needs to present with the labor license, that will be issued by the ministry of manpower in Oman


Medical certificate

The employee needs to present a medical certificate of their health, from the government-approved clinic of the there native country.

Passport size photographs

The employee needs to present 2 passport size photographs with them while applying for the work visa

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