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Pakistan has been independent and separated since 1947. It has been identified and the maximum population obtained by Pakistan. is Muslims. It’s a great struggle for both Hindus and Muslims to free them from British Rule And Torture. After independence, Hindu and Muslims were separated into the country and identified as India. And Pakistan. Every wall, brick, and era of the period has been known and depicts the struggle for freedom and independence. Pakistan has had a good exchange of relations with Uzbekistan. Majorly, the rates of exchange for both the country are the sea routes where all goods and export-import business are practiced. Well, Pakistan is a very beautiful and landing place to visit, but for its neighbor-country relations, it's become quite an unsafe and troubled place to explore for travelers.

  • Uzbekistan helped the Pakistan embassy to upbuilt the status when Pakistan is facing economic decline.
  • In many projects, when Pakistan faced conflicts with many countries, Uzbekistan helped them overcome
  • Uzbekistan and Pakistan, both the countries, are affected for having relations with Afghanistan
  • Most transactions have been ceased by the Uzbekistan embassy because of the trouble they are facing.

In short, both Pakistan and Uzbekistan are obtaining good relations with each other and for having the same nationality there is no requirement for Pakistan citizens to apply for visa policy.


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  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Private Visa
  • Transit Visa

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Uzbekistan Visa For Pakistan Citizens

  • Completed application form with the signature of the entrant is a requirement
  • A present and recognizable image of the entrant needs to be presented.
  • Relationship documents need to be submitted
  • Status of bank credits required
  • Residence status/ hotel stayed documents are required
  • No passport copy will be taken under consideration
  • Health check-up documents are required to provide
  • Flight details may be required for entrants who are traveling under the emergency requirement.

Uzbekistan Travel 

Uzbekistan travel visa is open for all but for Pakistan it's free, no visa is required for them till 30 days after that tourer has to apply for visa criteria. Pakistan citizens below or equal to 16 years can travel without a visa (applicable only for airway travel). Uzbekistan border may not accept the condition many times.

The types Uzbekistan offers are-

  • Single visa
  • Multiple visas
    • Pakistan citizens are required to show their inoculation/ booster dose paper for entry to Uzbekistan as earlier and recently Uzbekistan severs deadly from yellow virus and covid virus diseases.
    • Travelers for health visas have to check the requirements and conditions before arrival.
  • If the explorer has been booked, the visa must check whether the criteria are viable for travel or not.

Travel Guide To Uzbekistan

    1. Uzbekistan follows the time zone which is five hours onwards of GMT.
    2. After the citizen of Pakistan who stays without a visa for 30 days must apply for stayed visa.
    3. The basic model for money exchange in Uzbekistan is mainly euros and US dollars.
  • The applied method must be three days before traveling to Uzbekistan
  1. There are no dress criteria for females, throwing paper or waste things can be a matter of fine; taking photographs without permission can lead to a punishable case.
  2. Uzbekistan service providers may charge tipping for their good service (usually at restaurants, hotels)
  3. Independence is identified as the biggest and well-celebrated festival in Uzbekistan.


To be noted

  • Tourist Entry: only allowed under testament
  • Testing: PCR tests are required for Uzbekistan visit.
  • Quarantine Must Be Followed Up By Every Traveler Traveling To Uzbekistan – Mandatory Requirement
  • Quarantine time – for 14 days interval

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

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