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Thinking about traveling to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Well, if it is a yes, then you might have to possibly take a Pakistan visa before you go. This Pakistan visa will help you get an entry into the country. But this visa is only required by some while the others can enter even without a visa. And this will only be possible if the country you belong to has been mentioned on the visa-free list as stated by the Pakistan Visa Policy. Every country has its own Visa Policy similarly Pakistan also has its visa policy which you have to follow or fulfill while entering or applying for a Pakistani visa. Let's check what policies you have to follow for a Pakistani e visa. Tourist visa online is here to get you to help with both the application and the issuing of a Pakistan visa and this is why you need not worry about a thing while getting the application done for Pakistan visa.

When talking about the visa for Pakistan you can get it through one of the Pakistani diplomatic missions which are situated not only in Pakistan but also among various countries in the world. Pakistan allows people to get the visa issued for themselves even through an online method. Some are also eligible for a Pakistan visa on arrival and hence can also get the visa issued visa this method. There are also various Pakistan visa types that have been made available for the people which can be used for various purposes. This e visa is normally taken by a foreigner from the country they belong to, but there are cases where a foreigner might be residing in another foreign country. In this case, if the foreigner is a legal permanent resident of the country then he or she can apply for a visa from that particular country as well. 

Visa-free entry for foreigners into Pakistan:

There is now a chance for an entry without a visa for those foreigners who belong to the following countries:

Maldives Nepal Samoa
Tonga Trinidad and Tobago  

All of the citizens who belong to the above five countries will not need a visa to travel to Pakistan. Those who are from the Maldives can stay in Pakistan for up to three months, while those who are citizens of Nepal and Samoa can stay for a total of one month without a visa in Pakistan. 

Electronic travel authorization (ETA) document to travel to Pakistan:

If you get an ETA document before you travel to Pakistan then you can possibly apply for a visa on arrival as well. This, however, is only for those who belong to the following countries:

Angola Argentina Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain
Barbados Botswana Brunei Costa Rica Finland Germany
Ghana Iceland Indonesia Italy Japan Jordan
Kuwait Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Maldives Malta
Monaco Mozambique Nepal New Zealand Oman Paraguay
Qatar Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Samoa Saudi Arabia
Singapore South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Tajikistan
Tanzania Thailand Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey
United Arab Emirates Zambia        

Business visa on arrival in Pakistan for foreigners:

A visa on arrival is provided for business purposes. This visa will allow the foreigner to stay for a total of 30 days after the visa has been issued. However to get the visa the following conditions must be followed:

1. Must have a local sponsor who will be responsible for the visit to Pakistan and this sponsor will must have an approval which has been issued by the immigration authorities at the port of arrival where the foreigner is to be expected from. 

2. Must have any one of the following documents:

  • A recommendation letter has been provided to the foreigner by the chamber of commerce and industries (CCI) from the country that he or she resides. 
  • A letter inviting the foreigner to Pakistan has been provided to the foreigner by the organization or association which is located in Pakistan. 
  • A recommendation letter has been issued by the Investor Consular of Board of Investment which is present at any of the Pakistan missions located abroad. 

With these conditions being fulfilled the citizens who belong to the following countries can get this service availed for them:

Algeria Angola Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan
Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia Cameroon Canada Chile
China Colombia Comoros Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
Djibouti Ecuador Egypt Estonia Finland France
Gambia Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Honduras Hungary Indonesia Iran Iraq
Ireland Italy Ivory Coast Japan Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Madagascar
Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Montenegro Morocco Mozambique
Myanmar Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman
Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal
Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Sierra Leone
Singapore Slovenia South Africa South Korea South Sudan Spain
Sri Lanka Switzerland Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo
Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

Online visa for foreigners:

People who want to go to Pakistan and the country that you belong to has not been mentioned in any of the lists given above then it is probably because you can take a visa through an online method. The people who can get access to an online visa service can be given as follows:

Afghanistan Armenia Bhutan Chad DR Congo Eswatini
India Israel Libya Mauritania North Korea Somalia
Sudan Syria Yemen      

Through online these people can get a variety of visas availed for them which can be issued for with varying purposes. 

Passport holders belonging to the diplomatic and service categories:

There have been visa exemptions allowed for certain countries whose citizens hold diplomatic and official passports. The list can be divided into two; one where only diplomatic passport holders can get visa-free travel and the other list where both the official and the diplomatic passport holders can get the exemption availed. 

List of allowance for both diplomatic and official passport holders:

Algeria Argentina Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Brunei
China Czech Republic Denmark Indonesia Iran Kazakhstan
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Libya Malta Yemen
Morocco Norway Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia
South Korea Sri Lanka Tunisia Turkey Vietnam  

List of allowance for only diplomatic passport holders:

Belgium Brazil Egypt
Finland Germany Luxembourg
Mexico Netherlands Philippines
Tajikistan Thailand  

Apart from these there have been visa exemption agreements which were signed but are not yet executed and the list can be given as follows:

  • With Cyprus in July 2017 for holders of diplomatic and special passport holders.
  • With Turkmenistan in January 2018 for holders of diplomatic passports
  • With Cuba in October 2019 for both diplomatic and official passport holders. 

There has been a visa exemption agreement that was signed with Malaysia in November 2018 and was put into effect from the 20th of March 2019. This visa exemption was agreed upon for those who are diplomatic and official passport holders. 

Compulsory registration needed before travel:

There have been various countries that need to have registration done along with the police after they arrive in Pakistan and the list of countries that need to follow this compulsory registration can be given as follows:

Bangladesh Bhutan India
Israel Nigeria Palestine
Somalia Uganda  

This registration will usually be done by the hotel staff at the hotel in which you will be staying. If the accommodation panned is elsewhere then you can also go in person to the police station to get yourself registered. This is only for those who will be living at the house of a sponsor or those who have chosen not to stay in a licensed hotel or hostel. 

Policies for people who are a citizen of Pakistan and those who are of Pakistani origin:

People who originally belong to Pakistan, which means that you are either a citizen residing in Pakistan or a person of Pakistani origin who is currently living in an overseas country, do not require a visa to travel to Pakistan. This will only be applicable for those who are holders of a Pakistan Origin Card (POC), which is a national identity card for those who live overseas which is also known as the NICOP. Also, those people who have a visa-exempt stamp that has been placed on the passport by the Pakistani authorities also need not apply for a visa. 

Those nationals of turkey who hold a visa for the Schengen area, United Kingdom, or the United States can get a visa on arrival. 

Policies for Israeli passport holders:

There is no bar placed on the Israeli citizens who will be traveling to Pakistan. However, the Israeli passport holders along with the Palestinian authority passport holders who will be traveling to Pakistan will be needed to register themselves through the police unless they are in Pakistan with a work visa granted to them. 

Indian passport holders:

An Indian passport holder is not barred from entry into Pakistan but will have to undergo various regulations like registration regardless of the visa type taken. Those foreign people who are of Indian origin will also have to undergo the same procedure. However, this was revised for Indians belonging to the United States and the United Kingdom. The Indian passport holders can netter only through specific points and are allowed to enter and exit only through the same point unless there has been permission granted to them. These passport holders can also not get a tourist visa to Pakistan and are eligible only for visiting visas or business visas or transit visas or visas for religious purposes. The business visa granted to an Indian passport holder is for about 6 months. The Indians living in Pakistan on a visa are not allowed to get an extension and will have to pay 40 rupees per day of overstay in Pakistan. 


Q. Is it possible for an Israeli passport holder to stay without a registration?

No, an Israeli passport holder will definitely have to undergo registration to be able to stay in Pakistan. 

Q. Do Indian passport holders need to provide an identification proof while applying for the visa?

Yes, it is a compulsion that an Indian passport holder provides an identification proof while applying for the visa. 

Q. Where can I apply for an ETA document to travel to Pakistan?

You can apply for an ETA document through Pakistani diplomatic missions which are located in your area. 

Q. Can an Indian enter Pakistan without a visa?

No according to the Pakistan visa policy, an entry won’t be allowed to an Indian into Pakistan without a visa. 

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