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Qatar being a part of Asia has its capital at Doha, with a population of over 3M Qatar is a wise choice to travel for a vacation, job, studies, business opportunities etc. Qatar is a developing country with Qatari Rial as its currency and Arabic as it's the main language spoken. Qatar being a highly developed country will need you to obtain a Qatar visa for Ethiopia nationals which allows Ethiopian passport holders to enter the country. this visa can now be applied through Tourist visa Online at both low cost and less time. 


A passenger wanting to visit Qatar as a tourist will have to submit an online form along with required documents which also include scanned passport and personal photographs. He will have to mention his booking reservation of flight and then make online payment through a valid visa or MasterCard.

After the completion of the above application, the passenger will be automatically contacted via email regarding the response to their visa application.

To be noted-- All the tasks related to visa approval and issuance is done solely on the discretion of Qatar's Ministry of Interior.


A total of 8 documents are required by an Ethiopian nationalist to apply for a visa to Qatar.

  • VISA Application Form.
  • Copy of the passengers passport.
  • Proof of flight tickets both arrival and return and hotel bookings.
  • Passengers will require an income tax returns paper which must show an annual gross income of about USD $8000 or more.
  • Passengers will need travel evidence which can prove that they have traveled to any of the following countries in the past five years : Canada, Australia QATAR, New Zealand, Schengen Countries, UK or USA.
  • An invitation letter from any relatives, company or a friend stating your purpose of visit to the country inviting the passenger to meet their relatives or business partner or friend. This will also show the duration that the passenger will stay in Qatar. It will also put down whether the person inviting the passenger pays for his stay or not.

If the person is a Qatari Resident and the passenger is staying with him then an invitation letter from the resident along with his/her resident proof copy Qatar ID passport. If he's a Qatari National then his National ID and invitation letter will be required.

How to get visa free when traveling to Qatar from Ethiopia?

An Ethiopian passenger's visa doesn't get exempted but there's a visa on arrival application available at the international airport of Qatar. The form is available online at Qatar E Visa Online passengers can apply for a visa on arrival or ETA.


The range of the fee depends on the processing time frame that you select for your application.

  • Standard Processing - visa fees+ service (depending on types of visas applied for)
  • Emergency Processing - visa fees + 200.0 USD

Passengers are expected to have a working email id because any information or update related to the processing of the visa will be automatically provided only in the email.

The ETA applied will be valid for 30days for a single entry visa.


Q. What happens next after my application has been submitted to Qatar E Visa Online? 

Once the application of your visa is done you will be informed via mail about the confirmation of the same after which you will receive the visa within just 3 to 5 days. 

Q. Why should I apply for a visa? 

Just as there are some rules and regulations when it comes to living in a country, there are rules for traveling and according to these rules a person will have to apply for a visa in order to be eligible to enter a foreign country.

Q. Will an appointment be necessary for a visa booking through Qatar E Visa Online? 

There will be no appointment needed in order to apply for a Qatar visa for Ethiopia nationals as this application of visa will be entirely done through an online medium. 

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