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Shopping is the must thing people do when visiting any nation. Buying the artistic item, shopping from the mall, buying gifts for your family and friends is the thing you can do in Romania. So here the best places to go Shopping in Romania.

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18 Best Places To Go Shopping in Romania

Arts & Crafts

This wondrous handicraft workshop inside Casa Vlad Dracul is the brainchild of the self-styled "Spoonman" Mark Tudose who used traditional woodcarving methods, each using the local legend Transylvanian spoons, as well as painted glass-icon, clay sculptures, painted eggs and much more. It is a lovely place to search and to find your best cultural memory.

Museum of the Romanian Peasant Gift Shop

Don't miss the excellent folk art shop in the Romanian Peasant Museum for beautifully woven tiles, table-running, Romanian national suits, ceramics and other local crafts; the shop is accessible from behind the museum. At the time of the study, the museum was closed temporarily for renovation.

Cărturești & Friends

This charming gallery of café-cum-art houses the Studio Recipient's micro gallery displaying original Romanian drawings and the Cărture library. It is on the little side, but a wonderful space for art lovers and book enthusiasts. It includes an impressive collection of books in English.


Lovely winery with a wide variety of Romanian and foreign wines, alongside knowledgeable vendors to help you find them. They also supply wine with glass, coupled with delicious from plates for tastings, besides selling the bottle's wine.

Cărtureşti Verona

A must-visit is this bookstore, music shop, tearoom and funky backyard garden. Excellent set of books of architecture, art and design, and carefully chosen CDs, DVDs and several classical Romanian subtitles. Lonely Planet sells guides as well.

Cărtureşti Carusel

This impressive branch is situated in an opulent, renovated emporium of shopping in the Historical Centre, in the early twentieth century. Books are on different levels, and a good choice of titles is made.

Anticariat Grumazescu

From famous heirlooms and gems to rare, expensive icons, this ancient local antique shop sells everything. It may provide approved sales certificates for anything that can motivate customs agents at the border.

AFI Palace Cotroceni

The biggest and most glamorous mall in the area, with several top brands, an indoor skate rink, a kids playground and IMAX cinema.

Palas Mall

If Moldova is evil, from this trendy combination of duty-free airport shops and mega-business in the US, you'd never know it.

AF Magopat Gheorghe

Family-run shop selling local black glazed pottery characteristics. Check out the set or see the potters at work.

Izvoru Crişului

You can see the famous 'souvenir village' of Izvoru Crišului (Körösfő to the Hungarians) from the west of Cluj-Napoca to Huedin. Shops stack up through the city's main avenue, shopping for traditional ceramics, linen women's clothes and men's wear, beaded gemstones (from 15th band), baskets, brown tablecloths and lots of inexpensive souvenirs, as well as toys for children.

Many items are fixed price, and the browsing experience is enjoyable and often trouble-free (even though goods vary wildly in quality).

Shops and stalls are open for business during the hours of daylight, usually between May and October.

Piața Obor

Go to Pia Tomás Obor, Bucharest's biggest store, for an authentic Romanian experience. It is the perfect place for fruit and vegetable shopping and even typical meats, cheeses and fish. Don't leave Terasa Obor, perhaps the best one in Bucharest, without serving the mici (skinless grilled sausages).

Ethic Wine

Impressive wine shop and degustation centre with some of the best Romanian wines and an international selection of producers carefully selected. You can try out various wines with great taste.

Okian Bookstore

Daydreaming patrons are working around the happily creakable bookshop, selling travel books and local presents including wine, like Lonely Planet's guides. There is a cosy café next to it with a smooth soundtrack. It's at the building's upper floor.

Târgul Vitan-Bârzești

Here, on Sundays until 4 pm, there's a vast flea market southeast of the centre. Come early to get the best offers from antiques, books and bucks to used vehicles. To get the best deals. Even if you are not in a buying mood, the enthusiasm is contagious.

Gossip Tree

Over 40 Romanian designers' creative ideas have been riotous, filling this little shop with innovative equipment and clothing that no one else can find. The kitten ears are hand-made, and the bags are made from repurposed discs.

Strada Hanul cu Tei

The tiny patio Strada Hanul cu Tei is a secret corridor in the Historical Center with many craft and art stores. Str Blănari 5 entry or Str Lipscani 63 entry.

Hala Centrala

Knick-knacks, glass and buckets for selling kiosks. There is also an underground farmer's market, where fruits and vegs, meats, cheese and fish are sold all sorts.

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