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Romania is a very rewarding place to explore. Travellers are loving this land of contrasts! The capital is lively and has a modern bustle.

The mammoth palace of the country recalls a dictator and A romantic king’s retreat is hidden in the mountains and it is a place of medieval churches hidden behind the fort walls.

The most famous novel that created the beginning of the gothic age, “Dracula” is set in this very beautiful country! In this land, vivid folklife thrives.

Beauties and mysteries of Romania to visit

  • The little Paris of the East: Bucharest is nicknamed so and has pedestrian lanes free of any bustle of the traffic. It gives a complete local scene with no tourists.
  • The romantic allure of the streets: The capital called Bucharest is a sprawling tangle of buildings. It has an eclectic mixture of architecture with beautiful buildings.
  • A palace in the capital: It is a palace built by starving the people of the country with more than a thousand rooms. People get wonderstruck and repulsed at the same time while exploring this vast and empty space.
  • The Carpathian mountains: Fields of poppies are irresistible and will demand road travellers to make pit stops.
  • Peles Castle of the Romantic Age: It was the summer residence of the King in the mountainous and forest setting. It has the most brilliant interiors of the nineteenth century!
  • Fabled Transylvania: The name suggests that it is across the forest. A scenic mountain valley called Brasov has many old age buildings. It has rustic and wild countryside. There are seven German towns in this area.
  • Bran Castle or Dracula’s castle: This is a must place to go to for a person coming here! Vampire kits are sold here and will act as souvenirs for any person. It is an authentic medieval fort.
  • Fortified churches: A few churches were built in a way that they have rooms for each family to stay in during wars.
  • The traditional Maramures: wells, straw hats, horse carts, wooden gates, and farming are the common sights of this enchanting village! This village has the world’s best wooden churches. It has a joyful churchyard with the portraits of the departed people doing what they cherished, how they died, or their occupation, this will give a person a deep insight about life and death.

Types of Romania visas

  • Transit visa for the airport (a): The airport transit visa of Romania, helps the travellers to land in the airport and access it during their layover or stopover. With the help of this, one can enter the airports but cannot enter the city or country other than the airport.
  • Transit visa (b): People of all the third world nations can apply for this. The time of the stay is five days. A person can use it for entering the country several times. Hence, it is called to be of multiple entries.
  • Short-term visa (c): Using this, one can enter the country and can stay for ninety-days (stay validity). These stay visas are of many types based on the cause of coming into this medieval and gothic-inspired nation. The government does not increase the length of this visa.

The types of short-term visas are: 

  1. Visa for short-stay for official missions (c/m): These are issued by the government only to the officials in positions of politics or administration and their kin who want to conduct official or political events or attend such events. Only the third-world countries can attain this. It helps to improve political and friendly relations with people from other countries.
  2. Short-stay visa for tourism (c/tu): The government gives these visas only to the people who want to explore Romania.
  3. Short-stay visa for visiting people (c/vv): If an individual is visiting a relative or a person who has a residency permit of the country or a passport of the country, he or she can attain this type of visa.
  4. Short-stay visa for business (c/a): For every business need like buying property, opening an organization, transactions, etc, one needs to apply for this visa.
  5. Short-stay visa for transport for professional needs (c/tr): If a person wants to carry out activities like cargo or passenger transportation for professional uses, he or she needs to apply for this visa.
  6. Short-stay visa for sports (c/sp): Anyone who wants to take part in sporting activities or sports events for lesser time can apply for this visa.
  7. Short-stay visa for the purposes of humanitarian, cultural, or scientific needs (c/za): All these activities are enabled by this kind of visa.
  • Long-term visa (D): This visa is given under different categories just like the short-term visa. The visa is given following the General for Immigration from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania.

These long-stay visas are for various reasons like economic events (D/AE), professional works (D/AP), commercial affairs (D/AC), employment (D/AM). The government issues other long-stay visas for causes like education (D/SD), secondment (D/DT), family reunification (D/VF), religious affairs (D/AR), scientific research (D/CS), other activities (D/AS), and diplomatic or service related affairs (DS).

Where can I apply for a visa to go to Romania?

One can get an e-visa to go to the country for any purpose. The government portal to apply for an e-visa is available. Few people prefer to apply it to the Romanian embassy in their country.

Most of them choose OTA (Online Travel Agencies) to apply for the e-visas. To apply in one of the best OTA’s, navigate to Tourist Visa Online. A ninety-days visa is available to apply for on the website.

Using, one will be able to get a genuine visa in a maximum of three days. The ninety-day visa is a short-stay visa, and it is valid until six months after attaining it.

Frequently asked queries

Question: What is the cost of the Romanian visas?

Answer: The short-stay visa for ninety days is USD 91. This is as per the Touristvisaonline website.

Question: When can I apply for the visa if I want to apply for a visa to Romania in advance?

Answer: If a person wants to apply for the visa in advance, he or she can apply it before three months too, as the validity of the visa is 180 days or three months.

Question: Will I need any medical requirements before going to the country?

Answer: Yes, one might need medical insurance of 58,882 USD. This is the ideal amount for insurance. It depends on one’s factors.

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