how to apply for saint helena visa

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Want to visit Saint Helena but don't know how to apply Saint Helena visa. Here is the answer! Apply for Saint Helena visa online at Touristvisaonline, Where you will get everything online from application to visa. Saint Helena Island is one of the most popular destinations visited by tourists around the world. Are you one of them? Who is interested in visiting Saint Helena to spend your free holidays?

Then you should apply for Saint Helena visa. Which is issued by the means of E-Visa services that have been provided to make the process of getting a visa easier and simpler? Saint Helena issues the visa with different stay validity so that the visitors can choose upon their convenience which is suitable for their situation and for the time they want to spend on the island.

The process to apply for Saint Helena visa

To apply for a Saint Helena visa you have to follow up on the process with accurate steps. So I get your visa by following the below steps. Let's begin with the very first step of the process in detail.

First Stage -

The first step to apply for a Saint Helena visa is to check your eligibility criteria by having a look at the visa policy of Saint Helena. In which we have separated the categories of the country which are eligible to apply for Saint Helena Visa, on the other hand, the category two shows the list of the country which are free to visit Saint Helena without any kind of visa. 

Second Stage -

With Stage 2 you select the visa type for your visit to Saint Helena. In this step, you should make your vision clear about the different types of visas that are issued to the visitors of Saint Helena. This is important because this affects the number of fees you pay for a Saint Helena visa. 

So if you want to visit Saint Helena and wish to enter the island only once then you can choose a tourist visa for 90 days with a single entry whereas if you wish to visit Saint Helena for 90 days with the facility of entering the country multiple times then you can choose Saint Helena multiple-entry tourist visa with the validity of 90 days. 

The third stage -

Now you have to search for an authentic website that can facilitate you with a safe and secure visa. At this point, you should choose a good website and make sure that it is authentic so that you can proceed further with the process of visa application and application form. You can choose a tourist visa online for getting your visa. We have been in this industry for so many years and have delivered many visas across the world successfully without any complaint.

Fourth Stage -

This is a very crucial stage as you are required three important pieces of information.

  • The name of the country in which you are living.
  • Name of the country of which you hold citizenship.
  • Name of the country of which you want to apply to get a visa.

Fifth Stage -

After which you will come to the stage where you have to fill the application form. In this application, you are required to fill different kinds of details so that the process of identifying your identity can be easier.

Personal information

You are required to fill the personal information of yours which will include your name, your mother's name, your father's name, your email id, your phone number, your address, and your professional details. All these details are general and you will not find any kind of difficulties in gathering.

Passport details 

Passport details so when we talk about the passport details you clearly understand that we are talking about your passport number and the information that is given on the first page of your passport that reflect your identity. In case you don't have a passport please go and get one before you apply for Saint Helena's visa. 

Sixth Stage-

At this stage, you are required to submit all the documents required. But you should keep in mind that the document you're submitting should be in the format of file JPG or PDF.  To avoid any kind of difficulty in this process we recommend you make your document ready before you apply for the visa. 

Seventh Stage-

It is the final step in the process of applying for Saint Helena's visa. In this step, you have to make the payment for your visa by using internet banking or through your debit or credit card. Before you proceed with the payment you should have a conversation with the team once to confirm the amount of the fees because you have to pay the government fees as well as the service fees.


As you're done with the process of apply for Saint Helena's visa you are ready to go for the trip. Start packing your bags and be ready for the fun-loving and adventurous trip. You are also given the facility to track your Saint Helena visa status when you apply for your visa with a tourist visa online

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