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St Helena has so much to explore. But, before going ahead in your St Helena tour planning, you first come across with the Saint Helena visa policy. Your dreams of traveling Saint Helena can turn into reality if you just have a look at the visa policy of Saint Helena and you will come to know your eligibility criteria to enter Saint Helena. Well, that's good news. You can check your eligibility criteria without any issues just reading a simple article in which countries are mentioned whose citizens can travel to Saint Helena. So what's up, let's be together in your journey to Saint Helena. 

Saint Helena is a tropical island that is situated in the United Kingdom. Saint Helena is one of the British territories. Well, the facts about this Island is it is the most off the beaten track island in the whole world. Well, one more fact about this Island is Iron was named after a lady Saint Helena of Constantinople. The best thing about Saint Helena Island is its marketing environment and its safe surroundings. There are a lot of things to explore on the island then you can even think about from its rolling Hills to the stand Bay, from beautiful water views to some of the highest mountains, from breathtaking views to peaceful views of nature. 

Visa-free countries to St Helena

Saint Helena allows the citizens of the few countries to enter without the visa. This is fascinating to know that the citizens of the below countries can now enjoy their trip to Saint Helena without any hassle of getting a visa. Well, this has helped a lot to increase the tourism in Saint Helena because a large number of visitors from the below countries can travel without spending their money on a visa. 

All European Union citizens Dominica Marshall Island Saint Lucia Andorra East Timor
Mauritius Saint Vincent & The Grenadine Antigua EI  Salvador Mexico Samoa
Barbuda Grenada Micronesia San Marino Australia Guatemala
Monaco Seychelles Argentina  Honduras Namibia Singapore
Bahamas Hong Kong Nauru Solomon Barbados Iceland
New Zealand Islands Belize Israel Nicaragua South Africa
Botswana Japan Norway South Korea Brazil Kiribati
Palau Switzerland Brunei Liechtenstein Panama Tongo
Canada Macau Papua New Guinea Trinidad Chile Malaysia
Paraguay Tobago Costa Rica Maldives Saint Kitts & Nevis Tuvalu
United States UK Uruguay Vanuatu Vatican City  

E-Visa / Visa on arrival 

E-visa was introduced to reduce the time of getting a visa to make the process of getting a visa easier. E-Visa is an electronic travel authorization visa which is issued by the government of Saint Helena to increase tourism. Eventually, we can say that when the process of getting a visa becomes easier more tourists will be attracted to get a visa and visit. Now the question arises which countries can get the visa on arrival for entering Saint Helena. 

So, the answer is below foreign nationals can get the visa or visa on arrival for visiting Saint Helena except for the nationals of the Visa-free countries.

Afghanistan Cambodia Eritrea Jamaica Equatorial Guinea Albania
Cameroon Ethiopia Jordan Burundi Algeria Cape Verde
Fiji Kazakhstan Mauritania Angola Central African Republic Gabon
Kenya Moldova Armenia Chad Gambia Korea(north)
Montenegro Azerbaijan People’s Republic of China Georgia Kosovo Morocco
Bahrain Colombia Ghana Kuwait Mozambique Bangladesh
Comoros Guinea Bissau Kyrgyzstan Nepal Belarus Congo
Guinea  Laos Niger Benin Cuba Guyana
Lebanon Nigeria Bhutan Democratic Republic of the Congo Haiti Liberia
Oman Bolivia Djibouti India Libya Pakistan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dominican Republic Indonesia Macedonia Burkina Faso Ecuador
Iran Madagascar Burma Egypt Iraq Mali

Frequently ask questions 

Q. I am a citizen of South Africa. Do I need a visa to visit Saint Helena?

No, you do not require a visa to visit Saint Helena if you are a citizen of South Africa. If you want to visit Saint Helena and want to stay for 90 days then you don't require a visa.

Q. Is it possible to immigrate to Saint Helena?

You can immigrate to send Heli now but for that, you have to apply and seek permission from the immigration department of Saint Helena. But if you want to visit Saint Helena now for a visit you are required to get a Visa if you do not fall in the list of Visa-free countries.

Q. Is Saint Helena a safe place to visit?

Yes, Saint Helena is one of the safe places to visit. There are very few cases of violence like theft and murder so you don't have to worry about your visit Enjoy your trip to the fullest. 


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