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This country, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a double island country arranged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It's known for cloud-covering mountains and seashores. The bigger of the 2 islands, The island country is home to a lake, green vervet monkeys and rainforest befuddled with climbing trails that is why you should know things to do in St Kitts and Nevis.  The country is overwhelmed by the lethargic Mount Liamuiga spring of gushing lava . A large number of its previous sugar manors are presently hotels or environmental remains. Although there are many locations to roam here but you should be aware of best so that you use your holidays to its best .

Although , as the introduction suggests this is a island country so it is covered with lush green beaches , oceans and tropical rainforests but there are many more things to do in this picturesque and pretty nature-oriented place that meets the eye .

Below we curate the list of locations for you to go and see the beauty of this island country – 


 Brimstone Hill Fortress is a World Heritage Site which comes under UNESCO, It is an all-around safeguarded fortification on a slope on the island of the island in the Federation of St. Christopher and another island in the Eastern Caribbean. It was planned by British military specialists and was assembled and kept up by African slaves as per the history, the fortress is an example of the colonial expansion of the European, The slave trade as by Africans an how the newer societies emerged in the Caribbean.

This fort is built On the hills of the beautiful St Kitts and covers an enormous piece of land built on 3 different levels .


Address of the place: Banana Bay, South East Peninsula, Parish of St. George.

The luxury resort called Park Hyatt is located in the Caribbean island situated inside the Christophe Harbour development Park . Banana Bay , which is one of the most beautiful and best beach in St. Kitts and this is where the resort resides . Because of it being located in a quiet place away from the hustle of the country, it is the most peaceful place to go on your trip here.

There are all kinds of rooms ranging from deluxe suite to private sundecks which includes a pool of its own . It's like a little house of your own in this beautiful place.

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Address of the place: Basseterre the capital city 

Going to this place is one of the best things to do in Basseterre st. Kitts which also is the capital of this beautiful country.

This is a place that takes travelers on a 3-hour excursion that makes a 30-mile hover around the delightful Eastern Caribbean island of the country , with 18 miles by tight measure train and 12 miles on touring transports. Worked somewhere in the range of 1912 and 1926 to move sugar stick from the island's sugar manors to the sugar production line in the capital city of Basseterre, today the "Last Railway in the West Indies" gives guests a magnificent occasion to encounter the view and culture of this untainted nation.

Railways also are one of the best works to understand the history of the nation closely.


PLACE OF FORMATION:  The dominant island

Mount Liamuiga Trail is a 6.1 kilometer modestly dealt out and back path situated in the territory of Saint Paul Capisterre, in the country that includes an extraordinary woods setting and is strictly just suggested for people who are highly experienced hikers / trekkers because of its steepness. The path is fundamentally utilized for climbing, strolling, nature excursions, and a good place for bird watching lovers. The Mount is available to be roamed on all year.

For all the mountain lovers out there, this will surely be a magical experience.

Moreover, Sweet & Savory Bistro is one of the St Kitts restaurants close to the mount that is a good place for foodies.

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 Timothy hill is a place that is not much talked about when traveling to this country. It would be safe to say that this is kind of a hidden gem.

People do love long drives especially when it comes to such a beautiful place

Take a picturesque drive to Timothy Hill, which will provide you with a panoramic view of the South East peninsula stretching out towards the sister island, which is the shorter one. The Peninsula is a narrow strip of land that divides two bodies of water: the Atlantic to the left and the Caribbean to the right.


The Peak is a conceivably volcano well of lava which is situated in the focal point of the island of the shorter island of the Federation of the country in the West Indies. The volcano ascends to a tallness of 985 meters (3,232 ft) and is the most elevated point on the island. There have been no ejections since ancient times, however there are dynamic fumaroles and underground aquifers on the seaside inclines of the island, and these speak to low-level volcanic action.

It is conceivable to climb to the highest point of the pinnacle and back, however the course makes them challenge areas. Climbers should be truly fit to finish this course, and for the good of safety, it is important to go with a professional, experienced, and certified guide.  

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Address of the place: 85GX+8H Old Road Town, St Kitts & Nevis, Old Road Town.

Set in around 8 sections of land, these grounds have an extensive history going back to the 1600s. Preceding the island's European victory, which started in 1623, there is proof that Carib Indian Chief Tegreman's town involved the site. The unassuming house, once used to be named the "red house" to mirror Jeffreson's Quaker , was renamed Romney Manor upon its mid-seventeenth century securing by the Earl of Romney. A large portion of the movement on the property has been developing and refining sugar sticks.

While now the property is widely open for holidaying people and enjoys the grounds and spirituality. 



Frigate Bay is the name of dual beach  found near one another on the island of the country . The two coves are situated on the southeast of the capital Basseterre, at the northern finish of the isthmus getting the Southeast Peninsula together with the remainder of the island. The water on the two sides is very useful for swimming, yet you ought to get your strokes in when the journey ships aren't moored. Else, you'll have a lot of organization in the water, regardless of which side you pick.

Frigate Bay North is broadly evolved and lies against the more unpleasant Atlantic shore of the island.  Frigate Bay Beach, on the more settled south coast, is a famous seashore with Basseterre local people.


South Friar's Bay is a cove in Saint George Basseterre Parish, in the country. It is one of the two sounds that stretch along the bank of the isthmus associating the Southeast Peninsula, with the remainder of the island of the country. A perfect and neighborly seashore where an assortment of ocean life, including squid and ocean imp, live. At their nearest, the two coasts are short of what one kilometer separated.

Laid-back island vacation destination with a yacht club, bar and barbecue and relaxation seashore with aquatic life. 

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Appreciate an hour and a half boat roaming from Carambola Beach Club to Shitten Bay. Voyage down the excellent Caribbean coastline where you will see some sublime homes, turquoise blue waters, and beautiful scenes prior to showing up at Shitten Bay. Once there, you'll put on your snorkel stuff and jump down to see loads of exotic fish, a wreck and bright reef. This is an unquestionable requirement do while in this beautiful country. This is a moderate 1-hour climb up a rough stream bed and through scour brush to a confined rough seashore with a wreck and great swimming.

Now, this is the best place for all the adventure lovers out there with being snorkeling.

These all things to do in St Kitts and Nevis surely include in your bucket list while traveling here to get the best and most satisfactory travel experience in the country. 

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